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Friday, October 31 2014

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Friday's "GH" Rant courtesy of Violette! General Hospital Rundown. "Did Faux Luke appear on the Quartermaine patio? If you know Larry Ashton's past history with Tracy, it doesn't seem at all far-fetched that the man shanghaied in burlap could be the man who was parading around as Luke."

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Friday October 31:

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Franco surprises everyone at the wedding.

Sonny comes clean with Morgan.

Nina does the unthinkable to Eva.

Week of November 3:

Monday November 3:

Franco makes an announcement.

Nina spirals out of control.

Sonny and Morgan hear a gunshot. Who gets shot?

Tuesday November 4:

Shawn and Jordan’s life hangs in the balance.

Michael is caught off guard.

Ava’s baby is in jeopardy.

Wednesday November 5:

Franco ignites the next phase of his ruse.

Ava discloses some surprising information to Nina about her past.

Silas dissects his relationship with Sam.

Thursday November 6:

Ava runs into Sonny.

Duke worries about his false alibi.

Franco has a surprise for his co-conspirator.

Friday November 7:

Michael tracks down Sonny.

Anna makes some bold decisions.

Has Franco gone back to the dark side?

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