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    So You’re Psychic Now?

    Thursday, October 11 2012
    Olivia sees Heather, Todd and Tea look for the baby, and Luke and Duke are at odds over Anna.

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    Posted by willowk at Thursday, October 11 2012 02:32 PM

    Okay, Duke is delusional. Thinks he can vanish for years and then pop up and he and Anna can pick up where they left off. I sensed a veiled threat to Luke when he mentioned Laura, may be projecting, but I felt uneasy when he did that. Glad Luke is not buying his story, as he said, takes a con to spot a con.

    Felt my heart breaking for Tea with her scenes, they were really well acted. Poor Todd, trying to tell the truth and she prevents him by hyperventilating. Loved the look McBat was giving Todd at the end, rather like a cat watching a mouse it intends to pounce on any second.

    Couldn't believe Dante is still discounting his mom's visions. But JaSam finally came face to face with Daniel and Heather at the end, of course on the roof, where else??

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, October 11 2012 02:34 PM

    SPOILER TALK***********

    I read lots of familiar faces will be coming for Edwards funeral. I just hope they have the funeral BEFORE Jason is "killed"

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, October 11 2012 02:36 PM

    FanLovesGH - Nice! I can actually picture Duke as a guy who would think the easiest way for him to win back Anna was to cure AIDS, even though he's not a doctor. I guess roses and chocolates never occurred to him. I like everything except the Turkish prison part. I never though of a Turkish prison as an institute of higher learning, and anyway, I think the closest Duke Lavatory ever got to one was when he ate a turkey sandwich for lunch.

    Lily hunter wrote: “I have to say Todd does a great Hamlet impression, but I'm not sure I understood the handstand.”

    Maybe he's trying to get pregnant like Lulu.

    Mayzo wrote: “I was hoping that Luke would just off (Duke) already especially, when he started taunting Luke about having a great love”

    Me too. For a second there, I thought Daisy Duke was actually threatening Laura. Talk about a miscalculation! That's NOT how to get Luke Spencer off your back.

    Soapfan1984 wrote: “Duke, you really think that you and Anna are soulmates?”

    You know there are probably soulmates that come back and kill each other again and again throughout eternity too! When Anna finds out the full extent of Duke's treachery, she's going to hurry him along to his next life soon afterwards.

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, October 11 2012 02:36 PM

    Luke should have asked Duke how the heck he knows about his great love story w/Laura? He has been in a Turkish prison after all. I doubt the internet is all that great there. Luke & Duke were not in PC at the same time. I does he know about Laura?

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, October 11 2012 02:38 PM

    ttoyou - No you're right, it was scotch. The show must have gotten a deal on JW, because those bottles have been showing up all over. Sonny was downing one after the wedding blew up.

    Posted by Midas at Thursday, October 11 2012 02:40 PM

    Dylan's father was Paul Hornsby, but Ztracy gave him the Quartermaine last name.

    Posted by willowk at Thursday, October 11 2012 02:40 PM

    lily wrote:
    this Duke is so filled with cruelty and resentment that he belongs at Wyndemere skulking the tunnels.

    That's it exactly, he seems dark and broody, even if we didn't know what we know, he looks like a Cassadine, not even disguised. He and Hels would get along well, in fact, they are probably already buddies in crime.

    Posted by Midas at Thursday, October 11 2012 02:40 PM

    That should have been Tracy.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, October 11 2012 02:42 PM

    Epiphany's Facebook update:

    “Today, I was mistaken for a sixty year old, blonde haired, blue eyed, baby snatching, psychotic, white woman. Can you believe it? SIXTY!!!

    Posted by ttoyou at Thursday, October 11 2012 02:44 PM

    Lilyhunter, does this mean that Luke is back to drinking? I missed that somewhere. I thought he told Duke he didn't drink, or something like that.

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