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    Do The Right Thing.

    Friday, September 27 2013
    Luke is led to Cassadine Island, Olivia interacts with a vision, and Brad wants to do the right thing.

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    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Monday, September 30 2013 09:55 AM


    Here are a few of the new ones from GHH page 2....ENJOY

    Week of September 30th

    9/30 Luke finds out that there is a doctor that is working on a cure.
    Sabrina questions her relationship with Patrick.
    Brad tells the truth to Dante and Lulu.
    Dr. O is furious with Britt and snatches the baby.
    Luke comes face to face with Jerry Jacks.
    Jerry Jacks checks in with Robin on her progress on the cure.

    10/1 Patrick wonders if it's time he takes off his wedding ring.
    Maxie must rely on Spinelli as they leave the church.
    Maxie and Spinelli explain the whole truth to Lulu and Dante.
    Jerry shows Robin a DVD of the Nurse's Ball; Robin is more determined than ever to get home.
    Nik returns home to an unsettling sight.
    Alexis confides in Derek that both Sonny's apparently alive new enemy and Sam's father share the same first name; Duke ovehears part of the conversation.
    Duke tells Alexis he thinks that Julian Jerome may have been in New Hampshire where she went to boarding school when both were youn.

    10/2 Morgan helps Ava move into her new place.
    Franco begins painting again.
    Olivia learns from Dante and Lulu that baby Connie is really Maxie and Spinelli's, but they are determine to raise Connie as their own child.
    Kiki accepts Michael's offer.
    Oddly enough, Franco's art dealer is thrilled with Heather's painting, but Franco's work?--not so much. He is willing to host Franco's new art show but wants more work like Heathers!
    Franco does not let on that the painting was not his, then places a call to Heather.

    10/3 The search begins when someone is kidnapped (Baby Ben).
    Baby Connie's future is up for grabs, literally. As Dante and Lulu consider their options regarding keeping baby Connie, Spinelli and Maxie agree they want their baby back.
    After Mac receives a call about Roberts condition, he informs Anna that Robert is awake.
    Dr. Obrecht brings baby Ben to Cassadine island, much to Jerry's displeasure.
    Dr. Obrecht has plans for the baby. She brings the baby to Robin and tells her that the baby is the son of Patrick and her daughter, Britt.

    10/4 Anna gets startling news.
    Duke has a conversation with Alexis about Derek Wells.
    Anna and Mac go to see Robert; at first, he has no recall of the day he was injected. Later, Robert experiences a flashback and tells Anna he saw Robin and that she is alive.
    Duke and Alexis have a discussion about Julian Jerome; his son, Lucas Spencer is mentioned.
    Duke suggests asking Lucas to take a DNA test, which they could then compare to Sam's (to help determine if HER Julian and Julian Jerome are one and the same.

    Duke has an idea of how it can be proven that Derek is really Julian (a DNA test? If so, look for Julian/Ava to learn of it and do what is necessary to obscure the results).

    Maxie falls into Spinelli’s arms as they leave the church.

    Following the reveal that Connie is Spin and Maxie's daughter, Olivia finally understands her visions regarding a baby jackal. Will this allow her to better interpret her visions in the future?

    Nik returns from the christening to find Britt knocked out on the floor, and baby Ben missing. Together the two go to see Anna.

    Paddy admits the reason he has kept his wedding ring on. He realizes that in a way, removing it meant acknowleging Robin wass truly gone forever. Later he confides in Sam that although he encourage her to move on, he wasn't willing to do so himself, but now he sees things differently.

    After talking with Duke, and seeing an old photo of Julian Jerome with Duke, she can't confirm that this was HER Julian. Still the possibility will linger in her mind.

    Kiki agrees to move in with Michael; Will Morgan move in with Ava?

    Luke learns that the doctor who is working on a cure does not have enough for him. It is intended for someone else.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Monday, September 30 2013 09:58 AM

    Guys...there were lots more new spoilers on GHH spoilers page 2...go have yourself a good read...sounds like this week is going to be GREAT! Very exciting things are in store...


    from...drop in to see us when you can, Hun! It won't take you long to catch up!

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