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    No More To Give.

    Friday, September 06 2013
    Olivia upsets Michael, Sonny wants to be with Connie, and Britt has to ask for Sabrina's help.

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    Posted by GeorgiaPeach1951 at Friday, September 06 2013 02:17 PM

    OK 4evergh, I've been all over the place looking for your rumor. I know you may not want to post it here, so just tell me where to find it. Inquiring Minds Want to Know!!

    Posted by raylit at Friday, September 06 2013 02:30 PM

    Everyone saying Brad is the baby's father.......wrong Britt is carrying Dante and Lulu's child!!!

    Posted by Casey1 at Friday, September 06 2013 02:30 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Not much of a Friday cliffhanger. I love Emma and the relationship she has with Patrick. It was really sweet of her to come out with the mitts and ball to cheer up Patrick.
    Other than Franco's trial, who will walk away a free man, despite Carly's testimony or maybe because of it, the only other interesting scenes was Sonny and the bonus ghost wedding to Connie. If the plan is to pair Sonny and Olivia it cannot happen too quickly, it would make a mockery of today's scenes.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Friday, September 06 2013 02:31 PM

    GeorgiaPeach1951 ~ Try Gh Happenings Rumorville.

    Posted by patchie at Friday, September 06 2013 02:33 PM

    Fabulous poem Midas,

    Posted by patchie at Friday, September 06 2013 02:35 PM

    How does everyone think Emma will react when Robin comes back?

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, September 06 2013 02:38 PM

    WOW! For a dead woman, Connie sure looked HAWT in that form fitting, aqua blue dress. Of course, this is not really GhostConnie (as opposed to what we saw with GhostGeorgie, who interacted with other characters when Maxie wasn't around), this was Sonny's idealized version of Connie, and everything she said or did was all in his head. You could tell because only in Sonny's twisted mind would a woman come back from the dead just to apologize to him for getting herself murdered, and to tell him how wonderful he is, and everything else he wanted to hear. If that was really Connie, you'd think she might've at least mentioned who shot her. Oh, well. At least she got a more diginified sendoff than Jason.

    And is it just me, or did anybody else find it a little creepy to watch Sonny marry and then make out with a dead woman? I just kept picturing what he must REALLY be doing all by himself at the (literally) Haunted Star, while he's imaging mugging with Connie, and it's kinda gross. I wish Oblivia had walked in on THAT!

    Speaking of gross...

    I LOVED Carly's face looking at The Tumor of All Evil. Hilarious! Frodd wasn't grossed out, he was fascinated by it, which speaking from personal experience, I can attest is a natural reaction to seeing something that was once a part of your own body. I can easily look at something that came out of me that would normally make me toss my cookies if it had come from someone else. It's weird, but apparently it's really hard for us to be grossed out by ourselves. Except in pictures, of course.

    Diane was at her usual fabulous and highly effective best today. She steamrolled into that hearing with a prepared battle plan, and poor DA Lazaro (the same guy who Sonny paid off to release Frodd on bail) never knew what hit him. He was taken completely by surprise, and was obviously over matched, even though I had to agree with him about “How convenient” it was for a serial killer to have been found to have a brain tumor that made him commit his crimes. Hey, that's what you get in Soapland, and there's no use trying to fight it.

    I laughed when the bailiff asked Carly if she would swear to tell the truth, because she looked like she was considering her answer. I'm glad they're playing up the humor and the romance in this hearing, because there is absolutely no suspense in the outcome. They didn't go to all this trouble to bring Frodd back, and redeem his character just so they could send him off to prison NOW. Outside of the beating that Shawn gave him, he was never going to pay the price, or be held responsible for anything the character of Franco ever did. Even Carly made the distinction between THIS guy (Frodd) and THAT guy (Franco), and that's exactly what TPTB are counting on the viewers to do as well. He's not going anywhere. “Free Frodd!”

    Speaking of over matched...

    Sabrina was way out of her league trying to confront Britt, and the obvious contrast in the two actresses' abilities were not in Sabrina's favor either. The whole idea of Sabrina going to Spoon Island was just a contrivance so that she would have to deliver Britt's baby, but the scene was poorly written. Sabrina said something like “I'm not leaving until you hear what I have to say,” and then she asked Britt “How could you do this to Patrick?” That's a question, not a statement. Is that all you came over to ask? I guess it was worth it just to hear Britt's scathing remark about the stench of “industrial strength relaxer” coming from Sabrina's hair. Frankly, I liked Sabrina's wild hair, and I think she was actually cuter wearing glasses. I wish she would return to that look.

    Speaking of cute...

    Emma is the cutest little girl who ever put on a pair of purple sneakers. What a sweetheart! And she's as smart as a whip(lash). Every scene between Emma and Patrick today was absolutely precious.

    Dante: “Good news, the dead guy isn't Sonny. It's just some law abiding, ordinary citizen who was a hero because he tried to stop an armed robbery and got gunned down in the process, and even though I'm the only available cop on the PCPD, I'm not going to worry about catching the guy who did it, because Sonny is missing, and I don't even KNOW this dead guy.”

    The LINE OF THE DAY goes to Sabrina, when Nikolas walked in and asked what she and Britt were doing.

    Sabrina: “We're baking a cake! (you IDIOT!)”

    Hee! I picked that line because when I was about five years old, I used to wander down the street to the house where a childless Jewish couple who were older than my parents lived. Picture George Burns and Gracie Allen, only their names were Dorothy and Iggy, and they couldn't have been nicer. I would often find Iggy in his backyard, usually tinkering on something, smoking a stinky cigar, and I'd always say “Hi Iggy! Whatcha' doin'?” to which he would always reply “I'm baking a cake.” I didn't really get it the first couple of times, because obviously, he WASN'T baking a cake, but it was just silly enough to make me laugh every time, and it kind of became our “thing.” Five year old Scrimmage thought that was the ultimate in humor, and I used to go home and rave to my folks about how funny Iggy was. Even his NAME was funny, but the best part was that Dorothy usually had some homemade cookies handy, too. I guess I developed an appreciation for both off the wall humor and sweets at an early age.

    Posted by Casey1 at Friday, September 06 2013 02:42 PM

    Midas..I look forward to your week in review poems. Very well done.

    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, September 06 2013 03:05 PM

    Haven't seen the show yet because I'm out doing errands, but had to say to....


    Great recap for the week! You did it again! Brava!!!

    Posted by GeorgiaPeach1951 at Friday, September 06 2013 03:11 PM

    Oh yeah, while I don't usually pay much attention to them messing stuff up from the real world, when Diane handed the judge all those folders, I cracked up. As a Legal Assistant who worked on several trial preps, trust me - you're talking binders [with multiple copies]; most of the time we typed the doc in-house and then sent it out to be printed and bound. Courts have gotten very, very picky. In fact, I saw a brief come back because the person typing it didn't have the margins right. Talk about picky!!

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