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    General Hospital - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'General Hospital' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Vanessa Marcil Returns To General Hospital. (Video Update)

    Thursday, July 22 2010

    She's Coming Back.

    Updated July 22:

    Here's a quick look at Vanessa on the set of GH with what looks to be her new co-star Brad Rowe. Take a look!

    Updated July 20:

    In an interview with TV Guide Magazine, GH Head Writer Bob Guza previewed more of Brenda's return. It seems that over the years Brenda has become an international supermodel and is the celebrity face and goodwill ambassador of the Alliance to Save Exploited Children. Her new career has made her a public face, thereby putting her in jeopardy, which will involve many people in Port Charles. While she has a connection to Franco, he is not the source of her immediate problem, but someone already on the canvas is.

    Regarding the rumors Brenda would come to town with Sonny's love child, Guza teased that's not true, but he didn't discount her leaving Port Charles with that kind of 'baggage'. He added that what she's returning with is more explosive than that.

    Guza also indicated Brenda would be sticking around for at least a year.

    Updated June 7:

    In a statement announcing Vanessa's return, President of ABC Daytime, Brian Frons, said, “Fans can now rejoice, Vanessa is returning to ‘General Hospital.’ True to form, Brenda arrives in Port Charles with a secret that will impact Sonny, Jax and Jason. General Hospital has always been dedicated to the strong history of our characters. Fans and viewers alike will be thrilled with her storyline and will agree that her return was worth waiting for.”

    Vanessa Marcil also declared, “I feel so lucky to continue to be allowed to visit ‘General Hospital’ and honor where I came from. I am humbled by these great people and a character that I truly love.”

    ABC teased her return saying, "Brenda Barrett’s return to Port Charles comes at a time when the three most important men in her life – Sonny, Jax and Jason – are all in crisis. Brenda’s in trouble herself – when is she not? – possessing an explosive secret. Only she doesn’t even realize it’s something devoutly to be kept secret. Brenda has no idea the havoc this little indiscretion will wreak or that she’ll send the lives of loved ones hurling into chaos."

    Originally posted June 7:

    After countless rumors, teases and speculation, it appears as if Vanessa Marcil is actually bringing Brenda back to General Hospital.

    According to USA Today, Brenda will return on August 11 with a huge secret.

    To learn more about Vanessa's recent project visit The Bannen Way to DVD and The Movie Network.

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    Posted by genhospchat at Monday, June 07 2010 09:16 AM

    Normally this would thrill me but I don't know if it's just more stunting on the PTB's parts to try to bring up ratings and it's only them putting a band aid on an open wound. They need to fix the show in its entirety, not just keep bringing on people of the past for a temporary fix.

    As for Brenda, I hope this secret isn't something else to do with Sonny because there is enough connection to Sonny going around. I am hoping this secret has to do with Jax and that will be separate and aside from Sonny. Oh and Carly will have a FIT when she finds out Brenda's coming back! LW and VM in scenes together will be explosive!

    Posted by cdpf at Monday, June 07 2010 09:27 AM

    I think that the late Kiefer Bauer, adopted son of the Bauers would turn out to be Brenda Barrett's biological son by Jasper(Jax)Jacks. That would be a hoot!

    Posted by TobeMerlot at Monday, June 07 2010 10:39 AM

    cdpf.... i think that is an awesome speculation! As for Carly and Brenda going at it... whoo hoo I can't wait to see their chemistry!!!!

    Posted by LOVECHILDALWAYS at Monday, June 07 2010 11:37 AM

    well my day just keeps getting better and better i just found out my brother is not going to marry his tramp of a girlfriend and i just saw that brenda is coming back yaaayyyy. i am really looking forward to her return i just hope that she stays on for a couple of years at least, instead of a few months. for that i would just rather have her not come back at all. but whatever happens i know i'm going to enjoy her with carly, sonny, jax, and even robin and olivia. maybe she will hook up with either sonny jax or both since they are both single. oh yeah and i think her secret might have something to do with alcazar.....i guess we'll just have to wait and the way when is she suppose to be coming back???

    Posted by genhospchat at Monday, June 07 2010 11:54 AM

    As for Frons's statement "we are dedicated to the strong history of our characters on GH"...REALLY Frons because if that was the case, you should go back and watch the show because these people you have on the show now are NOT the people that I loved watching. The only thing that is the same is their name and their face...the characters aren't even remotely the same as who they are.

    Oh and the way history is re-written, that Luke cheated on Laura with Holly (I watched the scene last night when he got back from that trip and there is NO WAY that an affair went on with Holly on that trip). How does destroying the greatest love story in soap history equate to "dedicated to the strong history of GH characters?"

    Really Frons, who are you trying to or yourself?

    Posted by mandy11 at Monday, June 07 2010 12:12 PM

    I would just like to say I am on cloud 9 that Vanessa Marcil is coming back I have been waiting for her to come back to the show to be honest if it wasn't for the show bring back jasam I would not even watch the show when they took Brenda off the show I stop watching the show but when the show brought on Kelly Monaco I came back but when they took my jasam I left. I want her to bring back the old sonny when he was hot now he just so stupid I hate watching him and I hope she takes sonny away from Olivia but I do hope she comes back with jax baby what can I say Brenda brought out the best in jax and sonny and the worst but that's what I loved about sonny and jax charterers was them fighting over Brenda. I also hope sam and brenda become best friends. I love you Vanessa Marcil am I am so happy your back.

    Posted by Starlett at Monday, June 07 2010 01:08 PM

    I would not be surprised if Brenda comes back because Franco wants her in Port Charles. Marcil was previously quoted as saying she wouldn't mind playing opposite him. Like her previous return she is in trouble, maybe that trouble is spelled F R A N C O and she needs their help to get her free of his psychopathic clutches. Making him her brother would be an interesting S/L if done right.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, June 07 2010 01:13 PM

    I loved Brenda back in the day, but there are enough GH characters not getting enough air time.
    1) I like Sam to be actually doing something other than visiting Jason
    2) It would be nice to see Nikolas doing something other than Hospital Board Meetings and harassing Liz.
    What about Jax? Is he adopting Morgan and getting a divorce or what?
    4) Max & Diane?
    5) Skye and Maya

    I think Brenda will have something to do with Alcazar's money and Skye and Jax. Or she is Franco's lady love, as Franco figured out that Jason used to married to Brenda.

    THERE IS TOO MUCH ATTENTION ON THE CORINTHOS CLAN. Please make her storyline be with Jax or someone else!
    Please make room for someone else

    I think Brenda e

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, June 07 2010 01:15 PM

    I think Brenda entry could give other actors something to do!

    Posted by pdames4 at Monday, June 07 2010 01:39 PM

    I hope it has something to do with either Franco or the murder of Lt. Perelli.

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