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    In our 'General Hospital' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    General Hospital's Fashionista Questions Answered. (past)

    Wednesday, May 06 2009

    Blue top? Black Halo. (
    You're in for a treat this week! One particular reader had some very interesting questions and Mary Iannelli, the head of wardrobe for General Hospital, took the time to explain how the wardrobe decisions are made. She also gave labels and shopping information for various pieces that readers asked about.

    Wren: I have a general wardrobe question. What is the 'life cycle' of the clothing purchased for characters? (i.e. How often are they worn, and what happens to them?) What's the typical annual clothing budget for the show, things like the B&W ball notwithstanding? And how is the look for a character determined? Do the characters have any input into the general appearance of the character?

    Mary: All good questions. We always try to re-use all the basic pieces in someone's wardrobe (jeans, handbags, skirts, pants, shoes and jewelry.) When the clothes have aired and if it is not a basic piece, we will then sell it to a used clothing store chain in Los Angeles called 'It's a Wrap'. The money we make from this goes right back into our budget. The look of each character is defined by the Executive Producer and the Writers. I will then design the look around their directions. The actors always have some input on what they like and don't like, but for the most part they do not dress like their characters in their personal lives. The budget for the show is normal for a soap opera (although I can't discuss exact amount). We spend a good portion of our budget on dry cleaning!

    Patricia: Who designed the shoes that Maxie was wearing on April 17? They were so cute!

    Mary: Maxie's shoes are a cute black peep-toe Steve Madden.

    Elizabeth: I must have Maxi's to-die-for blue off-the-shoulder blue ruffled blouse from Friday April 14. Who makes it and where can I find it?

    Mary: Maxie's blue silk top is by Black Halo.

    Nik: Can you please tell me where I can buy the black pants that Kirsten Storms was wearing on the Friday April 17? I have been looking for a pair of pants like that forever.

    Mary: Kirsten's black Skinny jeans are the low rise skinny fit made by J Brand.

    Marc Jacobs style. (
    Hilary (Denise): On Thursday April 16 Sam wore this really cute cargo jacket when she came to see Spineli to tell him about their new office space. Where is that jacket from?

    Mary: Sam's cute cargo jacket was from Armani Exchange.

    Donya: I am interested in the white/cream colored blouse and black pants that Carly wore on the April 15 and 16. I absolutely love the outfit and would like to know where I can purchase it.

    Mary: Carly's cream blouse was by Marciano her black pants werefrom Nanette Lepore.

    Amanda (Kelsey): Who made the boots that Lulu wore on April 17?

    Mary: Lulu's brown boots were from Steve Madden.

    Rebecca: Can you tell me the brand and where I can purchase the green ruffled sweater set and the brown handbag Robin wore on April 7?

    Mary: Robin's green sweater and top were by Marc Jacobs and her purse is by Fossil.

    Veronica (Saira): Can you tell me about Carly's cream colored chiffon blouse that she wore on Monday April 13?

    Mary: Carly's blouse was from Marciano.

    Glori: Can you please tell me the designer of Lulu's trench coat she wore around April 9-13. It was black with gold buttons.

    Mary: Lulu's trench is by Juicy Couture.

    Rachel: Could you please tell me where I can purchase the flower ring Maxie Jones wore on April 3? I would really love to purchase it for myself!

    Mary: Maxie's floral ring is by Arden B.

    Maria: I'm looking for designer info on Maxie's blue off-the-shoulder shirt, skinny black pants and black open-toe shoes from the Monday April 20. Thanks!

    Mary: Maxie's blue silk blouse is by Black Halo. Her jeans are by J Brand. Her shoes are by Steve Madden.

    Penny Duffy: Last year (and some this year too) Spinelli has been wearing a lot of shirts with penguins on them. Is it brand or do the penguins mean something or both?

    Mary: Spinelli's shirts are a brand Penguin by Munsing wear. They sell them at Macy's and Nordstrom. The penguins don't really mean anything but they sure are cute and they suit the character.

    Diane: Hi, I was wondering where I could purchase Carly's sheer white blouse with the camie under it, it has an elastic waistband. She wore it on the week of February 13.

    Mary: Carly's blouse is by Marciano.

    Nadia: I love the patterned shirt and blue cardigan Robin was wearing on April 22, could you please tell me where she got it?

    Mary: Robin's blue shirt was from Anthropologie and her cardigan
    was by Vince from Neiman Marcus.

    Cynthia: I liked the black top that Sam was wearing on April 23. Where can I get one like it?

    Mary: Sam's black top is by Sky.

    If you don't see your question answered here, it's probably because someone else already inquired the same thing and Mary answered it in a previous article. Try again! When you have fashion (not hair, makeup or interior decorating!) questions for, read through our existing wardrobe articles to see if we've already answered your question. Simply type the word 'Fashionista' in the search box in the upper right corner of every page. If you don't see what you're looking for, go to the GH Wardrobe Question Link and let us know. Please include as much information as you can recall, such as a description of the item, and especially the date it aired. We will get back to you as soon as we hear back from our contacts at ABC.

    Happy shopping!

    - Julie Clark Robinson

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    Posted by Beso5186 at Wednesday, May 06 2009 12:32 PM

    Mary Iannelli, you're doing a fabulous job! I love Maxie's wardrobe-- she's always trendy and classy. Her wardrobe, which changes based on her moods and environment, are always perfect! Liz always has on cute outfits, too-- I think she would probably wear a lot of Anthropologie and Nanette Lepore. I like a lot of Carly's clothes because she always look age-appropriate and professional. I would see her in a lot of Black Halo and Diane von Furstenberg. Olivia's clothes are very, very sexy, but she has the body for it. I think she would look best in Bebe clothes. Sam's wardrobe is sporty/sexy, like Armani Exchange clothes. Claudia's clothes are always very fitted and dark. I see her in a lot of Marciano and Diesel. Lulu dresses like she's still a teenager, and this fits her role. I see her in Guess, Steve Madden, and other teen brands sold at Macy's. I guess Robin is supposed to look smart and put together, but not like she focuses too much on her wardrobe. Her cute camis and cardigans definitely suit her. Tracy always looks great-- you can tell she takes care of herself. Her clothes always fit perfectly and are age-appropriate. Alexis' wardrobe is a little predictable, but it fits her lawyer role. The only character whose wardrobe I don't really like is Rebecca's. She looks like she has bad taste in clothing-- nothing ever matches! She looks like she tries to dress like a rebellious teenager. I can see her on an episode of "What Not to Wear" lol.

    Posted by cherrycola at Thursday, May 07 2009 02:30 AM

    Thanks, Julie.

    (I bet that store in LA is really popular with the sixe 2 crowd!)

    Posted by jgoofy21 at Tuesday, May 12 2009 06:52 PM

    Recently, during Robin's intervention, Maxie was wearing a red cardigan with flowers and red tank underneath that was oh so cute. Who makes it? Your wardrobe on the show is amazing. Keep up the good work. The details are truly appreciated. It brings the characters to life!

    Posted by brmom at Wednesday, May 13 2009 10:38 AM

    Maxie wore another stunning blue silk off one shoulder blouse this week....the week of May 11. Where can it be found????? OMG!!!!!!!

    Posted by kkatie at Sunday, September 06 2009 04:11 PM

    where are Carly's maxi dresses from?

    Posted by ainzina at Saturday, October 03 2009 06:11 AM

    Sydney:where did maxie get the dress she was wearing on thursday 24

    Posted by ainzina at Saturday, October 03 2009 06:15 AM

    Sydney: where did maxie get her red dress with the bow on the side she wore this earlier in the year

    Posted by blonde1 at Saturday, July 31 2010 08:11 PM

    I wish I knew where they got Maxie jones recent outfitt that aired this month it was really cute and I want to buy it!

    Posted by angela101 at Saturday, January 26 2013 10:44 AM

    I would like to know where to get the light blue shirt Starr was wearing on Fridays episode.

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