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    Monday, April 13 2009

    Kill that rabbit! (
    Julie's General Blogspittle
    (Week of April 6 - 10)

    At this point, I just don't see how Claudia can produce a positive pregnancy test in time to save her neck. Well, unless she does the ol' soap standard - lie! (Remember when Maxie faked a pregnancy with Lucky? Can you think of anyone else in GH history to stuff a pillow under her shirt and try to look greenish in the morning?)

    I would like to see Carly with a positive blood test rest, wouldn't you? For one thing, her health challenges would be a good way to center the soap around an actual hospital storyline for a few months and make good use of the spacious new set. Plus, more and more I'm starting to really appreciate Laura Wright as an actress. Her face is so expressive that I actually feel what Carly's feeling throughout her scenes. I've not been pregnant for ten years now and if, through her portrayal, I can somehow experience that unique kind of joy again I'm all for it! Besides, GH seems to be running short on little ones with an older Michael and Kristina on the way.

    No more gum. (
    I do like the chemistry between Lulu and Ethan, she does like the bad boys doesn't she? I don't recall, has GH ever done the soap classic 'girl falls for boy who turns out to be her brother' storyline? Julie Marie did an excellent job showing her hurt and anger on Friday's show when she laid into Johnny and Maxie for their deception. I'm so ready for Johnny and Lulu to be over at this point. I do not enjoy seeing Maxie return to her dark side with him, however. Besides, no one hurts my Spinelli and gets away with it!

    Still not liking Robin and still feeling somewhat guilty for my apparent lack of compassion for her condition.

    With all the talk of Nik blurring the lines between Rebecca and Emily, I seem to be doing the same thing. Rebecca has morphed right back into Emily for this fan. No more gum chomping, slouching or rough-around-the-edges grammar choices and voila! - she's Emily again to me. It looks like Lucky's out of luck when it comes to any romance with her at this point. The Prince gets the girl.

    So there you have it guys, everything that meant anything to me last week. You?

    -Julie Clark Robinson

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    Posted by juann at Monday, April 13 2009 12:21 PM

    Great rant Julie! (By the way my name is Julie too!!)I am over the whole Robin story line. She wanted to be a mother, she wanted a real family and she wanted a career and she had all those things and for what now. I am personally disappointed in the writers for this story line dragging on and on. I was also happy to see that Johnny and Lulu break up, as I never invested much into these two as a couple. I do agree with you in that I was not happy seeing Maxie return to her old ways with him. I really like Maxie and Spinelli together and I think this could be a really good couple if the writers would ever go down that road. Carly's scenes have been right on the past couple of weeks and I think that Laura Wright is an remarkable actress and I would not be surprised to see a daytime emmy in her future. I really enjoyed your rant this week Julie, Thank-you.

    Posted by jcrobinson at Monday, April 13 2009 01:25 PM

    You're welcome! I enjoyed your comments here, too.

    Posted by Krissy-GH at Monday, April 13 2009 02:22 PM

    Hi Julie,
    I have been a long time fasn of GH, this is my first post. I'm loving Maxie's return to the dark side. She reminds me of a young Brenda. I like where there going with Carly as well. But I Agree with so many of the posters on the Daily updates some of the stortlines are really being dragged out, like Robin's PPD. Thanks so much for taking the time each week, its like hearing a girlfriend chat with you about your favorite soap.

    Posted by genhospchat at Tuesday, April 14 2009 05:59 PM

    I had hopes that when NL returned as Rebecca, she would return as a shady character and when she did I found I enjoyed her. Then when they put her with Lucky, you could SEE the sparks fly, but alas, they "paired" her with Nik and now I too see that she is just boring Em and it's same old, same old, time to turn the channel...what a disappointment!

    Posted by nancy marie at Friday, April 17 2009 01:46 PM

    Julie, I, too, like the chemistry between Lulu and Ethan--but, of course, I liked the chemistry between Lulu and Johnny when he us multi-dimensional (playing the piano, etc.) but he was already sullied by his connection to the ubiquitious mob story line.
    Puleeese, no incest story between Lulu and Ethan--no way he could be Luke's son UNLESS the writers (read Bob Guza) do violence to the real storyline. Remember, Holly married Robert while she was pregnant with Luke's child. She then fell down the stairs and suffered a miscarriage. She and Luke never knew each other in the Biblical sense again.
    So--if the writers go down that road, they will have to hope the loyal--and astute--viewers suffer amnesia!

    Posted by lolapiazza at Friday, April 17 2009 06:48 PM

    Let me start off by saying JUST JOINEDHAVE BEEN WATCHING G.H FOR YEARS.The reason I loke the show, is because of the mob element,,not to much lovey dovey stuff.I love that jerry is back but cant't standddd hw claudia is getting away with all this.Sometimes I really think the writting has ben getting terrible, like they forget what they show us and we don't remember.Like didn't sonny say who ever packs thir bags and tries to leave will show their guilty?? who wanted to move in a hotel...claudia...SHE REALY PLAYS HIM LOKE A FIDDLE...AND WHAT ABOUT OLIVIA.I REMEMBER SHE WAS ONLY COMING FOR KATES WEDDING AND HOW SHE HAD TO BE IN BENSINHURST AS SOON AS POSSIBLE FOR HER SON DANTE???I MEAN COME ON..NOW SHES LOKE BEST OF FRIENDS WITH CARLY...WITH WHOM HE COUSIN CAN'T STAND//USED TO LIKE SAM...BUT HER ACTING IS HORRIBLE...all she does is fold her arms together trying to sho cleavage even when shes in a leather coat,,,it cracks me up>>>>>another boring story line is this new kid and luke.....come on already....i always fastforward through it...hummmso boring.........ypur right carly is a great actress as well as jason maxie rick jerry..and lunny roooons anthony and johnny......I think it's tome they syarted cleaning some house...starting with kelly monocco or whatever her nme is

    Posted by KareBear2008 at Monday, April 20 2009 06:49 PM

    Cannot stand Claudia's character, her look, her clothes...she physically makes me ill...really! What happened to Kate? The writers need to hook her up with a someone terrific! When will they ever put Sam and Jason back together where they belong? If Helena is behind the Rebecca deal that is just CRUEL! Here is a curve-ball though, what is true Rebecca had plastic surgery to look like Emily but not to trick or work against Nikolas but because she is an undercover agent working to put Helena away for good! Any way, I do love Laura Wright and she is the best Carly ever! When it comes to Robin, Sam, and Kate, I do so hate the way she acts...but then she is that way with anyone who dares to love Sonny, Can't stand the Robin storyline, enough already! Let Robin be Robin again. I did like Maxie with Spinelli. If Lulu and Ethan are related then PLEASE writers have some decancy do not hoo, the two of them up in any way! I rather liked Johnny and Lulu and I love that the writers FINALLY gave her a make-over. She now has sytle from head to toe-thank you!

    Posted by k9kennel at Tuesday, April 21 2009 03:50 PM

    Oh boy, well I'm fed up with the claudia story line, sonny is now an idiot, and since when does he fall for someone so fast? Oh yeah, emily, duh. But her {claudia} story line is the one that bugs me the most and then there's Robin or whoever she is now. I think the writers must all be on vacation and maybe someone is filling in somehow. They keep saying Sonny is going to find out, but he never does. I have watched this show since Laura and Luke were falling in love and I've lived through alot of story lines but I am disappointed in the sonny/claudia one and the Robin/baby one. She is losing all those cute and great baby minutes. Does it do any good to say ENOUGH ALREADY?? I do love the mob aspect but not the claudia "pg to stay alive" although she sure is good at spinning a yarn. Can't wait for the train wreck that Johnny keeps warning her about. I liked Rebecca's look and ways and now they are gone. oops. Thanks for letting me vent.

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