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    So You’re Psychic Now?

    Thursday, October 11 2012
    Olivia sees Heather, Todd and Tea look for the baby, and Luke and Duke are at odds over Anna.

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    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Friday, October 12 2012 09:00 AM


    I wonder if when Sam names Baby Cheeto she will now add in Victor to the name since he has been called that for 4 mths???? Daniel Victor Edward Morgan. As much as I love them naming him Edward maybe they can give him the middle name Quartermaine & that would cover Edward & Alan.???

    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, October 12 2012 09:01 AM

    ************OFF TOPIC****************

    Scrimmage - Lord knows I want to be a member of the B.O.O.B club....number one in line....

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Friday, October 12 2012 09:13 AM

    SO Mr Baby Stud-Muffin Lil' Victor Daniel Edward Cheeto Morgan has our sweet Miss Tula Rose Poodles crushin' on him...way to go Cheeto...& GREAT TASTE Tula Rose!!!! "Jason...the next generation"

    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, October 12 2012 09:13 AM

    **************OFF TOPIC***************

    I can see not being on the board on Wednesdays and Thursdays may have it's disadvantages...e.g., There may have been some messages directed at me.....BUT, I just KNOW certain people wouldn't do such things, would you ???? ......

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, October 12 2012 09:22 AM

    ***off topic***

    Fromthestart – Hmmm..., let's see, that makes you, me, and MamaJJ so far. If we can get just a few more we can apply for matching federal funds and tax-free status. We can make a FORTUNE!! … er, I mean... think of all the GOOD we can do addressing this crucial issue. We just NEED MORE BOOBs!

    BTW, I saw Dolores in a commercial for a heath insurance company yesterday. There wasn't any dialog (just an announcer), but she looked muy caliente' as they had her dancing, singing, and fake playing guitar.

    Posted by Soaps Mod at Friday, October 12 2012 09:23 AM

    "Academy's" posts have been removed. Addy (moderator)

    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, October 12 2012 09:30 AM

    **************OFF TOPIC***************

    Seeing a post earlier this morning - I just HAD to say this, as I have been off a couple of days....I almost dropped off two was AMC - but, thanks to MAMAJJ and COWBOYSFAN I didn't. I was new to the board and apparently an even newer poster was not yet familiar with my rapier wit and different sense of humor. I also had not yet learned the
    art of "funny faces" later taught me by the wonderfully talented MAMAJJ. The poster dropped out and I truly felt bad about it. I apologized profusely, but to no avail. MAMAJJ and COWBOYSFAN talked me out of it.

    Another time was on the GH board...I felt I had been singled out by another poster and rather than get into it...I thought about dropping out. THEN I thought I have been through a lot in life myself and NOBODY is going to keep me from posting - PERIOD.

    HOWEVER - when a post gets TOO PERSONAL - and the posts CONTINUE day after day - the board is no longer fun...It is embarrassing to come onto the board and read the diatribes again and again THEN it is time to stop and fortunately THE MONITOR DID THE RIGHT takes the fun away for EVERYBODY on the board....I'M done with my rant...Thanks for listening....

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, October 12 2012 09:31 AM

    Thank you Addy.

    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, October 12 2012 09:32 AM

    ADDY....Thank you..If you have time - read my post on this page...Thanks again....

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, October 12 2012 09:33 AM

    ***off topic***

    And Midas makes four! It's a movement I tell ya! Or maybe it's just gas. Anyway, pretty soon EVERYBODY will want to be a B.O.O.B.!

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