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    GH Recap: This Is Disrespectful.

    Thursday, January 30 2014
    Robert says goodbye to Robin, Silas and Franco bond behind bars, and Heather reveals to Carly why she is so obsessed with the BLT from Kelly’s.


    At home, Emma looks up the chupacabra online while Robin answers the door to Robert. He tells them he has to leave town. Holly needs his help getting Ethan out of a mess, and Luke is MIA. Robin is upset, but Robert feels he owes Holly for helping him. Robert asks Emma to look after her mom and dad, and as far as a boyfriend, she deserves a champion and not to pick Cameron or Spencer until one of them performs an act of bravery. After Emma and Robert play some didgeridoo, Mac picks him up for the airport. Robin pulls him aside and makes Robert promise he’s going to come home. He does, and they hug. Robert tells Patrick to look out for the ladies and he says his final goodbye. Emma wants to go to the hospital with Patrick and Robin takes them in.

    Spencer researches the chupacabra online at Wyndemere and tells Nik and Britt that one lives in the stables. Nik assures Spencer that the chupacabra is just a mythical animal. Nik answers the door to Cameron and Elizabeth, there for a play date. Nik senses something is bothering Elizabeth. She tells him she accidentally heard something about a friend but isn’t sure she should get involved. He wants her to share and they can figure it out together. Meanwhile, Cameron joins Spencer. They decide to go fight the beast to prove themselves to Emma but Nik catches them and takes their swords away. Elizabeth decides not to tell Nik the secret. Britt emerges and gives Elizabeth attitude before laying a big kiss on Nik. They decide to take the ferry together. In the stables, Heather brings food to Carly as well as a paper announcing Franco’s arrest. Heather digs into her BLT and Carly demands to know what it is about that sandwich that turns her on. Heather agrees to tell her. Her father was a traveling salesman who left her and her mother alone. She would wait for him to come home and when he did he would make a BLT for her. While she ate, he would tell her about his adventures, but would say he ached to come home to her because she was his No. 1 girl. But the trips got longer and the stories fewer. One day her mom told her he found another woman to be his home, and Heather wasn’t his No. 1 girl anymore. Carly thinks she’s hurting Franco the way she couldn’t hurt her father. Carly offers to clear the way for Heather’s reunion with Franco by promising not to say a word to anyone about Heather, and walking away from Franco for good. Heather tells Carly she has to die. Cameron and Spencer enter the stables.

    Ava reads Morgan’s text at home and sends a flurry back begging him to talk to her. She is stopped at her door by Sam, who blames Ava for Silas’ arrest. Sam lays out her theory that Ava wanted Silas all to herself. Ava thinks Silas would never kill Nina to be with her, but he might for the money in Nina’s will. Ava warned Sam from the start that Silas had secrets but she wouldn’t listen.

    Silas and Franco are locked up together, and both insist they are being framed. Franco tells Silas the only one who believes him is Kiki. Michael shows up at the cell and grabs Franco. He threatens to make Franco pay for what he did to Carly. Later, Franco worries that Michael will turn Kiki against him, but Silas tells him to have more faith in her. Franco tells Silas how lucky he is to have a daughter like Kiki. Sam soon shows up and demands to know if there is a will. Silas admits there is and Sam angrily runs off. "Chicks," Franco says.

    At Paluzzo’s, Morgan looks at Ava’s texts. He types out that he misses her too, but doesn’t send it. Kiki shows up and they discuss Franco’s arrest. She believes Franco loves Carly and someone else could be out there harming her. Later, he denies there’s anything between him and Ava but Kiki knows he really cared about her. He admits he still does. Morgan leaves when Michael returns and continues to lay into Kiki for defending Franco. He tells her she should worry about her own dad, who is in the cell right next to Franco. Shocked, she calls the station but they won’t let her see Silas. Morgan runs into Ava outside and tells her they can’t be together. They admit their love for each other but he begs her to leave. She does.

    Robin returns home. Her front door is open and someone grabs her and pulls her in.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Patrick asks Obrecht what’s wrong with her.

    Elizabeth admits to a wet Britt she can’t stand she's with Nikolas.

    Nikolas is surprised by someone at Wyndemere.

    Emma asks Sabrina if she’s pregnant.

    Dante shows Franco the knife.

    Kiki tries to visit Heather.

    Cameron and Spencer see Heather pull out a knife.

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    Posted by TipsyTess at Thursday, January 30 2014 12:42 PM

    Hi everyone

    I liked the scenes with Robert, Robin and her family.
    It was a shame that Luke was not here to say good bye to Luke. Robert will be missed!

    So someone has grabbed Robin...hum maybe it was Obrecht as Robin does not want to work at the hospital or Faison as I do not think Robert and Anna killed him as we never did see a body.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Thursday, January 30 2014 12:47 PM

    I did like Franco and Silas's scenes. When I watched One Life to Live, once in awhile Todd and John (same actors) would be in the same scenes together and they play off each other great.
    With Kiki phoning up to visit Heather maybe someone will finally figure out she is gone.
    Why is Sam allowed to visit Silas and his daughter Kiki is not?

    Posted by pemi at Thursday, January 30 2014 12:49 PM

    It was nice to see scenes of Robert spending a little time and saying goodbye to his family. I will miss him but I'm choosing to take him at his word as Robin did. I think at some point we will see him again in Port Charles.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, January 30 2014 12:50 PM

    Spoiler Talk

    Tipsy Tess~ I believe that it's Victor Cassadine who grabbed Robin.

    Posted by Jeanj at Thursday, January 30 2014 12:50 PM

    Please, please, please replace Robin with another actor. Having her leave again is too much. Enough already. Either she is pro GH or she is not.

    Posted by 4evergh at Thursday, January 30 2014 12:51 PM

    You would think after the last few times Luke went MIA and he was actually in trouble that someone would atleast be looking for him

    not sure of Heathers parentage but is her BLT traveling salesman father story plausible.

    crazy Ava is turning into a stalker Watch out Morgan

    finally Kiki is checking up on Heather, why has no one else done this. Franco and Kevin are the only ones who think she is dead.

    so the police wont let Kiki see her father but Sam can come and go as she wants.

    preview talk ok so now we are going to have Spencer and Cameron scared to death by Heather and that huge knife is this really necessary to scare these children. I am not in favor of this at all.

    Posted by leo123 at Thursday, January 30 2014 01:04 PM

    I was really touched by Heather's story about her father.

    Also, did we not see the scene (most of it anyway) between Nick and Liz earlier in the week or last week???

    Posted by GeorgiaPeach1951 at Thursday, January 30 2014 01:15 PM

    OK, I have a question. As one who has had friends and relatives incarcerated, how does everyone that wants to get into that stupid jail? If Kiki couldn't visit her own father, how in the world did Michael get in to visit Franco? GH has no consistency in their writing. I think they give each writer a character, and he writes for that character whether it makes sense in the rest of the storylines or not. Hey IIC at GH, it's NOT Working!! As a matter of fact, when I saw the 1st 5 minutes with Heather on (I am SO tired of Heather), I went to the store instead. From reading the recap, that was probably a very good idea. Now I'm making gumbo, and at least that will put a smile on a few faces.

    Posted by 4evergh at Thursday, January 30 2014 01:15 PM

    Lily Hunter I think of you as historian of GH I can not find anything about Heather Webbers parents can you enlighten me.

    Posted by GeorgiaPeach1951 at Thursday, January 30 2014 01:18 PM

    I didn't think Heather had parents. I thought she was created in a lab by a mad scientist. She's his clone. And she probably killed him too.

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