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    Tell Your Hope For Luke Spencer's Storyline.

    Wednesday, October 08 2008

    Welcome home Luke! (
    As we have reported in our Comings & Goings, Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer) is about to return from vacation! The General Hospital canvass is ripe with opportunities right now for him to jump into. What would you like to see happen to Tracy's husband, Laura's ex-husband, Lulu's dad and the former mobster?

    Do you have a better idea to toss out there? Comment below and see what everyone else thinks. No matter how it shakes out, having Luke in 'Port Chuck' is always an added bonus!

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    Posted by eubankcarebear at Thursday, October 09 2008 06:09 AM

    Ide like to see Kuke and Laura back together Lu Lu needs them now

    Posted by aerinha at Thursday, October 09 2008 07:45 AM

    Luke needs to kick his emotionally abusive wife to the curb and Laura needs to rip Tracy a new one for every thinking she had the right to run 20 something Lulu's life at all let alone in such a manipulative and nasty way. Every time Tracy used Laura or going crazy to try to control Lulu she needed to be reminded her wonderful "parenting" drove Dillon and Ned, her actual children, across the country to escape her harpy ways.

    Posted by Leavearly at Thursday, October 09 2008 04:49 PM

    I can forsee that Luke with be in the 'thick' of things with Sonny's mob enemies.
    What would be unlikely is IF the lifestyle he's accustomed to makes any changes for the sake of other family members.
    Same old Luke, just a different day. I really have my hopes up for something special for Laura. Not a triangle of Love with Tracy & Luke. Her Family could benefit from having something special from both parents. I will wish the writers bring us humour and hyjinks in Lukes usual crazy schemes!(: Two characters that Luke can interact with awesome quirkyness would be Alice (Q's) and Johnny Z.
    Just my opinion, thanks for this Poll, Julie.

    Posted by cha-cha at Friday, October 10 2008 08:41 AM

    please bring luke and laura back together. i miss when they got married the first time but when laura came back last year i really enjoyed the storyline of luke and laura. they make the show and lu lu needs her parents now. please bring them together again.

    Posted by Lynnae at Saturday, October 11 2008 10:50 AM

    I would like to see Luke and Laura back together. But, for right now Lu Lu needs help from him now. Then after that he needs to get back with Laura and be a family.

    Posted by Starlett at Saturday, October 11 2008 11:56 AM

    I want the whole enchilada. I like Luke with Tracy and want them to stay together. Would like Luke, Laura AND Tracy to work together to help Lulu. While Luke is going to focus on helping Lulu, we know he is also going to get involved in the "Sonny Caper", won't be able to help himself. By the way I enjoyed Max and his Dad's scenes(Milo was Funny).

    Posted by menace at Sunday, October 12 2008 11:43 AM

    I think Luke will get caught up with Laura and her recovery for a little while, but will end up with Tracy. Laura will "pretend" to be interested in Scott to get his mind off of Lulu and save her daughter from being charged with Logan's murder. This will drive everyone crazy mad including Nikolas, Lulu, Luke and Lucky. Luke will blow his top when he finds out Scott is messing with Lulu's already fragile mind (ex. leaving her notes on her food tray at ShadyBrook). Luke can only do the family thing for a short while, so he will get caught up in the mob activity. Sonny will go to Luke for help and Luke will assist him with whatever time he has left from dealing with Laura, Tracy and Lulu. I would like to see Luke, Tracy and Laura in some funny story lines trying to help Lulu. Bring the humor back.

    Posted by jc93 at Sunday, October 12 2008 06:38 PM

    Luke and Tracy baby!

    Posted by hvmissy at Friday, October 17 2008 10:26 AM

    luke & laura, belong together because they have long long history & chemistry let them both protect lulu, keep this family living.thanks

    Posted by cynical bill at Saturday, October 18 2008 08:52 AM

    Anthony Geary should decide if he wants to be a full time actor or not. It is totally unfair to the writers having to find new ways to write him off for months at a time on a regular basis.

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