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    General Hospital CAST - Starr Manning - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Starr Manning Played by Kristen Alderson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Alderson (Donna Svennevik/ABC)

    Birthday: May 29, 1991
    Birthplace: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristen Alderson


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    Ticking Time Bomb Anyone?

    Wednesday, March 20 2013

    At the apartment Michael asks Starr why she has to leave. Starr wasn’t told why, she just needs to go right away. Todd arrives, asking, "How could you?" He rants about being dumped by Carly. Michael explains Carly to Todd. Starr lashes out about why people push Todd away. Todd asks if he finally pushed Starr away for good. He apologizes. She can’t listen to it and says she has to go. He sees the suitcase and asks where she’s going. She says LA. Michael insists on going but Todd decides to take her on his jet since he’s leaving for Llanview. Todd tells Michael he’ll never be back. Michael kisses Starr goodbye.

    Carly and Sam toast a drink to the end of their relationships at the Floating Rib. They share what happened to each other with Todd and John. Sam tells Carly that Jason would want better than Todd for her. Carly tells Sam she should move on with John. Carly decides to note the day as a good day. They discuss finding men and leave, happy they ran into each other. Meanwhile, Lucy shows up with flowers and tells Kevin they are going to a wedding and he is the best man. She breaks the news in a whisper that it is for Scott Baldwin. Kevin would rather be bit by vampires. He wants out, she asks him to do it for her. Kevin drags Mac into the argument it but doesn’t get the advice he wants. He decides to do it and leaves with Lucy. Mac leaves a message for Felicia to discuss Frisco.

    I'm Leaving Port Charles.

    Tuesday, March 19 2013

    Felix and Liz close the elevator doors on AJ at the hospital. He talks to Michael on his cell but is preoccupied. He asks two nurses where Liz went. They joke he might be a stalker but sell him tickets to the Nurses’ Ball for information on Liz’s location.

    Michael and Starr come home discussing the many uses of Pickle-Lila, excited that Ellie remembered the secret ingredient. Michael’s hopeful AJ got what he wanted and shares the news over the phone. He tells Starr AJ sounded distracted. They go to bed and reflect on things they are thankful for. Starr gets an unexpected phone call. She hangs up and tells Michael she is leaving Port Charles.

    Scott and Lucy argue at the Floating Rib over the merits of waiting for a big wedding. Lucy convinces Scotty that Laura will find out about Luke and Anna and it will be over for him. Lucy decides to help get a marriage license. She pumps up Felix and Liz with enthusiasm for the Nurses’ Ball as they arrive and she and Scotty leave. Liz and Felix stay for drinks and AJ shows up. He gets the cold shoulder but explains his lies and apologizes. He tells Liz how much she means to him and that any plot with Carly to save ELQ is not worth it. AJ pours his heart out and Felix starts crying about how romantic everything AJ said was. Liz stops AJ before he leaves and tells him she will give him another chance if he performs with her at the Nurses’ Ball. He agrees.

    Please Take Me Back.

    Friday, March 15 2013

    Starr hurries Michael at the apartment. Michael is worried about AJ and tells Starr AJ is back together with Carly. Starr says AJ is lying and explains Todd’s visit. Then she explains she lied because Carly asked her too. She tells him Todd is onto Carly.

    In the lab, Kevin hypnotizes Ellie. Ellie goes over the events of the previous day. Kevin backs her up to the diagram of the missing ingredient and asks her what it says. Outside the lab Michael and Starr meet up with Spin as Kevin and Ellie exit. Starr asks her if they found out the missing ingredient.

    I Love You Both.

    Thursday, March 14 2013

    Starr pours herself a glass of wine at home and tells Michael on the phone about her plans to eat Chinese takeout and catch up on "Reptile Wranglers." After she gets off the phone the food arrives – delivered by Todd. He asks for to help him get Carly to dump Michael’s dad. Starr is shocked but they are suddenly interrupted by Carly. Starr covers for her and assures Todd she is indeed seeing AJ. Todd leaves and Carly admits she is not seeing AJ. Starr tells Carly she is ready to give Todd some payback.

    Reptile Wranglers.

    Wednesday, March 13 2013

    Starr pours herself a glass of wine at home and tells Michael on the phone about her plans to eat Chinese takeout and catch up on "Reptile Wranglers." After she gets off the phone the food arrives – delivered by Todd.

    A Fertile Bunch.

    Friday, March 08 2013

    In the lab, Starr’s mind is on Todd’s trial, not the relish. She really thinks he is going to get locked up this time. Ellie encourages her to go to court to be with him. Starr wants to get back to the project instead and they start identifying the ingredients. They taste their sample but it isn’t right. It is missing something elusive, a secret ingredient. Starr finds Michael outside and he convinces her to go to the trial. Later, Spin arrives as soon as Ellie figures out the last ingredient. She is ecstatic and feels like the accident never happened. Later, AJ meets up with Ellie but the recipe is gone.


    Friday, March 01 2013

    Spin and Ellie enter the lab a day early at the hospital so she can figure out the best way to navigate with her walker but soon Spin rushes off to meet Tracy about a job. Later, Michael, Starr and AJ come in with the relish and ask if she can help figure out the ingredients. Ellie is not allowed permission but AJ tells them his family’s legacy depends on it. She and Starr work in the lab while AJ and Michael chat outside. Meanwhile, Sabrina is waiting to hear the hospital’s verdict about her future upstairs. Patrick assures her it will be fine. Britt comes in, on crutches, with the board’s verdict. Sabrina learns that she is innocent and free to resume full duties. Britt is pissed and bars Sabrina from her patients anyway. Meanwhile, Olivia enters Steve’s room wearing a wedding gown. They can get married right here without Steve getting out of bed. Maxie helped her with all the details. Meanwhile, Maxie tells Frisco she hasn’t heard from Britt. Spin walks up as they are talking about the baby but doesn’t hear anything. Maxie introduces Spin to Frisco, who is cold to Spin for breaking his daughter's heart. He isn’t impressed with Spin but promises Maxie he will leave him alone. Later, Frisco spots Britt while Maxie scoots to the wedding. It is obvious Frisco caused Britt's accident and he tells her they are done when he tells her they are done. There is still the issue of the nurse. Patrick sees Frisco and Britt talking and later asks how she got on his bad side. Britt gives him an excuse that it is about the baby but he doesn’t buy it. Meanwhile, Maxie goes to Steve’s room and rushes off with Liz to get her ready for the wedding. Sabrina comes in to get Steve’s chart and finally admits to both of them that she never had a crush on Steve. She was too embarrassed to admit who her real crush was. Olivia apologizes for being such a bitch and advises her to tell the person she likes about her crush.

    Back in the lab, Starr and Ellie work on the relish compound while Michael and AJ chat outside. When Liz comes by in her dress, AJ asks her out on a date. She agrees and he congratulates himself with a fist pump. Later, Duke joins AJ and Michael and tells them that Tracy wants him to find the relish. Upstairs, Olivia and Steve exchange their vows. Just as they are about to be pronounced man and wife, the Memphis police come to arrest Steve. Later, the nurse graduate list is posted, but Sabrina’s name isn’t on it.

    Together In Peace.

    Thursday, February 28 2013

    Duke persists at Michael’s door until he stops kissing Starr and opens up. Duke hands over the relish and admits he went to the estate with his story about getting Anna back. Tracy has no idea the relish is missing but it won’t be long before she does. AJ arrives and is ecstatic but they still need the recipe. Starr can help. She knows how to reverse engineer and will start tomorrow. AJ feels good about the future of ELQ. Outside, he asks Duke not to come back to the office and keep his work relationship with ELQ under wraps.

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