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    In our 'General Hospital' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    General Hospital Weekly Blog.

    Friday, September 06 2013

    What were you thinking? (ABC)
    "GH" Rundown for the week of September 2 - 6:

    This week was one of revelations and surprises. From Morgan frantically trying to keep Kiki away from Michael to Maxie and Spinelli coming to terms with the potential reality of Dante and Lulu raising their baby to Brad and Felix almost hooking up. What a week it was, even though it was a short one.

    Babies are not toys.
    Britt finally cracked and let loose that Brad is her baby daddy. While viewers were probably hoping she'd say she performed an experiment with Dante's scientific particles, the genie didn't grant that wish this time around. The look on Patrick's face was priceless. Britt's reasoning behind such a feat - Brad wanted to climb the corporate ladder. I wondered for a moment there if Patrick was going to make Britt go into labor with all of the shrieking he was doing about her being a liar, had Prince Nik not rode in on his horse to save her. When she told the nobleman that she was having Brad's bundle of joy, he chivalrously told her she could remain at the drafty mausoleum despite a rather flimsy excuse and then gallantly rushed off to make sure Brad did right by her. The Brik combo is unfolding nicely. Britt is becoming more and more interesting to watch by the day, almost as much as her mother is.

    Sonny's Grief.
    Michael has a lot to deal with right now. With A.J. in jail on suspicion of murder and Sonny grieving, what's a Corinthos to do? Sonny not handling grief is when the writers let loose and Maurice Benard gives many of his best performances and it seems that Sonny is very vulnerable in these moments. Watching him drown in sorrow and wanting to join his Bensonhurst sweetheart in the afterlife was top-notch. The marriage he dreamed was a little over the top, but this is how Sonny deals with things or rather not dealing with them. Luckily, Olivia saved the day after she got divine revelation that the Haunted Star was where Sonny had gone to.

    A loveless marriage.
    Morgan trying his best to make Kiki fall for him and realize that she's his wife, is heartbreaking to watch. Can someone please get Morgan a new love right away, now that we've discovered Kiki isn't a Q and it's only a matter of time before she takes her ring off and jumps into Mikey's open and waiting arms?

    Amazing counsel. (ABC)
    Courtroom antics.
    I don't recall the PCPD waiting for the ballistics report to come back before arresting A.J., but hey, Diane will find a way to spring Quartermaine Jr. from his cell like she did when she produced a Mason jar cocktail with Franco's brain tumor in it. The lengths this woman will go to for some of her clients is amazing. Speaking of A.J., suddenly he can only function and have hope with Elizabeth around. His apology to her was a very half hearted one given he accused her of deliberately causing Jake's death. While I kept expecting Alan junior to sing "You Are My Sunshine" when she came into the courtroom, that hope was dashed when she claimed she wasn't there for what he thought she was there for.

    A Jerome saves the day.
    Silas finally let his guard down after Sam kissed him. They got a room, literally - a hospital one and Danny's at that. It was a nice turn of events for Julian to end up being the one to save the little guy's life. The only thing that is irking me at the moment about this is the progression of Alexis remembering. How does Julian remember they fogged up the back of the car in New Hampshire and Alexis is still running around saying "there's something about you" and "do I know you from somewhere?" Come on now, this is supposed to be hotshot Alexis Davis and Julian has already cracked the case without the necessary credentials.

    Dunderheads are us.
    Maxie and the Jackal need to call up Maury Povich so he can tell Dante and Lulu they are not the parents. After Spinelli badgered Maxie about lying to him, it was almost certain that the bumbling Falconeris' world would come crashing down around them. Lulu is at least starting to wise up to Maximiliana's omissions. She must have consulted McGruff the Crime Dog, especially after Maxie tried to breastfeed the baby as she now believes she has reason to fear for the baby's safety with Maxie playing 'I'm the mama'. And to watch Spin pull a 180 with the truth left a little bit to be desired about where this whole shebang is really headed.

    Brad and Felix.
    There appears to be a little life left in the potential between them. It's not time to disconnect the love ventilator just yet. Even though, Felix is peeved that Brad and Britt cooked up a grand scheme to hook Dr. Drake for life, Brad has seemingly wore Felix down to where Brad probably won't have to play 'he loves me, he loves me not' for much longer.

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    All photos courtesy of ABC

    - Kyle Jarmon

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    Posted by genhospchat at Saturday, September 07 2013 11:30 PM

    Alexis doesn't remember because she was drunk and Julian wasn't. I don't understand why Alexis isn't wondering if possibly he's the father since he's so shockingly a match for Danny. As you said, she keeps saying " I know you from somewhere." Come on Alexis, put two and two together.

    Posted by raylit at Monday, September 09 2013 02:19 PM

    I would love to see Peter REckell cast as a recast for Jason Morgan

    Posted by nancy marie at Wednesday, September 11 2013 07:29 AM

    These storylines are beyond the pale. Get back to Luke, Laura, Anna, Robert, Robin. No "appeal to they younger viewers" s/l allowed. (Young people do not watch GH--but we loyal "mature" fans are still holding on to our hope to view some great storylines and character stories.)

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