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    Second Chance, All Expenses Paid.

    Friday, January 11 2013
    Carly and Connie go on benders, Olivia has another vision, and Kristina tries to take matters into her own hands.

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    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Friday, January 11 2013 05:53 PM

    NOOOOO bayou!! NOOOOO not mr gisele...ANYBODY BUT MR GISELE!!!!!

    Sounds like a heck of a SB game to me raineys!!!! Could very well be...and remember folks you heard it here first...SouthGA's Falcons vs rainey's Ravens in the Battle of The Dirty Birds Down in The Bayou!!!!

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, January 11 2013 05:54 PM

    cbru - A dirty bird three way.

    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, January 11 2013 05:55 PM


    AMEN TO THAT!!! I hope the Texans can muaster more than FG's!! They really need to bring their "A" game this weekend!! GO TEXANS!!!!!

    Gag me with a pitchfork (one of my sisters' favorite sayings!!! LOL!!!!! Mr. Gisele & the Pats are the LAST team I want to see in the SB!!!

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Friday, January 11 2013 05:57 PM

    evening all,

    i didn't watch todays yet; time is short with a toddler. or rather busy and full.

    to monkeys interesting post i will respond. my thoughts are this; i am glad for steve burton if he wants a different path and this is it for him.

    now contrast the leaving scenario with that of jonathan jackson, who was upfront and said hey guys i am tired of the way my character is written. now he went to another show (nashville) and his fans aren't up in arms. JJ didn't say gosh i am tired and i am leaving go go live in nashville to spend time with my wife and kids.

    i think it would have been handled better if SB said honestly hey i am tired of how my character is written a bit, need to stretch a bit and see what else is out there, but i appreciate all my years as jason.

    i see deceptive communication, with makes him deceptive pretty much. i agree with poodles' posts. i regard honesty as very important. we all can choose how honest we are or not.

    just my thoughts. i thinks fans have a right to be disappointed in him. as he has a right for continued gainful employment.

    good weekend all.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Friday, January 11 2013 05:57 PM


    Sorry but the Seahawks can't be dirty birds...I am still mad at them about tat win by the bad call by the pretend refs against GB! And the Cards can't either because they are pretty little birds & the Eagles can't either just cause I don't like the Eagles...And I get to make the Dirty Bird rules cause I said so..LOL!

    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, January 11 2013 05:57 PM


    You're absolutely right! We have another "BIRD" team!!!

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, January 11 2013 05:59 PM

    OT football
    Hey guys, how a SB Patty melt covered with cheese? Okay, I'll stop now.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Friday, January 11 2013 06:02 PM

    OT long as it's Wisconsin cheese!!!!

    Posted by maja at Friday, January 11 2013 06:02 PM

    So most are saying roboKristina did a decent job today....,,hmmm..,,I wonder if we have an Invasion Of The Body Snatchers GH style situation going on. See Trey, ( who could act) acting abilities are being transferred to Kristina!

    Posted by NJ Devils at Friday, January 11 2013 06:02 PM


    Johnny warns Diane about Todd's plans to escape
    Todd tries to enlist Felix's help
    Todd ends up facing more legal troubles
    Todd does the unexpected in court
    Sam finally gets the opportunity to confront Todd
    Sam realizes that it's time to let Jason go, so she and Monica plan his memorial service
    John is reminded of how much he misses Liam when he spends time with Danny
    Sonny is livid when he spots A.J. and Connie in a heated kiss
    After a few too many drinks Carly adds her two cents about A.J. and Connie's kiss
    A.J. takes Carly to Todd's hotel suite
    A.J. accuses Carly of lashing out at him because she's mad at herself for falling for Todd and Johnny
    Carly fears the worst when she wakes up in Todd's bed
    Michael is not pleased when Tracy brags about outmaneuvering A.J.
    A.J. spots an opening to turn things around, so he leaves Michael to handle Tracy
    Tracy sees through Michael's lie
    Felix reaches out to Carly to ask if they could host the Nurses' Ball at Metro Court
    Felix offers Carly some advice about Todd
    Sabrina has concerns about the ball, but Felix reminds her that Tracy's check has cleared
    Monica is livid when she discovers that Tracy invited Lucy it move into the mansion
    Felix and Sabrina make a surprising discovery about Lucy
    Lucy has a shocking reaction to John McBain
    Sam rushes to John's side
    Anna confides to John that it's difficult to be around Duke
    Alexis petitions the courts to authorize Kristina to consent to disconnecting Trey from life support
    Patrick has a little talk with Britt when he realizes that she wants more than he's prepared to give
    Maxie asks Britt to implant Lulu and Dante's last remaining embryo
    Ellie sinks into a depression
    Spinelli admits to Maxie that he slept with her because he thought that Ellie didn't want him
    Spinelli explains to Maxie that he's committed to Ellie
    Maxie gets some unexpected news
    Lulu fears the worst when no one at the Turkish prison has any information about Luke

    Anna and Sonny talk to each other about their complicated love lives

    Luke has an encounter with someone that he thought was gone

    Emma lets her father know that she does not like Britt

    A.J. and Michael try to figure out their next move to seize control of ELQ

    Does Ned's warning come too late?

    T.J. makes an impassioned plea on Molly's behalf

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