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    Second Chance, All Expenses Paid.

    Friday, January 11 2013
    Carly and Connie go on benders, Olivia has another vision, and Kristina tries to take matters into her own hands.

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    Posted by Midas at Friday, January 11 2013 02:20 PM

    Hi, Monkey. I have never felt betrayed by any person (famous or not)deciding the right course for his or her life. As some have said, I do feel a little disappointed. I can understand that SB wanted to move his family from LA and raise his children in Tennessee. If he said that one reason he walked away was he wanted to spend more time with them, then that I don't understand ,since he will be commuting to LA for Y&R and spending however many days there filming, traveling with Port Chuck, and visiting his bar(an investment)which I forget the name of right now. It just doesn't seem to support that particular reason as to why he left GH. I wish him well.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, January 11 2013 02:23 PM

    I do NOT understand why everyone says Sonny is such a great father. Yesterday, IMHO, he cared more about Kate, that when she came back, Trey would be dead and the poor thing would not have a chance to get to know "her" son. He pawned Kristina off on Michael. And defended Connie again today. Oh please!

    Hope everyone has a good weekend!

    Posted by Midas at Friday, January 11 2013 02:26 PM

    SB's bar is The Beer Market.

    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, January 11 2013 02:36 PM

    Scrimmage; EXCELLENT post on page 2!

    Re: your comment about Mcbain & comic books: Actually, Michael Easton is an author in his own right and he has a series of comics entitled: "Soul Stealer." I am a big fan of Michael Easton and want to get into reading some of his works (when work permits that is!!!).

    I didn't know if you were aware of this. Just thought that I'd mention it in case you might pursue an interest in checking out his other works.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, January 11 2013 02:39 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Who would have guessed that Carly would be the one to save AJ from his lesser self? He was so close to sucking down that double vodka (and perhaps Connie), but the moment she delivered the litany of his previous sins (just after Coleman's history lesson), he regained some measure of self-control. I think we all can thank Carly for the hangover she's going to have in the morning for dropping in -especially Sonny. I'm sure she's the one who's going to pull him off AJ on Monday, or whenever this SL thread is picked up again.

    Coleman's back and proved once again he might just be the smartest man in PC. I'm not sure if he turned down Connie because of Sonny, or if he, like Sonny, would rather have Kate.

    I have to say the McBat/Todd exchange was entertaining. I enjoy McBat now that we're no longer supposed to fall for the pre-existing "chemistry" with Sam.

    I was really hoping that Olivia was going to go with Sonny to look for Connie, but I guess now that she's finally got a ring, she's going to stand by her man, looking over his shoulder (and at his bare chest) 24/7.

    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, January 11 2013 02:44 PM

    OT: Steve Burton

    Monkey, Dex and SouthGA:

    I totally agree with all of you! I loved SB as Jason and watched his relationship with Sam from the beginning. I like many Jaam fans, wanted a happy ending for them that lasted more than 5 minutes! I wish that Jason would have known that Danny was HIS bio son, but Danny was his son in every way that counted to him!!

    I am disappointed that that he wuwill probably not be back soon (but who knows what the future holds!).

    I have also heard that CBS does have more respect for their daytime lineup than ABC does and they more than likely gave him a very good deal that would allow him to spend more time with his family!

    He is an actor and Jason is a character and he did...IMHO....a great job asd Jason. I will miss him as Jason, but as I watch Y&R also, so I'm sure that I will be very interested in seeing him as a totally different character.

    SB has the right to do whatever he feels is best for him and his family and as his fans...we should wish him well in whatever the future holds for him!

    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, January 11 2013 02:56 PM



    So glad tio know that you will not lose your hearing. continued positive thoughts to you and Sladette (and Cole & Moons!).


    Hi, cbru! Great posts the last few days!!



    Just love your poems!...We have another talented writer in our midst!!


    Hi, Midas!!



    You are so welcome! "Footprints" has always been and will always be a very inspiring prose for me! It always lifts me up!!

    Posted by siliconvalleysally at Friday, January 11 2013 03:01 PM

    In a silly mood today....... So nice to see Coleman back

    To Coleman

    A sultry man stands behind the bar
    The sexiest I've seen by far.
    Our eyes meet across the till.
    I tell my heart, be still, be still.
    The words come out in dulcet tones,
    "Pay your tab or I'll break your bones!"

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone........

    Love, fun and bubble gum!

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, January 11 2013 03:02 PM

    Hi Dex - So glad to see you here. I'll work up my meatloaf recipe to share. It's one of those recipes that I have to translate into written form because I've been making and updating it for 30 years. LOL

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, January 11 2013 03:09 PM

    I found it interesting that RC felt the need to tweet about the missing scene yesterday (Mac on the phone with Holly) and to say that it was cut to save time...trouble in paradise between the dynamic FV/RC duo?

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