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    General Hospital News Room, Daily Updates & Cast


    A word from the Recap/News Writer of General Hospital

    The 1963 soap opera, General Hospital is credited for starting the trend of the 'supercouple' for all soaps! The storyline focuses on the trials and tribulations of hospital staff, mobsters and other residents of the fictional town of Port Charles. Soap fans are invited to read in-depth daily updates and keep abreast of current news about the actors/actresses and the show. Readers: Be sure to read the latest GH spoilers, and we invite you to join and engage with others in's message boards!

    General Hospital Daily Updates

    GH Recap: Never Killed Nobody Never.
    Thursday, May 28 2015

    Lomax plans to get rid of Sloane, Valerie goes for an interview, and Sonny questions Denise.
    Valerie runs down to the breakfast room at Wyndemere. She has a job interview at the PCPD. Nikolas jokingly asks if he should be watching his step. She'll be an assistant to the detectives...including Dante. After she leaves, Mayor Lomax walks in. She talks about her plans to become governor. Lomax thinks Sloane is an obstacle in her way. She's not impressed by how he handled the Lavery investigation and blames him for... » read more

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    General Hospital News Room

    Throwback Thursday GH Poll: Kevin Sees Ryan.
    Thursday, May 28 2015


    In this week’s Throwback Thursday Poll, goes back to 1993 on "General Hospital" when a familiar face arrived in Port Charles…

    The people of Port Charles have been totally taken aback by the arrival of Denise Demouchio of Queens, a dead ringer for missing mobster Ava Jerome. But more than 20 years ago it was another doppelganger that had tongues in town wagging after Dr. Kevin Collins came to town. A psychiatrist, Kevin arrived to help his serial killer brother Ryan Chamberlain, who had been institutionalized for tormenting Felicia Jones.

    Before they came face-to-face, Ryan insisted he had no siblings. But when Kevin entered the room Ryan... » read more

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    Ex-General Hospital's Rick Springfield In Ricki And The Flash. - 2015/05/28 » read more

    Star of the Week

    Maura West (CBS)
    Name: Maura West
    Character: Ava Jerome
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