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    In our 'General Hospital' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Natalia Livingston Leaving General Hospital!

    Tuesday, October 27 2009

    Natalia Livingston (ABC)
    It has been confirmed to that Natalia Livingston will be leaving her role as Rebecca Shaw.

    A spokesperson for ABC Daytime stated, “We were thrilled that we were able to get Natalia back for a second run, after her Emmy winning turn as Emily Quartermaine. The character of Rebecca Shaw will soon depart the canvas and Natalia has decided to pursue other projects. A beloved member of the GH family, the entire cast and crew wish her well in all her future endeavors.”

    No word on the date of her departure, but you can be sure we will keep you updated on any breaking developments.

    Are you disappointed Rebecca and Natalia are leaving General Hospital? Share your thoughts below.

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    Posted by lighthouse112 at Tuesday, October 27 2009 07:41 PM

    In some ways I am sad to see her leave again but in others I'm glad she is leaving.

    I do wish her luck in her future endeavors!!

    Who knows matbe one day we will find out Emily was a triplet!!..LOL

    Posted by cherrycola at Tuesday, October 27 2009 09:30 PM

    I wish her well, but this made my day. This whole twin s/l has been one hot mess.

    Posted by Ksndra at Tuesday, October 27 2009 10:05 PM

    I think she's a good actress and I missed her as Emily, but after the initial introduction of Rebecca, the writers did not seem to know how to write for the character. They sort of tried to turn her into Emily after the grifter story line ended. Let Rebecca go, but bring Natalia back as Emily. Or have both Rebecca and Emily on the show.

    Posted by Cynic at Tuesday, October 27 2009 11:59 PM

    Natalia Livingstone is a good example of a popular actor playing a much loved character who was ruined by bad writing and plot.

    At the beginning the character of Rebecca was unpleasant to say the least and she did not catch on with viewers. Greg Vaughan is another actor who was undermined by being written as a one note character, the doormat Lucky whose wife lied to him and cheated on him, who seemed to take out his frustration on people being questioned at the police station.

    I shall be sorry to see Natalia leave the show, but not her character.

    Posted by Ringleader at Wednesday, October 28 2009 08:29 AM

    I had kept hoping that they were going to do something with this character, but it never happened. I had hoped that the real Rebecca was already dead - that Helena had found out about the twin thing long ago, kidnapped the real Emily and put Rebecca in her place to try to control Nic. All the while, Helena had Emily and was brainwashiing her for an eventual replacement once Helena felt she had Emily under control. Obviously, when Rebecca (who had been pretending to be Emily) got killed, that messed up Helena's plan, so she had to go at it a different way. That could have been a better story line (not to mention classic Helena and classic soapyness) than what we've been subjected to over the last few months. I won't miss this character, but once again, I'm disappointed on the mishandling of what could have been a much better storyline.

    Best of luck to Natalia in the future.

    Just one other thought - ABC said the same thing about GV leaving as Lucky - that HE decided to prusue other projects - when we all know that's not how it went down. I can't help but wonder if Natalia decided to leave or if she was pushed out...

    Posted by elae21 at Wednesday, October 28 2009 06:20 PM

    In a way I am sad she is leaving I love her as an actress, she played Emily very well but let's be honest the whole twins thing has been done to death. The writers gave her a horrible storyline for her comeback, when her fans just wanted Emily back from the dead, and thats what we should have been given. Lots of other characters have been brought back from the dead and not there twin either. Natalia I wish you luck in the future. On another note I wish they did not bring back the original actor who played Lucky he is probably talented but I don't think he looks the part he reminds me of a teenager. Please bring Greg back and give him a better storyline and a woman of his own not one he has to share with have of Port Charles.

    Posted by star1 at Thursday, October 29 2009 07:06 AM

    I'm sorry to see Natalia leave the show, but not the roll of Rebecca. I hoped it was her twin sister Rebecca who dies and everyone thought it was Emily. And to their surprise Emily was taken hostage on that faithful night and brainwashed to believe she was Rebecca and then we could have our Emily back. Now I'm really sadden to see Greg Vaughan leave and JJ return. It's hard to watch this replacement. Johnathan was great in his day but his day as Lucky is gone. Another thing I hate this thing between Elizabeth and Nicholas. I'd rather see her alone than with Lucky's brother. Make some changes or get some new writers, PLEASE.

    Posted by word at Thursday, October 29 2009 07:41 AM


    Posted by prettyface45 at Thursday, October 29 2009 03:16 PM

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't go, keep her on the show. Don't want Elizabeth with Nic.

    Posted by marieosmondfan1975 at Thursday, October 29 2009 03:29 PM

    why did she even bother to come back if she wasn't going to stay?

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