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    Love In Maine.

    Thursday, December 06 2012
    Maxie won’t give up on Spin, Olivia has another vision, and Anna agrees to leave with Fake Duke.

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    Posted by aussie1 at Thursday, December 06 2012 05:58 PM

    maja & bayou, count me in w/ the short girl's clique. I'm 5'2. And a half. Don't forget that half.

    Posted by mayzo51184 at Thursday, December 06 2012 05:59 PM

    Hello Everyone,

    Lost my post or i think I did, so let's try this again! Internet went out just as I hit post! Oh well!

    I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I'm actually looking forward to seeing what happens when Anna goes away with Fuke (saw that on yesterday's post and loved it!) I'm hoping that Anna will take the blinders off, realize that Robert was right, and get a clue that Faison's got Robin and Duke!

    Alright, I don't know anything about getting those shots that Lulu had gotten, but I'm thinking that she's already pregnant bassed on how emotional she was today. They had made it a point in every scene that she had been in to show her crying, and especially her crying over getting tea instead of coffee? Yeah! I did have to laugh though when she asked Olivia if Maxie was giving birth to a dog? Lol! Anyone knows that's impossible, so for her to have even asked that was a bit ridiculous i thought JMO. Other than that, the scenes were pretty good!

    I am really getting tired of Connie, and think she is disgusting to act that way towards Molly. I can't believe even Connie would act that cruel to a child! Jeeze!

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, December 06 2012 05:59 PM

    aussie - Now that's some great pre-Christmas humor.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, December 06 2012 06:00 PM


    Maja-- We do have the short gal clique going, what made you think we don't???

    Posted by maja at Thursday, December 06 2012 06:00 PM

    Hey cbru! Yep, Anna's just turned into a dummy think her brain is made of latex.,,, ITA , Connie is one low down dirty skank!

    Posted by raineysmom at Thursday, December 06 2012 06:00 PM


    You're too funny!!! LOVE IT!!!

    Posted by mayzo51184 at Thursday, December 06 2012 06:01 PM

    Forgot to say, and I know someone had commented on it yesterday, but Molly would be the type that had something gotten lost on her computer, she'd already have at least two possible backups that she could use in case such things could happen. come on!

    Posted by aussie1 at Thursday, December 06 2012 06:02 PM


    Yay mayzo is here. ((((waves))))

    I agree. When is this Connie storyline going to end. I think we're ALL getting tired of it. The Jess/Tess/Bess/Wes storyline didn't even last this long I don't think. Let's wrap it up people.

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, December 06 2012 06:03 PM

    Funny, the shots made Maxie mean & made Lulu a sap. Didn't they get the same kind of shot?

    Posted by Dubbs at Thursday, December 06 2012 06:03 PM

    FOOT @ bayou - (On bended knee) I don't need your recipe. I just need to know what I did wrong. I have a suspicion, but I can't be sure. I gathered all my ingredients and placed them in a crock-pot. High for three hours or low for seven hours. I had it on high for about an hour and changed it to low and adjusted for time. It was edible, but I thought it was bland and definitely did not taste like my first attempt several years ago. Do you think this is where I made my mistake? With the timing?

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