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    General Hospital News Room, Daily Updates & Cast

    A word from the Recap/News Writer of General Hospital

    The 1963 soap opera, General Hospital is credited for starting the trend of the 'supercouple' for all soaps! The storyline focuses on the trials and tribulations of hospital staff, mobsters and other residents of the fictional town of Port Charles. Soap fans are invited to read in-depth daily updates and keep abreast of current news about the actors/actresses and the show. Readers: Be sure to read the latest spoilers, and join our lively message boards!

    General Hospital Daily Updates

    GH Recap: Just Started Having Fun.
    Tuesday, July 29 2014

    Alexis’ house is destroyed in the blast, Julian takes revenge, and Sam is convinced Nina and Silas are together.
    Sam walks into Silas’ apartment and catches him on top of Nina, kissing her. Nina wonders why Sam is even there since they broke up. Sam had something to tell Silas about Nina but it doesn’t matter anymore. Silas is physically unable to go after Sam and Nina coos that she’s glad Sam saw them. Now there will be no confusion. Nina tries to kiss Silas again and but he pushes her off and goes to bed. » read more

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    General Hospital News Room

    Ex-General Hospital's Stephen Kay Marries Piper Perabo.
    Monday, July 28 2014

    Wedding news.

    "General Hospital" star Stephen Kay (Port Charles' ex-Reginald Jennings, the Quartermaine butler) married his fiancée Piper Perabo ("Covert Affairs") on Saturday July 26 according to People. Kay left "General Hospital" in 2003 and began a career as a producer and director. He is currently the executive producer of "Covert Affairs" and has directed numerous episodes of the show, which is how he met Perabo. The two became engaged in September and were married in New York. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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    (Curtis Sabir/
    Name: Jimmy Deshler
    Character: Rafe Kovich Jr. (deceased)
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