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    Too Good To Resist.

    Wednesday, October 03 2012
    Tracy makes a decision, Sonny and Kate’s wedding is off, and shots are fired at the warehouse.

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    Posted by stagwood at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:27 PM

    Someone could ask "is there a doctor in the house?" and Steve would be looking around for one just like everyone else.

    Posted by sladest38 at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:28 PM

    Hello fellow GH lovers.
    A little OT first.
    Congrats mamajj on your new job.WOOOOHOOOOOO!!! That is just awesome.
    Somehow I will find my darling Delores,somehow.....
    Wow today's show was another smokin' one.
    Can't wait to see Starr tell her father that Connie's back......hehe little does she know that Daddy dearest already knows.
    Kudos to Liz to fessing up(well almost everything) to Sam.
    Now that Jason's Sam's door.Let's get this show on the road.
    I was expecting Milo to blurt out that Connie came on to him.
    I actually felt sorry for Johnny today.He looked so miserable knowing it was breaking Carly heart and he couldn't do anything to stop it.
    I saw a (SPOILER) that might explain it a little better and give Johnny a reprieve.

    Posted by drebay at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:30 PM

    How can Sonny believe it if Kate comes back right now anyway? Because she says "What happened?" I have a bridge to sell that man.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:30 PM

    I thought the show moved incredibly fast today, but I honestly don't understand the future of the DID storyline.
    It was amusing for a while, but it's gotten old. If they plan on making KateCon the resident Nikki/Vikki Jess/Tess it will become a total snooze. And as for Connie saying she slipped out "all the time" on Sonny, I'v always maintained he needed better guards. Access to Sonny's place requires no special skills other than turning a doorknob.

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:32 PM

    Connie looked shocked when Sonny started hitting Johnny. Hello ????? I still don't quite understand Connie's reasoning here.....Perhaps it something only a MAAAD woman would be able to fully explain.

    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:33 PM

    Slades...Thanks. What is this spoiler you speak of????

    Posted by bayoubtr at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:34 PM


    Mama: Congratulations on the job!!! That is great news! Did you say in the deli? Your new day has arrived!

    Posted by maja at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:35 PM


    Posted by willowk at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:35 PM

    bayou--think Sonny needs to microchip Kat/Con. Then he (and she) can check her movements and make sure there's no funny business going on. Actually I think they've shown before that Sonny has security cameras, which should show who leaves when, if anyone ever looks at them.

    Posted by sladest38 at Wednesday, October 03 2012 02:36 PM

    @mamajj,you really want me to post (yes I will mark as spoiler) it's a real doozie and makes perfect sense as it explains so much.

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