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    General Hospital News Room, Daily Updates & Cast


    A word from the Recap/News Writer of General Hospital

    The 1963 soap opera, General Hospital is credited for starting the trend of the 'supercouple' for all soaps! The storyline focuses on the trials and tribulations of hospital staff, mobsters and other residents of the fictional town of Port Charles. Soap fans are invited to read in-depth daily updates and keep abreast of current news about the actors/actresses and the show. Readers: Be sure to read the latest GH spoilers, and we invite you to join and engage with others in's message boards!

    General Hospital Daily Updates

    GH Recap: Luke discovers Ethan standing on a bomb
    Thursday, July 02 2015

    Spencer lectures his father, Denise and Morgan discuss their feelings, and Luke works to save Ethan from a bomb.
    Nikolas arrives at his office to find Spencer sitting in his chair. Spencer demands his father explain why he stole ELQ. Nikolas says he did it for him, and explains that their family is cash poor thanks to Uncle Victor and Grandma Helena spending too much money. He says he wants Spencer to keep living the life he is accustomed to and not become a townie. Spencer thinks that wouldn’t be so bad as... » read more

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    General Hospital News Room

    Ex-General Hospital's Erik Valdez engaged to Candice Lopez
    Thursday, July 02 2015

    Engagement news.

    "General Hospital" alum Erik Valdez (ex-Port Charles' Trey Mitchell) proposed to his girlfriend Candice Lopez while spending time in Napa Valley. Valdez, who currently stars as Carlito Solano on USA's "Graceland," left "GH" in 2013 when his character Trey Mitchell was taken off life support and succumbed to his injuries from a car crash. Valdez shared the news of the engagement on Instagram in the photo posted below. Congratulations to the happy couple! » read more

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    Genie Francis (ABC)
    Name: Genie Francis
    Character: Laura Spencer
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