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    One Cup Of Coffee.

    Tuesday, July 09 2013
    Carly hires Spinelli, Sonny and Shawn visit Franco and Sam remembers one more possible donor candidate.

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    Posted by soapfan1984 at Tuesday, July 09 2013 05:01 PM

    Hello everyone,

    Wow, based on the exchange between Ava and Cilas, I'm convinced that a long time ago, they were in a relationship and Kikki is their daughter.

    That was an interesting conversation that Sam and Alexis had about their relationships with mob enforcers, and I also thought it nice of Sam to tell Alexis that she wanted Sean to go with her to find Franco. Also, with the way Sam was defending Cilas's personality to Alexis, this is setting the stage for them to eventually get together, IMO.

    Okay, I'm wondering who else has to be tested to see if they could be a match for Danny? I know many speculated that it could be Sam's father, but does she even know who that is? I'm not sure if it was ever mentioned who her real father was. I bet thogh it's probably gonna be someone like Ava or someone in Port Charles already, but I guess time will tell, and we'll have to wait and see.

    The bright spot was seeing Anna and Duke, although, we hardly see them, and it's gonna go very stale.

    Nice to see spinelli actually acting like a PI. I know Sam's having a difficult time with Danny, but pretty much ever since she was married, we hardly ever saw her working, unless, her work had to do with finding something out that had to do with Jason. now though, she does have an excuse not to, because her son's in the hospital fighting for his life. It's gonna be interesting to see what Spinelli finds out about Ava.

    Other than seeing Anna and Duke, the show was a borring show.

    Hope everyone enjoys their evening, and will post as I read comments, depending on what's discussed, and on tomorrow's GH. ,

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, July 09 2013 05:02 PM

    ***off topic***

    Dang, you'd think Hallmark would have a card that says, “Congratulations, It's a WHALE!” but for some reason, they don't.

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, July 09 2013 05:05 PM

    Scrimmage - I think those Hallmark cards are only sold in Las Vegas.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, July 09 2013 05:15 PM


    Lily & Scrimmage-- LOL! Maybe someone makes cute blue or pink Orca buoys.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, July 09 2013 05:19 PM


    Lily-- I know what you mean about the work drudge. Even though I only put on scrubs & sneakers, it's still better to throw on the shorts & tees. Not to even mention some days my face never sees makeup. A lot of moisturizer, but not always full blown war paint.

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Tuesday, July 09 2013 05:23 PM


    I agree with you. I'm torn between whether I want Maxie and Spinelli together, or Spinelli and Ellie together. I liked Maxie and Spinelli when they were together in the beginning but I don't want them together just because of the baby. As I said before, getting trapped in a relationship because of a baby is not the right way to do it. I know Spixie had a lot of history, and they'd probably get right back to where they started, but for Maxie to do what she's done to not only herself and Spinelli, but to Lante is just cruel, and she thinks that somehow if the truth comes out, Spinelli will get back with her? I sware, that's why she got pregnant in the first place, to distract herself from pining for Spinelli, while he was with Ellie. Then, she loses Lante's baby, and Spinelli's there to save her from herself, and they have sex, resulting in her pregnancy. I hope that her plan backfires on her, and Spinelli says that they can have joint custody of the baby, because right now, Maxie deserves no one to feel compassion for her (or maybe, I should say she won't deserve it).

    As far as Ellie and Spinelli went, I liked them together in the beginning too. Then, their relationship had gone very stale, because we hardly saw them together, except for when it had to do with Maxie and when she was snooping through her files. Then, I was watching their scenes yesterday, and as they were joking and making love, I had realized how much I did like them, and if we could see them like that for a while, I could get used to liking them again. I think Ellie's a good person for Spinelli. She has so much in common with him, and while she did snoop and find out what Maxie and I'm sure Brit's secrets are, I believe it was Maxie who had asked that Ellie keep it quiet. Of course though, Ellie has her own reasons for keeping it quiet too, and for that, I don't like. She knows that if Spinelli found out that Maxie was carrying his child, he'd drop her and run straight into Maxie's arms, and Maxie wouldn't be happier for that to happen. I don't think that would be fair to Ellie if that were to happen.


    I agree with you on Franco. I fear that this is the direction they're headed with him, and I'm not interested. I can't stomach him anymore. I liked RH, when he was playing Tod.

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, July 09 2013 05:25 PM

    bayou - I'm so ready to donate the suits to our local charity that's supports women going into the workplace. I think I need to go shopping for some "at home" clothes.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, July 09 2013 05:34 PM


    Lily-- I think I now have more "at home attire" than dress up clothes. Patio people don't need that much haute couture. At least not in my neck of the woods.

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, July 09 2013 05:38 PM

    bayou - Neither do the gazebo people up here LOL.

    Posted by Laura G. at Tuesday, July 09 2013 05:41 PM

    My favorite line today was Anna referring to "Carly and her merry band of mobsters."

    ransomha: I was thinking the same thing about Jake. Twice now that they mentioned a sibling.

    This donor storyline could bring back Sam's father and Jake.

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