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    Monday, March 29 2010

    A new theory arises. (
    GH Rundown for March 22 – 26:

    Last week, suspicions were finally thrown Kiefer's way, Luke and Sonny had it out, and a familiar face visited Maxie.

    It's about time.
    I'm so glad someone finally thought of Kiefer as Kristina's attacker. It's really about time considering his behavior has been off since day one and many have witnessed it. I was really happy with how Carly dealt with her suspicions and talked with Kristina, although I thought Jason was too quick to dismiss her theory. I've really been enjoying Carly lately and thought her gentle prodding of her former stepdaughter was well done. Her scenes with Michael were equally as good, as she persuaded her son to stay on the island instead of going home to help his sister. And the fact that Kiefer was the first person Michael thought of when he heard about Kristina's attack was perfect, considering he's had many run-ins with the angry young man.

    Another change.
    Speaking of Michael, the character is being recast again. I don't know whose idea it is, the actor's or the powers that be, but I think it's a shame. Drew Garrett has done a wonderful job portraying Sonny and Carly's son and has believably run the gamut of emotions during his time on the show. Share your opinion about it in our poll about GH recasting Michael.

    Luke's got Ethan's back.

    Like Carly, I really loved Luke last week as he told his son he was there for him whether he was guilty or not. Ethan certainly needs someone in his corner and if anyone should understand where one can go astray, it's Luke, so it made sense he wouldn't pass judgment on his son. Furthermore, his exchanges with Sonny were compelling to watch, as they are two fathers protecting their offspring with no questions asked, yet old friends who are now on opposite sides. Say what you will about Kristina falsely accusing Ethan - this is a great story beat. I imagine we will also witness Luke and his other close friend Alexis getting into it after she learns he went to talk to her daughter on Ethan's behalf. I really like Luke and Alexis' friendship and wish we could see more of it.

    A quick visit. (

    Not necessarily a chip off the old block.

    I was pretty irritated with Lulu for telling Ethan she believed he could have attacked Kristina because he's like Luke, and Luke raped Laura. That's kind of a stretch and an unfair assumption especially considering so many people claim to see similarities between Dante and Sonny, yet she told him that was a different situation. Actually, I think it's the same Lulu. I do like that no matter how far they've gone to try and erase that bit of ugly history by making Luke and Laura a supercouple back in the day, it hasn't exactly left Luke's through line. It's come back to haunt him a few times over the years and now once more with his latest progeny. It was telling for Luke to say it would be the last time he would discuss it, as I imagine he would like to let it rest already. But kudos to the writers for bringing it up because it's an important part of Luke's past that Ethan should know about.

    A blast from the past.

    Maxie's predicament is starting to grow on me a little bit, as Spinelli and Lulu's worry for their friend is endearing to watch. Spinelli's slideshow of photos of their life together for Maxie was cute and sweet, but I had to laugh as I wondered who took the photos of the moments when they were alone. Regardless, his concern and love for her got to me, as did Lulu's reaction to Robin telling her they feared the worst for Maxie. Her sad, devastated face was touching, as was her heart to heart with Carly, who again made me happy last week when she assured her cousin she was there for her because nothing would come between them, not even Sonny and Dante being at odds. Of course then we got the a quick glimpse of George's return, making me excited to see her more on Monday's episode.

    That's all I got this time around. What did you think of last week's events? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

    - Lori Wilson

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    Posted by nancy marie at Monday, March 29 2010 05:57 AM

    Yes, finally, Michael fingered Kiefer--but my question is this: Why did it take so long--and why did it have to be Michael??? I remember that many of the adults heard Kristina's concocted story about falling in the library or some such when Kiefer struck her before--why were they so dense??? I also recall Sam having a coversation with Kristina about not letting herself be controlled and--for heaven's sake--being told what to wear by Kiefer. I remember distinctly that Sam told her to get out of the relationship if she didn't "feel good about herself." Kristina told Sam that Kiefer criticized the way she dressed. Did Sam develop amnesia--and she is supposed to be a woman with similar life experience (abuse and control by men in her past)and be a savvy detective??? And we had the gratuitous scene where Sam kicked and abused Ethan?? Distasteful and stomach turning? To attack violence with violence? (I know, I know--TPTB like Sam and want to give her scenes--no excuse--don't sacrifice story to show favoritism.)
    It's maddening when the obvious is not commented upon for TWO WEEKS or so. The most maddening is Ethan's behavior--he saw Kristina's face/lip before also--and Kiefer is the only boyfriend in sight--why didn't Ethan mention the obvious??
    Why purposefully drag the story out--having Jason, Carly, Lucky all talk forever about the so called "discrepancies" in Kristina's story? Kiefer should have been fingered sooner--so silly to set up all the unnecessary scenes puzzling over the obvious--especially with discerning viewers who just found the whole thing tedious and endless? And one more thing, while we are discussing kristina--why the many names for her: "K," Krissy, and Kristina? Just plain silly!!
    Re Lulu's insensitivity upon telling Dante, in essence, "like father, like son" when she spilled the beans re Luke's rape of Laura--how can the writers portray a Spencer as so stupid--given the implications Dante picked upon immmediately that by extension he is like Sonny. Again, maddening for this viewer--not entertaining, but maddening.
    And I do not agree that the rape was something that Ethan needed to know. Why do the writers continue to "beat a dead horse"--the rape of Laura by Luke? And why bring it up without the presence of Laura? And why must the writers give it endless variations and interpretations? Wouldn't it be much more important and believable--to have Laura in the picture when all of her children are in crisis?? And shouldn't the viewers (who are always invested in the character of Laura) be much more interested in Laura's thoughts on Ethan and how he fit into the great love story of Luke and Laura??? It's a question that begs an answer--like the elephant in the room. Why mention Laura at all if the writers do not intent to bring her back into the story--physically back in the person of Genie Francis who portrayed her so winsomely and shiningly? It's jarring to know that Laura is out there somewhere (in Paris taking gourmet cooking lessons???) when the viewers know, given Laura's temperament and love for her children and for Luke, that logically Laura would not stay away. Give me a break!
    Writers get with the program or just do not bring up the character of Laura at all--just for covenience of a silly story line.

    Posted by BeanCounter at Monday, March 29 2010 04:09 PM

    I was thinking it would be Carly who would finally figure out that it was Keifer as Lucky and Jason couldn't seem to come up with a reason that Kristina would be lying. She seemed to be making headway with Kristina until Alexis barged in.

    I like that Luke is sticking up for Ethan although the rest of his family isn't as supportive especially Lulu whose reasoning is off the wall. I hope that it is revealed that Johnny was the first to recognize that Ethan was innocent and took the time to point out to Jason that Kristina has lied before. I am also looking forward to Luke's conversation with Kristina as he does not seem to be treating her with kid gloves.

    Maxie's predicament has been a nice change of pace. It is nice to see Spinelli, Lulu and Johnny rally around her.

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