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    Magical Mystery Tours.

    Friday, October 05 2012
    Dante looks for Joe, Sonny wonders how to commit Kate, and Connie and Johnny spend their first night as man and wife.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, October 05 2012 02:21 PM

    Lily hunter – I was referring to that picture of Johnny and Carly that Johnny kept staring at. I think it looks like a picture of a mother and her son. What other actress are you talking about?

    Posted by ttoyou at Friday, October 05 2012 02:21 PM

    OT Poodles and Tipsy, thanks for the welcome. Great to know you're both still here. Tipsy I loved your take on the love between Liz and Jason. Its funny how people see things so differently as noted by comments relating to your posts. YOur take was quite lovely and romantic. I liked it.

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, October 05 2012 02:22 PM


    Hey there TT. Good to see you.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Friday, October 05 2012 02:22 PM

    Johnny knows Connie will tell his secret and his sense of self preservation has him doing Connie's bidding.

    I truly don't see how Megan could have made this transition. I shouldn't be laughing, but that Connie cracks me up.

    Carly is bouncing from one lying murder to the next. LOL @ Carly, what is it with you and these bad boys? Haven't you learned that you can't change them? Todd, since you are so quick to point out Johnny's evil doings, don't forget to remind Carly how you shot your brother in cold blood in the living room. AND gave away Carly's bestie's baby to your ex-wife.

    Posted by poodles at Friday, October 05 2012 02:24 PM

    Scrimmage- I think she was taking about Claudia, who played Carly.

    Posted by JadeLola at Friday, October 05 2012 02:26 PM

    Happy Elizabeth out Jason and Sam storyline can't take baby switch ending.

    Posted by poodles at Friday, October 05 2012 02:27 PM

    **OFF TOPIC**

    Mama- They do the drug testing in the store? I have never had a pre-employment drug test, I guess nobody cares if a Interior Designer is stoned. LOL Just kidding. I would have thought you would have to go to the doctor/clinic or testing place.

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, October 05 2012 02:29 PM


    poodles..I was surprised to. I thought I would have to go to a lab but no I guess they have kits in the store & they send them out. Interesting ti say the least.

    Posted by ttoyou at Friday, October 05 2012 02:34 PM

    Ot Thanks for the welcome, Mama. I think what's going to happen with you at work is that you're going to end up, in time, shaping that place up. I bet they really need you.

    Posted by poodles at Friday, October 05 2012 02:34 PM

    mama-I would be careful--I wouldn't let the produce guy draw your blood. LOL. What does the test consist of?

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