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    GH Recap: My Cheat Day.

    Tuesday, February 04 2014
    Sabrina tells Patrick the truth about the baby, Victor tells Robin what happened to Jason after he was shot, and Heather orders something sinful.

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    Posted by diamond1972 at Tuesday, February 04 2014 08:02 PM

    I think it should turn out that Heather is a drug kingpin and has been for years. I think that would explain how she gets they money for stuff and being able to hire goons and to pay off the orderly at the mental hospital.

    The major problems with the writing is they do not seem to have exit strategies. The show was going towards Robin dying then the current writers came on and he couldn't stand the thought of Robin dying so he invented this hostage situation before thinking out how it would end.

    When I think of things to write about I always think of the end result first.

    Posted by Mattyboy at Tuesday, February 04 2014 08:41 PM

    IDK how Franco keep walking from being shto and why didn't Dante heep chasing him. Hope it was Franco for catching heather and stuff. Dante should went down to the mental ward to see if heather really there plus I bet all the psychos are in control of the mental ward now since that lady who talk to kiki did acted little strange she prob was one of the mental paitent like those 2 big guys in white coat. Which Julian didn't stop olivia or she would of just kick him and chase atfer her,

    We all know Jaosn not coming back so no point about it and if Victor had proof why didnt he had a video to show her he alive.

    Posted by PalmdaleGal at Tuesday, February 04 2014 09:12 PM

    I heard Donna Mills will be joining GH. I wonder if she will be playing Helena. Luke supposedly shot and killed Helena and Stavros. How can they be frozen and revived? The storyline is so unbelievable. I thought their bodies were thrown overboard, but maybe not. Maybe there was a scene of a frozen Helena.

    Dr. O should not be Chief of Staff at GH. She should be in prison. Why is it that nobody at the mental ward knows where Heather is? Carly has been in the same clothes since her kidnapping, but Heather has had plenty of wardrobe changes. How can this be? It is time to end this kidnapping story and let Carly be rescued. Luke sitting in the mental ward wearing a wig is silly too. At some point, someone has to realize Heather is gone. Someone there has to know Luke is there. What about feeding times and bed times and medication times. The storyline is really poorly written. I hope the actress who plays Carly, Laura Wright, has been enjoying some time off. I suppose she filmed all her scenes on the same day so she could have a month or more off from work.

    This business of bringing Robin back so she can leave again was so wrong. I wish they hadn't of brought her back. It would be nice to have Jason back, but I think they are going to recast him. They should recast Robin too.

    It is time for Dante and Lulu to learn that Ben is their son. I still hate Britt. She is not changed. I'll bet as soon as Nicholas dumps her, she will announce she is pregnant with his baby. Probably when Ben is taken from her, she will be pregnant.

    Oh, one more thing .... do any of you watch NCIS? Well I record it and got behind on watching it. But I got caught up last night. On the "Kill Chain" episode which aired January 7th, 2014, our very own Julian Jerome (William DeVry) was guest appearing on it. How nice it was to see a daytime soap actor on prime time in a better written role!Good for him! If you missed it, you can watch the episode online.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, February 04 2014 11:21 PM


    If there's one common thread I've noticed on the board in the last couple of days, it's this:

    “Surely you could come up with a better exit story for Robin than THIS!”

    Yes I can, and don't call me Shirley.

    Scrimmage's Scenario:

    Robin returns home from two years in captivity, and in spite of her joy at being reunited with her family, she finds herself having trouble readjusting to everyday life as a wife and mother. She's also having a hard time getting past the idea that she watched her husband declare his love for another woman. This causes her to unconsciously withdraw from Patrick, who tries to be understanding, but it starts a small rift between them.

    Patrick thinks he knows the cure for Robin's doldrums, and suggests they have another child. To his dismay, the idea horrifies Robin, who is nowhere near ready for something like that (or the intimacy that it implies), and she immediately shoots down Patrick's idea, dashing his hopes. Almost immediately afterward, they all learn that Sabrina is pregnant with Patrick's child. Robin confides to Elizabeth that she feels as if Sabrina is providing Patrick something he wants that she has denied him, and that the only thing she feels is relief. She thinks she and Patrick are drifting apart.

    Robin is contacted by an old professor from her days in Paris, who informs her that she is under consideration for the Nobel Prize for her polonium cure. She is thrilled of course, but he advises her that in order to actually win the prize, she needs much more publicity among her peers in the scientific community, and that he would be happy to arrange a world wide lecture tour of the leading teaching hospitals, and medical universities in countries all over the globe, so that she could share her discovery with all mankind. He points out that at the very least, her cure could potentially save hundreds, if not thousands of lives, and lead to other research and more breakthroughs based on what she's done. The catch is, if she agrees, and commits to the tour, she would have to move back to Paris, and based from there, she would begin traveling non-stop for a year or more. And, she would have to decide almost immediately.

    Robin excitedly shares the news with Patrick, who is incredibly proud of his wife, and says he knows she'll win, no matter what, and he promises her – again – that someday they'll see all those places together. Robin asks, “Why can't someday be now?” and suggests that he and Emma join her on her tour. Patrick dismisses the idea as a nice fantasy – for Robin – but that he has no intention of abandoning his own career as a world renowned neurosurgeon just to be her groupie on her world tour. He'd go crazy having nothing to do, and in any event, he has no intention of pulling Emma out of school indefinitely. Robin counters that she could do more good for the world in two years of traveling than she could ever hope to accomplish in a lifetime at General Hospital, and that she considers it her duty to share her cure with the world. Patrick argues that she can accomplish all that without leaving her family. He suggests that she should publish her work, and even lecture locally, but that the world doesn't expect her to abandon her own family, especially after being kept apart for so long already. Robin disagrees, and they have a heated argument.

    Robin says she didn't escape one prison just to be locked up in another one, and that the routine of her old life in PC feels claustrophobic to her now. She says yearns to see the world, and live life to the fullest, doing something meaningful. Patrick accuses Robin of using this opportunity as an excuse to avoid having to deal with the problems in their marriage at home, and she acknowledges that there's some truth in that. They have a long, honest talk, and both admit that through no fault of their own, something's been missing ever since Robin came back, and it's just not the same between them anymore. Patrick admits that he still has strong feelings for Sabrina, and Robin admits that she's been alone for so long, she feels more comfortable that way. They agree to divorce, and that Emma will join her mother in Europe for the summer.

    Before Robin boards her plane for Paris, she hugs Patrick, and gives him her blessings to pursue a relationship with Sabrina, and wishes them both well, with their child on the way. With tears in his eyes, Patrick tells Robin to go off and save the world, to which she replies, “Don't worry, I will!” as she leaves Port Charles for the last time.

    Or IS it???

    Posted by Cynic at Wednesday, February 05 2014 12:02 AM

    I really hope that TPTB read the comments from viewers on this and other soap opera forums, or at least have someone read them and tally up the viewer's likes and dislikes. If they did, they would discover that the crazy Heather storyline has gone way past its shelf life and is simply alienating the viewers. Likewise the silly symphony orchestrating Robin's latest departure, which has only just begun, but is already stretching credulity. It would be far simpler to send Robin back to Africa, or, as Scrimmage suggested, on a world tour touting her polonium cure.

    The repeat of storylines from OLTL is not going down too well either, and so far most viewers seem alienated by the snarky bully cop with the the oily hair - Nathan and his obsession with an alleged case which has gone long gone past the statute of limitations.

    Bringing in celebrities to plug other ABC shows turn us off as we feel it patronizes us. I wouldn't be surprised to see Dr. Oz popping up as GH nutritionist.

    Simple solutions to dilemma's are routinely ignored, such as checking the hotel security tapes, checking the Miscavige Institute( which has to be the most cushy and insecure facility for the criminally insane on this planet) to see if Heather is really there, which leads to protests from viewers who feel their intelligence is insulted. The same goes for the blatant disregard of correct legal procedure, statutes of limitations, hospital and PD security,

    All the writers have to do is get a large story board, write down the current plots and how they are going to be resolved, and keep track. Check weekly with the viewer's comments to see which stories are not working and either drop them entirely or rewrite them. most of all, the head writer needs to outline an overall plot for the next few months. That can't be too hard surely. Isn't that what he is paid for?

    Posted by Cynic at Wednesday, February 05 2014 05:18 AM


    I can understand Scrimmage's objection to spoilers. I have been following the brilliant British political thriller TV series "House of Cards" when I accidentally came across a spoiler revealing the ending in a review. Now it has completely ruined the show for me as the ending was an unexpected shocker, and as I view each episode it will be colored by knowing what is to happen. It was as senseless as if someone was saying how much they had enjoyed a film, and never would have guessed that the butler was the real killer! Thoughtless and insensitive.

    Posted by Soap Bubbles at Wednesday, February 05 2014 06:34 AM

    Just watched Tuesday installment. First some minor quibbles: I know I have been obsessed with that open gaping hole at the cemetary, that apparently caused NO concern or curiosity to anyone (cemetary employees, mourning visitors, et al). It appeared that it had been refilled, smoothed over, and had snow covered sod/grass over it, when Franco literally fell upon it. So here he is shot and bleeding, and he starts digging FROZEN ground. That's a pretty big leap right there. Then he comes across the blood soaked shroud and Heathers FU note.....which whoever refilled and covered the open gaping hole missed. ugghhh

    Alexis aka 'hot flash express' (hat tip: Lily Hunter..hilarious)...Alexis is acting a'fool, and it's kind of sad. If she's horny and wants to boink Julian for old times sake, it's 2014.....just do it!!! She's a lawyer...she could go all 'contract' on him as a form of foreplay....this is strictly dickly, no strings attached, not friends with benefits cuz we're not friends, just an occasional roll in the hay (or in the back seat of a car). But no...this desparate midlife crisis schtick. ugghh

    Did I miss the memo that announced GH was morphing from soap opera genre to horror/scifi genre? This latest preposterous reanimation SL is over the top. And we are only two days into SWEEPS. I shudder to think where we will be by months' end. Scrimmage suggests an exit for Robin on page 7 that is totally plausible. While it may be dissappointing to Robin fans, if the actress is leaving, it is at least a realistic exit storyline. Ask yourself - if the Drake family lived next door to you in real life, and Robin was fixing to leave, would you believe Scrimmage's proposed exit SL, or TPTB exit SL? I rest my case.

    Posted by Muffy Puffy at Wednesday, February 05 2014 07:21 AM

    I think I'm getting so numb to the nonsense that I assumed Heather refilled the hole after digging herself out. Or she called her henchmen.

    As for the reanimation thing, it's been done before by the Cassadines. Apparently their in-the-know scientist is gone or it was Helena herself who knew how to unfreeze them. The only one I don't understand bringing back is Helena. Stavros was shoved in the chamber and frozen so technically not dead nor, according to Victor, was Jason. Just debilitated. We all saw Lulu be unfrozen, which is what basically will happen with Stavros (and Jason, if they truly have him). Helena....well...

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Wednesday, February 05 2014 08:01 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Still haven't watched this week or last Fri's far behind!!! I might just wait & have a GH marathon on Sat since the hubs has to work & most of the kids (if not all) will be out of the house most of the day...

    I still can't believe that Victor is the head of the WSB...& now he is going to make Robin bring his crazy/evil mother & even craizer brother back from the dead????? Isn't that Dr O'B!tch's specialty??? As I said before, Robin specialty is curing brain farts & polonium poisoning not reserection....BUT, if her leaving to do this will allow her to bring Jason back to life & return home with him, then I can go for it!!!! My new club (we haven't had one in awhile) is the BBJ Club (Bring Back Jason) has there been a crime solved since he left???? Let him come back & take out the Jeromes & have a happy life with Sam & Danny!

    MAYBE, just maybe, Dante will go check on Heather & actually LOOK at the face of the person in the chair & see that it is Luke....if Luke is catatonic I wonder how long it would take before he can tell someone what happened to him...

    Off to read the posts...everyone have a great day!

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Wednesday, February 05 2014 08:03 AM

    ladyofhearts...ITA with your post!

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