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    General Hospital - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'General Hospital' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Ode to General Hospital's Spinelli!

    Tuesday, February 09 2010

    General Hospital’s Damien Spinelli, aka ‘The Jackal’, is one of my favorite current soap opera characters and he’s probably the most non-traditional soap character I’ve ever witnessed. Spinelli’s character is similar, in flare perhaps, to the brashness Anthony Geary gave to Luke Spencer. Portrayed by Bradford Anderson, the character is said to be a mix of Sean Penn’s Spicoli, a character from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," and... » Read More

    General Hospital Fashionista Questions Answered. (past)

    Tuesday, February 09 2010

    We're back with the latest installment of our fashion scoop with GH 's Head of Wardrobe, Mary Iannelli!

    Dana R: Can you tell me where I can get the pink cardigan and blue shirt Lulu wore on January 21?

    A: Lulu's sweater is by Diane Von Furstenberg. Her tank is Petticoat Allen.

    Toni C: Where did Lulu's leopard coat with big buttons from January 25 come from?

    A: Lulu's leopard... » Read More

    General Hospital Reaches 12,000 Episodes. (Spoilers Included)

    Tuesday, February 09 2010

    Updated February 9:

    SOAPnet is reporting that GH will finally change its opening credits just in time to debut on the show's 12,000th episode on February 23.

    Originally posted February 8:

    February 23 will mark the 12,000th episode of General Hospital .

    To put it into perspective, a traditional 22-episode series would have to be on air for 545 ½ years to reach that... » Read More

    General Hospital Weekly Blog!

    Monday, February 08 2010

    GH Rundown for February 1 – 5.

    I wasn't sold on Sonny's 180 where Dante is concerned . Yes, he now knows Dante is his son, but he is still a cop who was trying to bring him down and essentially betrayed him. Even though Sonny is all about his children, or so he likes to say, he should have some conflicting issues about embracing his son, who is on the opposite side of the law and who was trying to arrest him. Sonny saying... » Read More

    General Hospital Saturday Teaser Poll: Elizabeth's Meltdown.

    Saturday, February 06 2010

    Welcome back to our Saturday poll where we ask what you think will happen next week on GH .

    Elizabeth has a meltdown at Kelly's, but luckily, someone is there for her with open arms. Who is it?

    One of the answers is correct, so take a guess and let us know who you think it is. » Read More

    General Hospital Video Clip: Blake Gibbons on Modern Family.

    Friday, February 05 2010

    When Coleman's not tending bar at Jake's or romancing the out-of-his-league Kate on General Hospital , his portrayer, Blake Gibbons, can often be spotted in Primetime.

    Gibbons' most recent appearance was on the February 3 episode of 'Modern Family."

    For a look at Gibbons on the ABC hit, check out the video below. » Read More

    General Hospital's Bradford Anderson Injured on Soap Cruise.

    Thursday, February 04 2010

    Updated February 4:

    Bradford Anderson updated his condition by tweeting, "Fully ruptured. Not partially. Surgery. Boy oh boy."

    He later added, "Achilles. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for all the positive wishes. I WILL be walking on my wedding day damnit!"

    As he told us in our interview last year, his wedding to fiancée Keira is set for April 10. Read more at Bradford Anderson Talks Soap Curise... » Read More

    General Hospital Episodes With Commentary Now Available.

    Monday, February 01 2010

    You can now watch episodes of General Hospital with commentary on the ABC website.

    The commentary is written on the side of the video, so you can still enjoy the dialogue while getting reaction and insight from the actors, producers, or other experts.

    To find out what Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) and Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) thought about Dante and Sonny's confrontation last week, watch the January 29 episode .... » Read More

    General Hospital Weekly Blog!

    Monday, February 01 2010

    GH Rundown for the week of January 25.

    This was certainly a good week to be a GH fan, as we were treated to another powerhouse performance by Jonathan Jackson on Monday and then got the Dante/Sonny confrontation we've all been waiting for with a great performance by Dominic Zamprogna on Friday.

    Jonathan Jackson was truly on fire as he portrayed Lucky finally confronting Elizabeth and Nikolas . His anger... » Read More

    General Hospital's Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough on Dr....

    Monday, February 01 2010

    Updated February 1:

    Dr. Oz answers Jason and Kimberly's questions in the following video from January 29.

    You may see a message that says the video is unavailable, but just wait a few seconds and it will play.

    Originally posted January 28:

    As previously reported in's Actor Appearances article , Jason... » Read More

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