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    Welcome Home.

    Friday, February 22 2013
    John, Rafe and Lucy look for clues, Luke and Lulu try to come to terms with Laura marrying Scotty and Kate finds out what happened to Trey.

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    Posted by cbru at Friday, February 22 2013 05:54 PM


    lily-what a wonderful prayer for southGA and 4ever and all of us. Thank you for sharing.

    Alexis may be a real hotshot lawyer but as a mom, she is a washout. Both Hissy and Molly are out of control. Alexis thinks her youngest is just a kid so she couldn't possibly have anything to do with PCPD. Age wise she may be, but mentally she is NOT, obviously. Alexis can't see past the nose on her face and will still be clueless when it comes to her kids.

    I, too, think the writers have been reading the posts because now we know the "vampire" is really a serial killer who thinks he is a vampire. Evidently, between Ferncliff and where ever Clay escaped from, none of these institutions can keep tabs on patients so they take off. Totally ridiculous but at least this is a plausible explanation instead of what the writers were trying to pull.

    So, the the smarmy, ambulance chasing, snake oil salesman is honorable-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I hope Lulu washed her hands after she shook his hand. I think Scott came back to get revenge for Logan and having Luke there is an added bonus. Luke needs to focus so he can get Laura back. They need an adventure.

    I think the you know what is going to hit the fan when Kate learns all the details about Trey. Somehow, Sonny will get major blame.

    Hi aussie, tipsy, rans, 4my, 4ever, tt, TX, dubbs, straght, been, bean, blessed, willow, lily, unicorn, from, slades, midas, maja, mayzo, raineys, southGAgirl, bayou, dex, lovesdogs, poodles, cynic, mamajj, canadagirl, cowboys, scrimmage and anyone I missed. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    lovesdogs-great spoilers. Good stuff coming.

    All the posters-feel better, stay safe, stay warm.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Friday, February 22 2013 06:10 PM


    Cbru-- Great post, especially loved your slant on Alexis. Totally agree. But look who they learned from? Natasha!

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Friday, February 22 2013 06:11 PM


    bayou...No girlfriend I didn't get it...just went back & checked..then I have the crappiest email server in the world with that's my work one...i don't even have one for home...guess i should call at&t & get one! Did you just fall in love with 'em when you opened aussie's gift? That is if we received the same thing...I got a mama Koala with twin babies...they are beautiful!

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Friday, February 22 2013 06:12 PM

    OT sorry about your SO's fall...glad he didn't hurt himself bad! I'm living proof of how bad a fall can mess you up!

    Posted by Jboll at Friday, February 22 2013 06:14 PM

    Why isn't Shawn out looking for Sam & Danny? Isn't he supposed to be a tough guy hero??? I don't see why John has to be the one to save everybody. Shawn was Jason's backup, he could be John's backup as well.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Friday, February 22 2013 06:16 PM

    Hi cbru! Great post! ITA with all of it!

    Posted by Casey1 at Friday, February 22 2013 06:16 PM

    I know some have commented on the lack of memorial service for Jason and I came across some info that some may be interested in.
    According to RC (head writer) Jason's memorial happened off screen.
    If those on twitter who follow RC or FV can confirm this, it would be great.

    I have two views on this. One, Jason will be recast in the future and they didn't want to invest in a memorial service.
    Two, there are some really bad feelings on both sides with SB's decision to leave GH.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, February 22 2013 06:18 PM

    SouthGA - Thanks, I think the SO will be fine, a little stiff perhaps. When I went out this morning it was slick, but the heels have the grip power.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, February 22 2013 06:20 PM

    Casey - How convenient for RC to say that Jason's memorial happened off screen. I guess he can use that as an easy excuse for any further bad writing decisions he makes and FV approves.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, February 22 2013 06:22 PM

    Luke drinks when he wants to. He's not in some twelve-step program, and he hasn't taken a vow of abstinence. Luke has always maintained that he controls his drinking, it doesn't control him. He's never sworn off alcohol, he's just decided that he doesn't want to drink as much, or as often anymore, so he doesn't. He believes in personal responsibility and self control, not total denial, or absolutes of ANY kind. That's totally in keeping with his character.

    And he's always been a snappy dresser. That was a sharp jacket he was sporting today.

    Okay, so if Livvie existed, but died, and is the same woman Lucy remembers, then why doesn't Kevin Collins recall having a daughter that Sam resembles so closely? Why does Lucy have memories of people and events that are different than everyone else's? If McBat's and Sam's doubles are real, does that mean there's ANOTHER Duke double running around somewhere too? Anna's gonna love that!

    WHY? ... HOW? ...

    Awww, fang it! I give up trying to make sense of this sorry excuse for a coherent plot. I just want them to get to where they're going and be done with it! The sooner, the better.

    Kelly Sullivan rocked her scenes again today, but I thought the editing was VERY annoying the way they dragged it out one sentence at a time. It made it look like Sonny took foreeeeeverrrr to spit out the fact that Trey was dead, like a parent reluctantly telling a child about the death of a beloved pet.

    Sonny: “You CAN'T go see Trey at his apartment.”

    Kate: “Why not?”

    Sonny: “'Cause he's not there.”

    Kate: “So where is he? Did he go to New Orleans, or out to L.A.?”

    Sonny: “No, Trey didn't go to Los Angeles...”

    Kate: “So where is he, Sonny? Where did my little DrawerBaby go?”

    Sonny: “Trey went to go live on a farm out in the country...”

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