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General Hospital Spoilers.

Thursday, December 25 2014

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Friday December 19:

GH was pre-empted today. Instead, vote in our "Johnny as a mob boss" poll!

Friday's "GH" Rant - Dustin didn't think it was a great week for the ladies of Port Charles. Read the General Hospital Rundown to see what he thought about Jordan's dilemma and what it could mean for Ric.

Week of December 22:

Monday December 22:

Read our GH Recap: By Reason of Insanity.

Franco and Nina learn their fates.

Kiki comforts Morgan.

Maxie gets some promising news.

Tuesday December 23:

Read our GH Recap: Freak.

Maxie has some news for Nathan regarding Georgie.

Johnny helps a fellow prisoner by repaying him for a favor.

Carlos has a warning for Jordan, and Shawn fears she now has a target on her back.

Wednesday December 24:

Read the GH Recap: Merry Krampus.

It’s a heart-warming Christmas Eve with holiday miracles.

Maxie receives an uplifting gift.

As Chief of Staff, Obrecht continues the General Hospital tradition of telling the children the story of Christmas...with her own unique twist.

Thursday December 25:

"General Hospital" will be preempted today due to Christmas. Be sure to vote in our poll: What should Patrick do about his love life?

Friday December 26:

Elizabeth gets asked out on New Year’s Eve, putting a damper on her relationship with Jake.

Maxie and Nathan’s special night is tested due to unforeseen circumstances.

Anna tries to convince Jordan to stay undercover for her own safety.

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