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    Welcome Home.

    Friday, February 22 2013
    John, Rafe and Lucy look for clues, Luke and Lulu try to come to terms with Laura marrying Scotty and Kate finds out what happened to Trey.

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    Posted by zphib_96 at Friday, February 22 2013 02:27 PM

    ransomha, I logged in just to say I TOTALLY AGREE with what you said about Shawn. Can he be any more PERFECT? Wow I wish he had more airtime. He needs his own life outside of Alexis and TJ. But with the way the writers are writing other characters I guess I should be happy with the little bit of ANYTHING he does get.

    Don't know too much background about this Scotty guy but just seeing how he is gives me the impression that he's real shady. I do remember watching Luke and Laura's wedding back in the day though and wow they still have the chemistry.

    Love Michael Easton but not this Caleb or Carl or whatever RC is trying to do now. I hope John McBain is able to stay in PC because I'd hate to see him wasted with Gnatalie on OLTL. Hated the "Jolie" pairing.

    Poor Alexis, both daughters getting criminal passes and she's a lawyer. That's what they always say about preacher kids though...

    I'm still confused with Kate/Connie; isn't Connie the REAL person and Kate is the "fake?" Connie grew up with Sonny but Kate is the new persona right? So why is Kate back? Like someone else said, just integrate the REAL person with the PERSONA and get on with it.

    Posted by Boston Terrier at Friday, February 22 2013 02:28 PM

    I hate when a serial killer escapes and pretends to be a vampire who pretends to be a police detective, don't you? Can you say convoluted plot? I knew you could. I think the show is suffering at the expense of bringing back everyone who has ever been on GH and their second-cousins twice-removed (why do the "removed always come back; don't they get the hint?) it is exciting to see these faces again, but it makes for thin and confusing plots. Also, can't stand the characters Fiasco or Felicia. Both are whiny. Their collective lines amount to whah whah whah.

    Posted by siliconvalleysally at Friday, February 22 2013 02:32 PM

    This is not singable...........

    Just For Fun

    Just Livie and Sam and Caleb and John
    With Connie and Kate
    And baby makes seven.
    A mob of 'free spirits'
    Just creeping around.
    But happy in their blue heaven!

    with apologies to George Whiting and Walter Donaldson

    Love, fun and bubble gum!

    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, February 22 2013 02:57 PM


    4ever and everyone in the path of these horrific storms....please stay safe and warm! Don't go out unless it's absolutely necessary!!!

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, February 22 2013 03:04 PM

    Happy Friday everyone,

    I'm appalled that these writers would attempt revision history in Laura's SL. Don't we all remember that Scotty was on the plane with her to Paris to make sure she was settled in for her therapy? So now, we have Laura telling Lulu that they "bumped" into each other one day and rekindled their feelings for each other...Laura, if you really want to have Scotty as a stay at home husband, is it necessary to drag your daughter into this mess? I personally think Laura is protesting too much in her answer to Lulu's direct questions about the real reason she is willing to give up on Luke. Good thing Dante can track Scotty's activities in PC with the full blessing of his boss Anna. By the way, I'm giving Anna the line of the day when she filled in the blanks for Scotty about her relationship with Luke: "I'm sure you can appreciate the irony".

    The littlest Cassadine is apparently taking on the mantle of Nancy Drew now that Lulu is too busy to fulfill the duties of the title. Seriously, Molly, if you're not deterred by the sound of Anna's voice and the look on her face, then your fate as an adventurer is sealed.

    KS is going to win the best actress Daytime Emmy this year.

    What - no Cassadines? I was so looking forward to the return of Hels and whatever is left of her family, dead or alive. Surely Luke's shock at the engagement announcement has clouded his judgment.

    Posted by thundering herd at Friday, February 22 2013 03:06 PM

    Naughty, snotty, Scotty hasn't changed much. Interesting they brought him back and are writing him still as slimy as ever, and brought AJ back and actually are writing him as a changed man. Makes me go hmmmm. Not that I think AJ has really changed.

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Friday, February 22 2013 03:06 PM

    Wow! Love this show.
    Sonny and Kate/Connie s/l has had new life breathed into it. The Caleb and Livvie s/l has finally made perfect sense and they are starting the rebuild of Luke and Laura. I can't wait to see what RC and FV do next.

    I have a theory how they may save Johnny that I had not thought of before which I will post later.

    Bye for now. Prayers and good thoughts to 4evergh and SouthGAgirl.

    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, February 22 2013 03:07 PM


    Matt Birk (Center), of the Baltimore Ravens has announced his retirement after 15 great years in the NFL!!

    You done good, Matt!!! Happy Retirement!!! Going out as a super Bowl champion!!!

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, February 22 2013 03:10 PM

    Just when I thought the batsh** vampire story was on the road to the normal rock star serial killer story McBat had to bring up the Hoohah of the hypnotic powers of the vamps. If that wasn't bad enough, Sam wakes up and acknowledges Caleb at Wyndemere. Oh well...I hope all the PC vamp fans are happy.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, February 22 2013 03:15 PM

    bayou - Your fondue comment made me laugh so much. Considering that GF and TR were married on the Y&R I would cheer if Robert was under the Scotty mask playing an ironic prank on Luke. Of course this would never happen.

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