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    General Hospital - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!

    There were no daily updates for selected period, you are looking at the latest updates.
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    GH Recap: Clear Out.

    Friday, July 25 2014

    Ned and Tracy argue, Shawn walks in on Jordan, Nina calls Silas home, and Olivia kicks Sonny out. » Read More

    GH Recap: We Are Not Working.

    Thursday, July 24 2014

    Sam and Silas sour, Julian gets the goods from Ava, and Mickey goes gunning for a traitor. » Read More

    GH Recap: That’s Intense.

    Wednesday, July 23 2014

    Rosalie and Morgan bond over daddy issues in the park, Ava reaches out to Julian for help, and Alexis agrees to sneak around with Julian again for Molly's sake. » Read More

    GH Recap: I Got Here First.

    Tuesday, July 22 2014

    Patrick gets bad news at work, Jordan urges Julian to trust her, and Nik continues to frantically search for Spencer. » Read More

    GH Recap: Moss. Ronn Moss.

    Monday, July 21 2014

    Patrick is accused at the press conference, Lucy is shocked when someone else answers Scott’s door, and Nik tracks Spencer to the Metro Court. » Read More

    GH Recap: Time To Tuck In.

    Friday, July 18 2014

    Britt and Spencer work together to keep Liz and Nik apart, Nina has information to put a wedge between Sam and Silas, and Maxie throws Nathan out. » Read More

    General Hospital Preempted Today 07/17.

    Thursday, July 17 2014

    "General Hospital" did not air today due to national news coverage. » Read More

    GH Recap: He’s Gone.

    Wednesday, July 16 2014

    Rafe’s loved ones say goodbye, Nina is filled with guilt, and Tracy offers to help find Alice a heart in exchange for her silence. » Read More

    GH Recap: Maybe I Do.

    Tuesday, July 15 2014

    Levi looks for who called Immigration, Carly and Franco argue over Sonny, and Brad and Felix make things worse. » Read More

    GH Recap: No Death Wasted.

    Monday, July 14 2014

    Sonny worries about Franco, the transplant plans hit a problem, and Maxie looks for the guilty party. » Read More

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