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    General Hospital - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!

    There were no daily updates for selected period, you are looking at the latest updates.
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    GH Recap: You Are His Father.

    Friday, May 22 2015

    News of the baby's death spreads, Jordan gets Shawn a deal, and Anna lies to Sabrina. » Read More

    GH Recap: We Have Tonight.

    Thursday, May 21 2015

    Jake decides to take the fall, Sloane tries talking Anna out of turning herself in, and Morgan and Kiki reunite. » Read More

    GH Recap: Nobody Will Know.

    Wednesday, May 20 2015

    Sloane and Anna cover the evidence, Patrick has news on Hayden, Olivia stuns Dante, and Morgan and Kiki fight. » Read More

    GH Recap: Sicko.

    Tuesday, May 19 2015

    Franco lashes out at Nina, Olivia stuns Julian with news, Hayden hangs on, and TJ and Sonny learn the truth about Jordan. » Read More

    GH Recap: The Hit.

    Monday, May 18 2015

    Nina gets married, someone is shot at the garage, Anna shoots Carlos, and Carly tells Sonny he's made a huge mistake. » Read More

    GH Recap: Jake Dies Today.

    Friday, May 15 2015

    Julian gives up Jake, Anna trails after Carlos, and Nina is getting married. » Read More

    GH Recap: Saying Goodbye.

    Thursday, May 14 2015

    Port Charles residents gather for Duke's funeral, Liz refuses to give up her happiness with Jake, and Julian has news for Sonny. » Read More

    GH Recap: Just Business.

    Wednesday, May 13 2015

    Anna and Sloane look for Carlos, Ned gets an idea, and Liz won't let Jake go. » Read More

    GH Recap: I'm So Alone.

    Tuesday, May 12 2015

    News of Duke's death spreads, Olivia tells Dante the truth about her baby, and Julian makes a confession to Alexis. » Read More

    GH Recap: I'm So Sorry.

    Monday, May 11 2015

    Duke and Olivia's baby fight for their lives, Sloane has new plans for Jake, and Carlos plans to skip town. » Read More

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