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General Hospital Spoilers.

Friday, February 27 2015

Guess who! (ABC)
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Friday February 27:

Read Friday's GH Recap: Mama Celeste.

Legend Leonard Nimoy passed away. Read about this and Nimoy's small part on General Hospital.

Olivia visits Franco to lend support.

Silas tries to keep his secret at bay.

Jake has a murky dream that he shares with Elizabeth, and also emphasizes that he does not want to come between her and Ric.

Nina and Franco each confess something to each other.

Michael sets his plan in motion.

In Friday's blog, Dustin thought the tragedy at Spencer's party brought about some amazing performances from several actors. Read the GH Rant and find out what he thought about the fire and what changes could result from it.

Week of March 2:

Monday March 2:

Sloane has a proposition for Jake.

Julian crosses paths with an enemy.

Franco and Nina have a revelation for each other.

Tuesday March 3:

Carly helps Jake make a decision.

Julian has a warning for Michael.

Kiki calls Silas with some news.

Wednesday March 4:

Alexis is suspicious of Michael’s latest scheme.

Nikolas decides to reveal something to Sam.

Olivia opens up to Dante about her dilemma.

Thursday March 5:

Franco and Nina have a surprise visitor.

Luke reveals more of his dark side.

Maxie is taken off guard.

Friday March 6:

Carly tries to intercept a bad situation.

After an incident, Nathan is upfront with Maxie.

More is revealed about Luke’s family history.

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