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    GH Recap: Handsy With Kiki.

    Friday, May 02 2014
    Ned catches up with Alexis, Sonny tells Ava to get out of town, and Luke orders Julian to kill his sister.

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    Posted by gmahoma at Saturday, May 03 2014 05:10 PM

    Did I miss Sabrina getting discharged?? Or did she just refuse to stay ater Felix took her to ICU where se was able to stand for an incredibly long time??

    Posted by ransomha at Saturday, May 03 2014 05:18 PM

    Casey1: I believe infant alcohol syndrome has to do with how the child develops mentally . And i'm NOT suggesting that Sabrina purposely did harm to her baby. I'm saying it's a possibility . I know MY doctor said NO ALCHOL , you drink the baby drinks. Sabrina drank to the point of blacking out.
    But, as you say, it was ONCE.

    I also agree about Jason I don't think Robin is in love romantically with Jason.I think as a doctor/scientist and friend she feels it's her duty to use her skills to help give her dear friend a life with his family. He would do anything for her and she for him. That's how they roll.

    bayou: i agree with you 100%! I always feel like I have to say, 'In my opinion" or make the disclaimer that i'm not trying to change anyones mind.
    I also don't post about what the characters are thinking or feeling or put people in categories.
    It's why many times I just stay clear........

    Posted by lily hunter at Saturday, May 03 2014 05:20 PM

    rans - I agree with you that Sabrina would be better off with Carlos. After all how many men go to prison to protect someone they love, well except Jason...

    Robin left needy Patty to save Jason, not because she loves him more than needy Patty, but because she wanted him to be reunited with his wife and child, the child he loved even though at the time he thought that Danny was his nephew because his crazy twin brother Franco raped his wife.
    I don't understand how anyone knowing her family history would be surprised that she left to save a family. After all, her dad left to take care of Holly and Ethan...

    Posted by lily hunter at Saturday, May 03 2014 05:22 PM

    rans - Lunch is on me.

    Posted by ransomha at Saturday, May 03 2014 05:33 PM

    lily: i would LOVE to take you up on that. Lets let bayou pick the place and join us. One request, bring me some lilacs from your garden.....

    Posted by lily hunter at Saturday, May 03 2014 05:35 PM

    rans - That sounds like a great idea. Do you want cut flowers or the baby plants that my bushes produce every year?

    Posted by raineysmom at Saturday, May 03 2014 05:39 PM


    Brava and well said!!!

    Posted by ransomha at Saturday, May 03 2014 05:47 PM

    lily: OT: Both....some for now and some for later....

    Posted by bayoubtr at Saturday, May 03 2014 05:52 PM


    Rainey-- Did you enjoy the race? I loved it!

    Rans & Lily-- If it's a "virtual" lunch I'd take both of you to Galatoires in the French Quarter. My all time fave.

    Posted by raineysmom at Saturday, May 03 2014 05:56 PM


    The KD was great! California Chrome couldn't have run a better race! Hope he can go all the way! It's been WAY TOO LONG since there's been a Triple Crown winner!

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