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    Kiss And Tell.

    Friday, July 26 2013
    Silas tries to trick information out of Kiki, Britt wants to save face with Nikolas, and Brad wants Michael to kiss before he tells.

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    Posted by nancy marie at Sunday, July 28 2013 06:23 AM

    Here's hoping Genie Francis' Fan Event went well--and that they all told Genie they're glad she found Laura's passion again and glad that Laura went after Luke.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Sunday, July 28 2013 06:35 AM


    From what I have read Brad isn't the one in danger. It's Connie, Ellie and Sabrina.

    Posted by thundering herd at Sunday, July 28 2013 10:11 AM


    Emma Samms has been back taping at GH with TG. She was at the main cast event.

    Posted by Casey1 at Sunday, July 28 2013 11:36 AM

    Britt Discussion

    Lets review what we know about Britt
    She manipulated and schemed to claim Patrick
    In doing so she bullied, plotted against Sabrina into believing she caused the death of a patient and falsified her exam results to read failure
    She announced her pregnancy to everybody at the Nurses Ball for maximum effect, overshadowing the purpose of the event
    As a medical professional she is keeping the true paternity of Maxie's baby from Lulu and Dante
    For a grown, mature woman she had no compassion, understanding for Emma
    She manipulated Patrick into coming with her to the clinic for an abortion she had no intention of getting
    She faked the Kate Middleton pregnancy sickness to further draw sympathy from Patrick and attempt to insert herself into his home
    We all suspect and has been confirmed by the text Dr.O sent Britt when Ellie performed the DNA test, that Patrick is most likely NOT the father of the baby and we don't know yet who the mother is- most likely Lulu
    Britt has shown no maternal instincts for the baby she is carrying
    She is now coming across to Nik as a woman who was knocked up and abandoned by Patrick in favor of Sabrina
    While Nik and Britt come from families of questionable mental health, Nik has always gone against his Cassadine family, with his latest attempt getting him shot in the chest by his own father

    My questions to everybody - Why should we root for Britt and Nik as a couple knowing what we know about Britt and that she is likely carrying a baby that belongs to Lulu, who is Nik's sister? What will she have to do to make her a somewhat redeemable character? Is she strong enough to go up against her mother to make things right? How much does Britt know about Robin and the plans her mother has? Are we so easily able to overlook everything Britt has done because we feel she finally has a friend and possibly more in Nik?

    Let's hear your opinions and keep the dislike for Sabrina out of this discussion.
    Speculation only - no spoilers.

    Posted by ransomha at Sunday, July 28 2013 11:59 AM

    Casey1: FUN!

    Ok, i'll give it a try.

    We don't know that Britt has any idea about Robin. IF Britt is the one that brings Robin home or is instrumental in saving Robin, IMO, ALL would be forgiven and PC would throw her a parade.

    As far as Emma.
    Britt tried to be nice. She gave thought to a race car toy that Emma shoved away. She asked for help ice skating that Emma dissed. She tried to make conversation and Emma was a brat and very rude to an adult.
    While Britt was 100 per cent WRONG to lose her temper with someone else's child, she did OWN that mistake to Nic.

    As an example, Sam was forgiven for watching a kidnapping and hiring thugs to scare Liz. To get her man away from Liz. Sam went to even more drastic schemes and child endangerment then Britt did, yet, Sam seems to be forgiven.

    While we have our doubts about Britt's baby's parentage, the last DNA showed Patrick to be the father. The rest is speculation.

    The nurses ball thing, Britt explained herself.
    Low point, jealous, being ignored, ashamed of what she did.
    Nic accepted it, so did I.

    What Britt has done to Sabrina,
    Sam and Liz have done worse to each other.

    Tracy has done worse to Edward,
    Carly to her mother, and of course the list is very long about soap characters doing bad things to each other.

    I'm so enjoying this character.
    I like her mentoring of Taylor.
    Her budding relationship with Nic.
    The fear she shows of her mother.
    Her crazy scheme with Brad.

    This actress/character is one of my favorite s/l's going on right now.
    I can't wait to see what she'll do next.

    She was so happy with Nic accepting her and her face flushed FEAR at her mother's voice.


    Fun idea for discussion!

    Thundering: I don't know why people jump on the negative band wagon either.
    Sad .......for them actually.

    Posted by ransomha at Sunday, July 28 2013 12:16 PM

    Casey: Also want to add: Nic is not one to judge.
    He had Spencer with Courtney when she was married to another man. He was also married to Emily at the time, I think.

    He had an affair with his brother fiance' .

    Yet, I still adore this character. How is he accepted and redeemed in many viewers eyes?

    Posted by Casey1 at Sunday, July 28 2013 12:41 PM

    Ransomha...All the characters you mentioned suffered some consequences due to their actions, Britt is showing no remorse and is making herself to be a victim. While we have to wait for this s/l to play out, I think Nic will see her differently if it affects Lulu in any way. That's not to say he or anybody else in this story won't eventually forgive her, it's the path to get there that will be interesting.

    Posted by ransomha at Sunday, July 28 2013 12:50 PM

    Casey: I do see remorse and shame.

    She admitted to Taylor and Nic, that all her scheming and plotting did her no good.
    She didn't get the guy and ended up pregnant and alone.

    Best thing Britt can do is save Robin or plead she was drugged by her mother, implanted with this embryo without her knowledge and hand over a happy healthy baby to Dante and Lulu when the truth about Maxie's baby comes out.

    Britt will be a hero for helping Nic's sister, won't be blamed because it would be her crazy mother's plot and Nic and all the grandparents will be indebted to her. Plus she won't have a raise a baby alone.

    Love your idea for this discussion!

    Posted by Casey1 at Sunday, July 28 2013 01:10 PM

    Ransomha...We know that Brad is working with Britt and Dr.O, do you think Dr. O may have gotten to Ellie in some way to say that Patrick is the father? Britt was really agitated about the DNA test and then her mother sent her that text saying she should trust her mother. That leads me to believe Patrick is NOT the father.

    Posted by Rommy at Sunday, July 28 2013 01:19 PM

    This is totally random, but I've been trying to think who Britt reminds me of. The other day on the DAYS board, the subject of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan was mentioned. Then it hit me, Britt looks just like Nancy Kerrigan.

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