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    General Hospital CAST - John McBain - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on John McBain Played by Michael Easton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Easton (ABC)

    Birthday: February 15, 1967
    Birthplace: Hermosa Beach, California
    Marital Status: Married to Ginevra Arabia
    Real Name: Michael Easton
    Height: 6'
    Web site:


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    Ticking Time Bomb Anyone?

    Wednesday, March 20 2013

    Anna shows up at John’s hotel asking for his badge. The bureau called him on a case. She needs to hire someone because he has a long-term assignment. John thinks this news couldn’t have come at a better time. He packs. Anna asks if there is anyone besides Rafe she should keep an eye on. He says, "You mean Sam." They talk about his guilt of how it all started. Anna cries over losing him. They share a drink and he leaves.

    At the hospital Patrick examines Olivia. Dante explains she thought there was a bomb. Dante’s concerned about her past LSD overdose. Patrick runs tests. Dante steps out of the room. Olivia hears ticking. She sees a vision of Lulu’s clock teddy bear. The time says 7:00. She calls Dante to come in and tells him about the bear. He looks but can’t see. Olivia asks why she would see the bear. She tries to talk Dante into going home to check on Lulu. Patrick comes in with test results. Olivia is fine. She wants Dante to get rid of the bear.

    I'm Leaving Port Charles.

    Tuesday, March 19 2013

    John’s sure he messed up Sam’s life. They kiss in his hotel room. John asks if she’s okay. At first Sam is. John wonders if they shouldn’t proceed. She reflects on what has transpired between them since he came to Port Charles. He guesses they are doing the right thing by not getting involved. She reminds him of all he’s done for her. He agrees it has been a hard year for him. All the good he has experienced was in knowing her and Danny. They decide maybe it is for another lifetime. They kiss and she leaves.

    Carly and Todd don’t want to talk and kiss in her living room. He is eager to take it further but she shuts him down and asks him to leave. He doesn’t. Carly agrees she wants him, but doesn’t trust him. He reiterates what he did wrong and how Carly has punished him. His pleas continue but she is done listening. She gets personal and talks of her failings and ability to sabotage any relationship she has ever had. Carly tells Todd about his wonderful qualities but whatever they had is over. She tells him to say goodbye and walk away. He kisses her and leaves.

    Game Over.

    Monday, March 18 2013

    In his hotel room John explains to Rafe how they could make it work if he stays with him. Sam asks if it’s a good idea since he has a high profile job and raising a teen is hard. Alexis arrives after speaking with child services and says it is not going to happen. John does not meet the requirements to be a foster parent. Molly says it is not fair and asks her mom to do more. Rafe says it is okay and thanks Alexis. John says he is sorry he let Rafe down. Sam is sad for John who throws everything off his desk. She reminds him how much he has done for them. He doesn’t agree but she calls him a good man and they kiss.

    Please Take Me Back.

    Friday, March 15 2013

    Rafe shows up at John’s hotel room and tells him things got out of hand at the group home. John gets ice for his injured eye. Rafe explains kids were making fun of his mom. He started throwing punches and left. John wants to take him back to report the incident. Rafe says he’s not going back. They discuss options as Molly and Sam arrive. Molly hugs Rafe. John and Sam discuss what will happen to Rafe. John says he will call social services. Molly protests and John says Rafe is not going back there.

    Just A Fairy Tale.

    Thursday, March 07 2013

    Alexis brings food to Rafe, Molly and John at PCPD. They haven’t found a foster home for Rafe and he worries he will be sent to an orphanage. He has stayed at lots of hostels, but now his mom is gone and he is all alone. Molly pleads with Alexis to let Rafe come home with them while John assures Rafe they will find him a good home. Molly hugs Rafe goodbye and Alexis promises him they will find a solution. John stays with Rafe until social services arrives and promises to check on him tomorrow.

    Public Relations Nightmare.

    Monday, March 04 2013

    The Port Charles Three are hounded by the press at PCPD. Sam arrives to address the media and set the record straight. If it weren’t for these three people she and Danny would be dead. Rafe stood up to Heather and protected her son. Lucy warned them all how dangerous Stephen was. And John risked his badge to save them all. She will fight for them the way they fought for her. She and John lock eyes. Later, Rafe pulls Lucy aside and tells her about his conversation with Alison. Lucy tells him she came to her too in the tunnels, to give her courage. Rafe is upset he has DNA from a psycho and could turn out like Caleb. Lucy wants him to hold onto the fact that John McBain is a good guy. They look so much alike, there has to be something there.

    Molly arrives at PCPD and hugs Rafe, who tells her that Caleb was his father. John tells Sam he is worried about Rafe and they wonder where he will go.

    Together In Peace.

    Thursday, February 28 2013

    Alison watches over Rafe and Danny at Wyndmere. She urges him not to blame himself for her death. He asks if Caleb is really his father and she admits that he is. But although he is Caleb’s biological son, he is Rafe’s true son. Good always conquers evil. She fades away and tells him he is not alone. Under Wyndemere, Sam begs Caleb for John’s release as Lucy storms in with a crossbow loaded with a silver-tipped arrow. They bicker while John and Sam both work on their ropes. Caleb bares his fangs at Lucy, who has been waiting a long time for this. "Ta," she says and lets the arrow fly. Caleb plucks the arrow out of the air and tells Lucy to say goodbye. John breaks free as Caleb makes a final lunge at Lucy. John and Caleb fight while Lucy frees Sam. John is being overpowered until Sam calls out to Caleb. It distracts him and it is enough for John to stab him in the gut. He checks for a pulse, but finding none declares it all over. Lucy asked if they saw how Caleb grabbed the arrow out of the air and if they believe her now. John pulls fake fangs out of Caleb’s mouth and hands them to Lucy. His real name was Stephen Clay. He isn’t immortal, just a man who lost his mind when his wife died. Sam hopes they are together in peace now and she and John go upstairs. Lucy stays with Caleb, sure he is playing a game with her. She tries to grab his ring but it won’t come off. She wants to get the axe to cut it off until it hits her - He was just crazy and she is not giving him one more day of her life. She had people who love her and she is going back to them. Her time as a slayer is finished. She runs off. On his finger, Caleb’s ring glistens. Upstairs, Sam grabs Danny and thanks Rafe for keeping him safe. John tells him it is over and Caleb is dead.

    A Freak Coincidence.

    Wednesday, February 27 2013

    Heather goes to Wyndemere to get Danny but Rafe refuses to hand him over. She tells him about her baby Steven Lars. She loved him very much but she couldn’t take care of him. So she sold him. She tried to make it up to him but it didn’t work. Rafe tells Heather how he loved his mom and failed her, like she failed her son. They were always on the move. She thought there was an evil man after him and Rafe thought she was crazy. He had no friends and she would leave him alone in scary places. Then she died because he wasn’t there to save her. Heather grabs him in a hug. Her own son could be dying as they speak and all they can do is pray. She drops to her knees and begs for Steve to live. Meanwhile, Lucy knocks herself out in the tunnels under Wyndemere. When she comes to she is shocked to see Alison and apologizes for failing her. Alison tells her she is at peace now. All her fear is gone and she is finally with her husband. It is up to Lucy to protect their son. Alison disappears and Lucy is scared she can’t defeat Caleb. She grabs her weapon and begs God for help. Meanwhile, John rushes into the chamber just as Caleb goes for Sam’s neck a third time. Caleb insists she wants this. When he tastes her blood they will be reunited and claim the boys upstairs together - and he is going to let John watch. Caleb goes for Sam’s neck and John lunges at him with an axe. Caleb overtakes him and chokes him until John passes out. Caleb tells Sam to say goodnight to McBain as he sharpens his axe. Sam begs to God to help her and John from this evil. Suddenly, Lucy bursts in.

    The Good One.

    Tuesday, February 26 2013

    At Wyndemere, John, Rafe and Lucy wonder where Sam and Caleb went. It’s obvious Danny hasn’t been alone for long. Lucy pulls out her weapons and tries to think where they could be. John thinks they must be in the tunnels. He finds the opening and Rafe helps him push it open. John and Lucy demand Rafe stay with Danny and Lucy gives him a St. Michael’s medal to keep them safe. Lucy and John split up in the tunnels and alone, Rafe chats with Danny. He misses his mom and knows Danny misses his mom too. Rafe apologizes for handing him over to Heather and later, Heather shows up.

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