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    General Hospital - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'General Hospital' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    GH Actors seek sponsors for Los Angeles AIDS Walk

    Wednesday, October 17 2007

    The Los Angeles AIDS walk is happening this weekend and one of General Hospital 's newest bachelors is asking for the support of his fans. found the following note on Ron Melendez's (Dr. Andy Archer) MySpace page. (You can check it out yourself at Ron Melendez's MySpace Page .)

    Hey Everybody,

    Just one last reminder: General Hospital Night Shift has a team walking this weekend in Aids Walk 2007. For... » Read More

    Interview with GH's Carolyn Hennesy, Part I

    Monday, October 15 2007

    Here's how you know that you've created a good career for yourself: you're laughing, chatting, have a grand ole' time and then you realize, "Oh, yea, I'm working right now." This is what I experienced while interviewing General Hospital 's own Carolyn Hennesy (the FABULOUS Diane Miller). Another realization I had is that for the first time ever, here's a woman who seems so very much like her character that I actually almost forgot that I wasn't... » Read More

    Interview with GH's hottest Doctor - Kelly.

    Monday, October 08 2007

    What's up with Dr. Kelly's sex addiction? We've all been wondering about it, Right? Well, wonder no more. The lovely Minae Noji (Dr. Kelly Lee) promised me that when she was able to discuss her interesting new storyline, she would discuss it with I spoke with her the other day and she certainly delivered on her promise. As GH fans (suddenly) realized last week, it seems that Dr. Kelly has a sexual
    addiction problem (that was... » Read More

    Interview with Author of Anna Lee's Book, Part III

    Wednesday, October 03 2007

    Hello dears. (I'm attempting to sound like Lila Q, how is it working?) As promised, I'm revealing the third and final installment of my interview with Barbara Roisman Cooper, the author of Anna Lee: Memoir of a Career on General Hospital and in Film . If you've missed the first two, check them out at Interview about Anna Lee's Memoir Part I and
    Interview about Anna Lee's Memoir Part II .

    These final questions invite... » Read More

    Catch Annie Wersching (Amelia) on NBC's "Journeyman" Tonight!

    Monday, October 01 2007

    As already reported, Annie Wersching (Amelia Joffe) has moved on from General Hospital . (To read about what highly rated nighttime show she has gone to, go here: Annie Wersching is Leaving! In the meantime, we can see her Monday night, October 1, on "Journeyman", NBC's new romantic/mystery drama. It's a story about a newspaper man who travels through time to change people's lives. » Read More

    Interview with Author of Anna Lee's Book, Part II

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    It's time to share more of my interview with Barbara Roisman Cooper, the author of Anna Lee: Memoir of a Career on General Hospital and in Film. (If you missed the first part, you can find it here Anna Lee's Book Author Interview, Part I .) I hope you enjoy getting a rare look into the life of one of our favorite General Hospital characters of all time as much as I have. Part III of this interview will be up next week. Again, it's time to... » Read More

    Maurice Benard on Oprah. A Recap!

    Tuesday, September 25 2007

    General Hospital 's own Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) made his second appearance in three years on Oprah yesterday as part of a program to shed light on bipolar disorder. The segment started with a heartbreaking story of a stay-at-home mom and PTO member who killed her beloved six year-old son during an undiagnosed bipolar rage. The remorseful woman is now serving 42 years in prison and spoke from the heart to Oprah about "the very sick... » Read More Puts a Genie Francis Rumor to Bed.

    Monday, September 24 2007

    We can now report that the rumor about General Hospital 's beloved Genie Francis (Laura Spencer) going to Bold and the Beautiful simply isn't true. How can we be sure? We asked our contact over at the B&B!

    Phew. But what about all of our wishful thinking that Genie and TPTB (The Powers That Be) at GH can work something out and bring Laura back to her life in Port Charles? Robert Guza Jr., the head writer for GH, reports... » Read More

    Interview with Author of Anna Lee's Book, Part I

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    I spent the good part of August curled up on my porch swing visiting an old friend. Okay, so I never met the lovely Anna Lee, but I've certainly spent a fair share of time enjoying Lila Quartermaine during my 25+ years as a General Hospital fan. And, technically, I wasn't really visiting with her, but reading her memoir, Anna Lee; Memoir of a Career on General Hospital and in Film, by Barbara Roisman Cooper, certainly felt like a visit with a... » Read More

    GH makes Time Mag's Top 100 List.

    Monday, September 17 2007

    When Time Magazine recently put out their list of top 100 Best TV Shows of All Time, guess which soap was the ONLY one on the list? Go head, I'll give you a minute to ponder. But you don't need it, do you? That's right baby, it's none other than our very own General Hospital ! What was it that that ranked our beloved soap among highly acclaimed nighttime TV shows such as "The Carol Burnett Show", "Dallas", "Roots", and "The Sopranos"?
    ... » Read More

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