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    In our 'General Hospital' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Dare we dream that Laura will be back for February Sweeps?

    Wednesday, January 03 2007

    Don't go, Laura. Stay with us!
    We at know what a hit Luke and Laura's November reunion was. We flocked to our TV sets in droves! According to the ratings, the week of their anniversary and pseudo remarriage propelled GH to the highly coveted #1 spot for the week (in a tie with Y&R). In fact, sources at ABC are referring to the original super couple's bittersweet time together as a "gold mine." Now, there's buzz that the powers that be and Genie Frances might be hammering out a deal for Laura to wake up for a little while just in time for February sweeps! GH Headwriter Robert Guza Jr. says "The end of Laura's story very carefully does NOT preclude any return." He goes on to share his personal preference regarding the Spencer storyline…"I like to believe it's going to happen."

    Before Laura slipped back into her catatonic state, she shared with Lulu her feeling that perhaps she didn't actually kill her step father (Rick Webber) after all. Lulu has enlisted the help of Spinelli and Dillon to help her clear her mother's name. So far, they are hot on a new theory that points to another killer. Could Helena have done it and drugged Laura into believing she did it? Has Stavros risen from the dead to entrap his lovely ex-wife? Why is Monica Quartermaine so interested all of a sudden?

    Luke needs Laura. We all need Laura!
    We all know that Luke would love to have his "Angel" back, and so would his portrayer Anthony Geary. "Genie's access to her emotions is so strong and compelling. She gives me license to go to places that I am rarely able to access (as an actor)." He reveals that fans ask him if Laura going back into her coma was the show's way of giving all of us some kind of closure. He replies, "I don't think Luke ever thinks of closure when it comes to Laura. This is a soap opera…that door is never closed."

    From your lips to God's ear Tony!

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    Posted by sexy red head at Wednesday, January 03 2007 09:12 AM

    It would bring back the elliminate of suprise if you brought back Laura. Althoght you have new couples like Liz and Jadon, Emily and Nicholas. It will bring back some old General Hospital fans and my bring in more new ones to see the excitment of an old couple that all kinds of eventures.

    Posted by cynical bill at Wednesday, January 03 2007 09:52 AM

    So once again the writers have to write stories based on actor's schedules. It's bad enough that they have to write Luke out on a regular basis so he can go to the Netherlands and they have to give Jax long vacations. As long as the writers have to write around actor availability instead of telling the stories they want to tell, soaps will never be as good as they used to be. While I enjoy Laura and think Ms. Francis is an excellent actress (especially on stage where I had the opportunity to see her in BABY DANCE), it gets a little contrived having to write her in and out. If she wants to sign a standard 3 year contract, good. If she is only willing to come back for short periods, then don't bother.

    Posted by rachie at Wednesday, January 03 2007 10:03 AM

    I think it would do a great injustice to the Luke & Laura Legacy if GH brings her back for sweeps only. If they wake Laura up again, they need to do it for good or to have her die. This miracle drug that will only work once should be left to once until they find a cure for her and bring her back for good!

    Posted by ghfan_13 at Wednesday, January 03 2007 01:29 PM

    sexy red-
    Since when do you think Jason and Liz are a couple?

    Posted by lighthouse112 at Wednesday, January 03 2007 02:04 PM

    WOW!!! What a treat!! To have Geni/Laura back again!! I certainly hope so!! I wish she would stay forever and a day!!! but know that probably won't happen. She certanily has been missed.

    Posted by DarkfairiesinTrinity at Wednesday, January 03 2007 06:32 PM

    I do think that Tony is right because that is always a change that there could bring her back and I think that they are certainly a supercouple and my heart just broke when Laura left and so did Lukes. And definetely me as a new couple want to see what makes Lauke [Laura and Luke] so special. And I think Nikolas, Lucky and Lulu needs their mother. Especially since Lulu is trying to find out who kill Rick Webber and there is a possibly that Helena and Monica work together to drug Laura and kill Rick Webber.

    Posted by LibertyDawn at Thursday, January 04 2007 01:53 AM

    Wow I so hope Laura awakes to find out lulu has cracked the case and maybe this hels Laura recover, that would be awsome Luke and Laura dont really need a storyline to be a good dtoryline. Her being the strong mom and in love with a rowdy kinda guy well they are awsome together I love it cant wait to see hopefully this develop, GH has my vote for number 1...........I am beyond ready for Liz to find out about Maxi and bust her she needs to get tuff, this will be sooo good after all Maxi puts Lucky thru and seems like the harder lucky tries to just be a really good guy the more he gets set up..........I do have 1 question, Is Lucky and Liz married in real life and are they expecting a baby or is he married to someone else?? I hope somehow Liz gets another test and Lucky is the dad there are so many complicated couple lives going on right now can Sam and Jason please be the one not to have their lives torn and so complicated they have already had thir share. I hope Liz and Lucky find thier way back to each other I loved those 2 together, Lucky is tender and so is Liz she is a crybaby in someways, but those 2 go together....Sam and Jason are just really tough together and I like seeing those 2 alomost as much as Luke and Laura. I dont think GH can to p the L&L combo. I cant wait to see it tommorrow, and I just wish could get some payback why does he get to come out lookin so good, although he is good looking?? Go Alexis now there is a fighter definately Sams mother, I hope to see her get strong and deal Ric some payback and misery like he has caused her.....Cant wait for all the new mysterys to unfold and old ones to please wrap them up just a bit. At least this Liz triangle thing, I dont like her tearing at Jason If she worked this hard for her and Lucky their progress would be alot better by now.Jason and Liz still remind me of t he big brother looking out for his little sister, I like that with them and hope that if baby has to be Jasons Liz will allow Sam and Jason to love that baby together and not be jealous or envious of Sam, Jason has made his choice.

    Posted by McELFRESH at Thursday, January 04 2007 05:49 AM

    Oh YES! .... Bring Laura back to G.H. Rah!
    Can't wait till then .... Hee tee ;o)

    Posted by 2sweet3girls at Thursday, January 04 2007 12:51 PM

    where is luke now? I think he needs to moe on. I would like yo see some action with Luke and Traci Quartimane
    Give luke and Laura a rest.

    Posted by sexy red head at Friday, January 05 2007 02:07 PM

    It would be nice to have Laura back on the show. GH has not been the same since Laura left. You could be bringing new viewers to the return of Laura. Luke story lines were better with Laura as part of them. The issues of each child of Laura's also opens new story lines.

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