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    General Hospital Poll: Who's Behind The Mask?

    Wednesday, March 26 2014

    Been there, done that, but if they did it again...

    It all started when Cesar Faison returned to Anna in disguise as Duke Lavery. As unbelievable and twisted as it was, viewers witnessed Cesar's baby mama, Dr. Obrecht, pose as Anna to help him escape. Now there is concern that Luke Spencer is but a masked derelict from Port Charles' past come to haunt longtime local crime lord, Sonny Corinthos. The jury is still out on that since Luke could be an altered self or a look-alike. While we await the verdict, let's have some fun with other possible masked scenarios.

    If you had to witness it again and it wasn't someone removing a Luke mask, who would you choose? Vote in the's "General Hospital" poll to make your selection or share one of your own in the comments below.

    Watch a preview from this week when AJ Quartermaine wakes up on General Hospital. Read's Grey's Anatomy Recap: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place to find out what happened on Richard's birthday.

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    - Violette DeSantis

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    Posted by deatta at Wednesday, March 26 2014 06:53 PM

    I would have to say if I had no other choice but to watch another one of these stupid story lines as though one wasn't enough I would want it to be Johnny Zacarra having him and Maxie back would be a treat

    Posted by Nana Judi at Thursday, March 27 2014 04:00 PM

    It would be nice if the poll would appear.

    Posted by FairQ at Friday, March 28 2014 03:51 AM

    Im sick and tired of all the AJ bashing enough already.
    And why does every storyline have him back to the bottle again?
    Enough! Give him that detox his dad Allan took when he was addicted to drugs.
    Now why are the writers fans etc of GH always making Saint Carly n St. Sonny ? They both along with Jason stole Michael away from AJ.
    AJ was never perfect but none of them were either yet he was thrown

    this slime ...Carly back then was nothing but a slime bucket herself.
    Even Jason realized his mistake by taking Michael from AJ.
    Now I do like Sonny he has some qualities but make no mistake about it
    he stole AJ's son. Now why isnt AJ room protected by police?.Whats wrong with the writers trying to make Anna D look bad shes too smart to miss that!
    As for any patient in ICU are never ever left alone there is always one nurse in with them if no family member is present beside that a nurse is on constant watch as every minute is a life and death in ICU
    Writers we arent dumb please wake up already.

    Next...since Franco nor Kiki are Qs that would take also
    Tracys power away from ELQ since Alice voted AJ.
    ELQ would be headed by AJ not Tracy.
    Again writers pay attention its beyond dumb now.
    Im dead sick of all this AJ near death when he should rightly be at the helm of ELQ!

    As for Jason...bring him back get another actor or offer something more
    to the guy we all love.

    Nik C just felt pushed in and strangled by Britt he was trying to save her
    not a real true love...he belongs with Elizabeth his heart is only with her.

    Make that happen.
    Dante n Lulu should have woke up long ago about the missing
    embryos. File court papers for their son change his name
    to Connie Louis Falconeri and ask both Nik n Elizabeth to be Godparents.
    Have both the britich britt n her moder Dr.O stripped of their medical liscence

    Posted by FairQ at Friday, March 28 2014 04:21 AM

    Someone turn AVA in am dead sick of her around getting away with
    Connies murder. She should in fact be charged for Connies murder;
    NINAS murder the pharnacist murder n AJs shooting.
    who cares if sonny did it ...Ava has to pay she should.
    AJ should just point her out for his shooter and Connies murder.
    Then a better storyline how AJ and Sonny can finally make amends for once n for all for Michaels sake n cos Sonny was wrong
    Jason would have wanted this as he grew to learn from his regrets against his brother AJ.
    Sonny price to pay his that Michael drops the Corrinthos name as its hightime Michael became Michael Allan Quatermaine.
    And Sonny price is to live with it and shake hands with AJ
    and keep Michael in his life too.
    AJ already paid a heavy price n its also time for AJ to act truly
    like the bigger man here and not put Sonny out for only one axkknowledge Michaels love for his other Dad sonny and admit that Sinny along with Jason raised Michael right.
    not carly but lets not go down that road.
    dont make AJ someone who blames.
    let AJ walk out alive and healthy from this a new man
    more like Jason ish with his Dad Allan Qs honour n class.
    Why cant the writers finally redeem AJ to be valued n respected.
    and hook him up with Sabrina she would do right by him.

    Afterall Carly was a major slime bucket until JAXx came along
    and even still only Franco redeemes her now.

    Am tired of trash towards AJ. Its time Ned got jealous and
    owned up to his cousin isnt bad.

    First before my time luke gets away with rape.
    Now sonny n carly can steal AJs son n trash him for life?
    Sonny Dad Mike was no prize but achieved redemption.

    Let AJ stand tall one day soon as a calmer Edward/Allan Lila Q manner and earn respect. You can make AJ a business man shrewd but
    as well as a loving doting dad who unlike allan will place his children befire business.

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