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    Monday, April 20 2009

    That's what friends are for? (
    Julie's General Blogspittle
    (Week of April 13 - 17)

    I loved the double pregnancy test cliffhanger! Regardless of Carly and Claudia's outcome, the way they shot both women facing their 'stick' dilemma was really cool. I especially loved when Jason said, "I don't want to touch it." Now that's a friend!

    We know that Sarah Joy Brown signed a new contract in January, so I'm assuming that Sonny doesn't have her whacked. But still, I can't stop wondering how that would play out if he did. Would he shoot her himself? Would he have Jason do it? It makes me uncomfortable to think about, yet here I am, thinking about it.

    I don't know about you, but I recoiled when Rebecca laid into Helena for being such a wicked witch. Doesn't that girl know who she's dealing with? If she's truly not in cahoots with Helena, she has a bull's eye on her forehead now if she didn't already. And in this case, I'd kind of like to see the old lady succeed. I wasn't a big Emily fan, and the mouthier, less sophisticated version isn't doing much for me either.

    There was another instance last week that made my jaw drop. How about when Robin slapped Patrick for spying on her while she went out on a date and even made out with another guy? Everyone knows that a man shouldn't raise a hand to a woman, but I don't get why some women think it's okay to hit a man. We're the first to whine and complain about a double standard except when it suits us. Every time I see a woman smack a man I am ashamed of my gender.

    He has all the best lines. (
    How do you like the new GH set? I think it's awesome. I know where not supposed to notice the hi-def stuff until April 23, but I feel as if I can already see a difference. There seem to have been a lot of really nice reflections off of the water and through windows already. Or am I seeing things?

    It was so sad on Friday when Spinelli came over to Maxie's place and spoke like a deflated normal person. She has it coming but it was hard to see his sadness, don't you think?

    The favorite line of the week feature is back, but that's because we had the pleasure of seeing Luke this week. When he was explaining his relationship with Helena to Ethan he said, "We have this sick psycho sexual connection that involves scorpions and piano wire." That about sums it up alright.

    So there you have it guys, everything that meant anything to me last week. You?

    -Julie Clark Robinson

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    Posted by BeanCounter at Monday, April 20 2009 04:43 AM

    I wondered why Dr. Lee didn't call Carly to let her know that it would not be advisable to get pregnant. She told Carly only when she came to see her. As for Claudia, I think it's just sad. Here is a woman who came on so strong and has become just pitiful IMO.

    Glad to have Jerry back if only for awhile. I may remember things incorrectly but I didn't feel Claudia hired Devlin and Jerry to kill Sonny. I remember her approaching Devlin and telling him that she couldn't bring in his drugs unless Sonny was out of the way. Devlin agreed to do it and volunteered Jerry who refused. At the time he said he wanted nothing to do with it yet went with them to the warehouse and provided the gun. I thought it was odd that he didn't mention to Jax that he tried to stop it when he found out Michael was there.

    As for Robin, I was shocked when she slapped Patrick for "spying on her". It just shows how out of control her behaviour has become. It looked as though Carly's verbal smackdown brought her back to reality but after throwing her medication away, I think she has to hit rock bottom before she gets with the program.

    I loved Helena's return as well. A shame Jerry isn't working with her. He could learn from her maybe GH's version of The Apprentice. I really thought it was odd that Rebecca would put herself in the path of someone who has been described as psychotic but she didn't come off tough at all. I remembered Gia and how she referred to Helena as psycho granny.

    I think both Lulu and Spinelli are childish individuals. Splitting the room was ridiculous. If Lulu doesn't want to live with Maxie, she should move. Otherwise, just suck it up and keep your distance. I think it is time Spinelli matured some and got away from the geek speak. Frankly it has been nice to see less of him and Winnifred for a while.

    Posted by jcrobinson at Monday, April 20 2009 08:18 AM

    I forgot about 'psycho granny'! And I love the idea of a GH Apprentice!

    Posted by juann at Monday, April 20 2009 05:09 PM

    Great post this week Julie-you are dead on with everything!I am so thrilled that Jerry is back, even though it is a short stint this time, I just love it when he is on screen.I have to admit that I am happy with Carly's pregnancy news, but not so happy with Claudia's. I am a softie when it comes to love and I am hoping that Carly and Jax have a happy ending this time around and what a better way than to have a child together. Carly has not always been the best with some of her actions in the past, but she has always been a great mother to her boys and she loves them very much . I don't think Claudia even knows the meaning of love and trying to get pregnant to save her sorry butt is just plain stupid. I feel sorry for this unborn child already. I absolutely agree with you concerning Robin and her slapping Patrick-she had no right whatsoever to do that.I love the new GH set as well. It was time for a make-over! Thank-you for the great post Julie!

    Posted by jrwaw at Tuesday, April 21 2009 02:35 PM

    I can appreciate the dilemma each woman faces with her pregnancy: Carly's though joyful, may kill her while Claudia needs hers to stay alive, even if she doesn't really care about being a mother. But hey, why should Sonny have the final say about whether or not to terminate Claudia's pregnancy? It's her baby too! It is unfortunate that the writers felt the need to bring both pregnancy stories on at the exact same time.

    Poor Spinelli. We find out he can speak like a "normal" perspn. Has his Spinelli speak been an affectation to hide his insecurities? I'm for his finding some deeper connection with Winnifred. A makeover would be good for her too and she could help him with his P.I. investigations on an unofficial basis, of course.

    And lastly, of course Rebecca is involved with Helena. Who else would she have been having those phone conversations with? And remember when we first saw her in the hospital and during the fire, she had the phone glued to her ear virtually every time we saw her walk by. I think she was recruited by Helena, but is now having second thoughts about staying allied with her.

    Posted by Bonbon413 at Sunday, April 26 2009 07:46 AM

    I don't like the idea of Elizabeth & Nicolas......I want to see her & Lucky back together!

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