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    How Could I Be So Stupid?

    Thursday, December 13 2012
    Robin remembers her family, Mac gives Maxie advice on moving forward with her decision, Felix tries to help Sabrina, and Robert and Anna try to find the real Duke Lavery.

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    Posted by sladest38 at Thursday, December 13 2012 01:42 PM

    @Unicorn Girl, Agreed I don't know they could top it.Each episode gets better and better. I love how they use the same actors in different roles.It's so hard to believe it's from the producer of Glee

    Posted by WatFan at Thursday, December 13 2012 01:44 PM

    Pure speculations on this whole dog thing - are they trying to make this cute little husky looking pup suppose to equal a jackal because they couldn't find any jackal pups in L.A? Anyway - I'm thinking Maxi will end up prego by Spinnalli instead of Dante and Lulu (feeling bad for Elli) or she's going to have multiple babies..... Just guessing no spoiler because I don't know.

    But it is funny - Maxi thinking she is having a dog!

    Posted by sladest38 at Thursday, December 13 2012 01:46 PM

    Here's my *speculation*,Maxie will have twins.

    Posted by WatFan at Thursday, December 13 2012 01:49 PM

    Sladest38 - Twins and ones Lante's and one Spixie's? And that's why Liv has seen one with Lulu and now one with Maxi?

    Posted by sladest38 at Thursday, December 13 2012 01:51 PM


    Posted by WatFan at Thursday, December 13 2012 01:52 PM

    Holy cow! Sometimes I wish my mom and I were closer but I'm glad we aren't that close! Poor Dante. That's what you get when you are a grown man and your mommy still feeds you and does your laundry! LOL

    Posted by BarbG at Thursday, December 13 2012 01:53 PM

    Show has been awesome. There are 2 female characters that get on my nerves, one is Britt, really hope that Robin comes home really soon and Britt will disappear. The other is Connie where she constantly gets people to do her bidding. Then for her to steal Molly’s novel, hopefully Spinelli will be able to retrieve it from cyber space and prove who the real author is. I know that when the truth comes out about Johnny, Carly won’t forgive him but at the same time he could reveal everything about Sam’s baby and Todd’s involvement in keeping the both the baby secret and paternity from Sam. I like Todd on certain levels but he keeps putting Johnny down and doesn’t own up to the baby thing. I miss JAX.

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Thursday, December 13 2012 02:00 PM

    BarbG...completely agree with your post. And regarding the fact that Todd was deeply involved with the kidnapping of Sam's baby, when Starr tells Michael how AJ is playing him, I hope she tells how she is keeping her own secret from him regarding knowing that her Father did indeed keep Danny from Sam...and indirectly Jason. If she's gonna spill secrets, spill it all. She thinks Michael should know he's being manipulated, please ensure he knows he's being lied to by omission.

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, December 13 2012 02:05 PM

    OK Today's show is over. Not has exciting as yesterday's but still OK.

    Looks like Anna may have found her brain. GEEZ YES that was Duke. Go find him & find Robin while you're at it.

    Hold the Diploma!!! LMAO Staring Nate Salinger. Dante I advise you NOT to watch that one.;)

    Talking dogs. Really again w/this. They did that on OLTL.

    Mac sighting. YAY

    Olivia is spazzing out. Take a breath woman.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, December 13 2012 02:08 PM

    Speculation Only.
    I think Todd is going to end up with a lump of coal in his stocking.

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