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    General Hospital CAST - Starr Manning

    Full detailed profile on Starr Manning Played by Kristen Alderson on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristen Alderson (Donna Svennevik/ABC)
    Starr Manning

    Actor: Kristen Alderson

    Who played Starr Manning over the years

    Kristen Alderson (March 1998 - present)
    Meghan Rayder (February 1998)
    Ariella and Natalie Jamnik (1996 - 1998)

    Useful information on Starr Manning

    * Tried to break her dad out of prison and was sentenced to community service.
    * Stole $2,500 from her Aunt Dorian's safe.
    * Found Troy MacIver chained to a carnival wheel.
    * Ran away from home.
    * Lived through the trauma of her father's death and resurrection twice!
    * Enemy of Britney Jennings.
    * Best friend is Langston.
    * Was at the receiving end of Cole's rage after steroid use.
    * Had a baby with Cole Thornhart.
    * While driving through Port Charles, got into a car accident that claimed Cole and Hope's lives.


    Current: Singer
    Past: Student


    In 1996, Starr Manning came into the world as Llanview's newest baby. A product of controversial couple, Todd and Blair Manning, Starr grew up fast with more street smarts than some adults! Like most kids of divorce, Starr wanted more than anything for her parents to reconcile and she pulled many stunts in order to make it happen! She tried everything from locking her parents in a room to running away to faking a kidnapping!

    Although her parents had a habit of getting back together - only to break up again - years later Starr would go through a new kind of devastation with the 'death' of her father. Reeling with loss, Starr took comfort in a stranger, Walker Lawrence. Soon after, Walker confided in Starr that he was in fact Todd, who had a total face job!

    With Todd's identity revealed, Starr and Blair's relationship began to falter. Blair was furious that Todd had allowed them to believe he was dead, in turn she and didn't allow Starr to see her father, setting Starr down a rebellious path. She found herself in trouble on Internet chatrooms, ran away to New York City to see a boy she met online and ended up kidnapped! In the end, her parents rescued her and brought Starr back to Llanview where they all became a family.

    2006 had to be the worst year yet for the high school freshman. After Spencer Truman framed her father for murder, Starr had to face the day of his execution! However, just when word came that Todd had been put to death, new evidence surfaced that proved him to be innocent! Ironically, her mother begged Spencer to bring Todd back to life and her father lived!

    Being the daughter of Todd Manning made Starr's school life difficult. She was constantly reminded of her parents' past mistakes and of her father's biggest sin - rape. Starr soon starting dating a boy named Cole. It wasn't until Cole erupted in a rage, from the effects of steroids, that Starr found out he was the son of the woman his father raped in college - Marty Saybrooke!

    The end of the year brought more heartache after Spencer Truman tragically pulled Blair off a roof and as a result lost her unborn child, followed by her parents break-up and the death of Cole's mother, Marty. When Todd forced Starr and Cole, who were now totally in love, to break-up, they ran away to Virgina but were ultimately brought back home. Wanting to spend the first and last night together, they were in bed when Todd walked in on them!

    Although Cole and Starr denied having sex, a couple of months later, they had no choice but to admit it, as Starr became pregnant. Wanting to do what was right for her and her baby, Starr decided to allow Marcie McBain to adopt her baby, which led to her break-up and months full of heartache with Cole.

    Now, with the baby on its way, Starr faced many more heartaches to come... After being told her baby had died, it was months later when she found out that Hope was really Chloe - and was alive. Though Starr kept her word, and allowed Marcie to adopt Hope, Marcie gave the baby back for Starr and Cole to raise!

    Life was looking good for Starr, and though she almost married Cole, before he was sent to prison on drug charges, she called off the wedding when news came that Cole would be doing community service instead.

    Cole left Starr and Hope to go undercover. After his mission was complete Starr, Hope and Cole moved in together, along with Markko and Langston. Things were fine until Cole started college and met his new study buddy Hannah who ended up having an infatuating crush on him. After Hannah pinpointed Todd as the person who pushed Marty down the stairs Cole beat Todd silly and landed in jail, which put a big rift between Starr and Cole.

    During Cole's time in jail Starr got mixed up with a stranger named James who was running from his abusive father. Starr ended up going on the run with James in order to protect herself from the man after him, Bull. All of this drama brought James and Starr closer, and caused Cole to become very jealous once he was released.

    Though Starr was committed to Cole, after Cole shot and killed Eli, who he thought had killed Starr and Hope in an explosion, he went to prison, which was the beginning of the end for this couple. Cole was serving ten years, and Starr decided to move on with James.

    James and Starr hit a rough patch when James' ex-girlfriend Deanna came to town. Though she wanted James back, he was committed to Starr. When Tomas' son Baz took an interest in Starr, James tried not to appear jealous and supported the music single she and Baz planned to produce.

    Starr was stunned when her father, the real Todd Manning, returned, which proved the man she thought was her father was really Victor Lord Jr. Victor turned up murdered, and while Jack placed the blame on Todd, Starr believed in him.

    Cole broke out of prison and made a beeline for Starr. James realized the two were still in love and broke up with Starr. She left Llanview to pursue a singing career, with Cole posing as her bodyguard.

    After Todd was arrested for Victor's murder, Starr, Hope and Cole drove to Llanview from the Port Charles airport. They got into an accident with Anthony Zacchara, which left Hope and Cole presumed dead. Michael helped get Starr to the hospital.


    James Ford
    Travis O'Connell


    Todd Manning (father)
    Blair Manning (mother)
    John McBain (stepfather)
    Jack Manning (brother)
    Thomas John McBain (half brother)
    Brendan Thornhart (half-brother - born 1997 - stillborn)
    Addie Cramer (grandmother)
    Lou Cramer (great-grandfather - deceased)
    Sonya Roskova (great-grandmother - deceased)
    Dorian Cramer (maternal great-aunt)
    Melinda Cramer (maternal great-aunt)
    Cassie Callison (maternal cousin)
    Kelly Cramer (maternal cousin)
    Paul Cramer (maternal cousin - deceased)
    William Sloan Carpenter (maternal cousin - deceased)
    William Sloan River Carpenter (maternal cousin by adoption)
    Victoria Lord Davidson
    Kevin Riley Buchanan Sr. (cousin)
    Joseph Buchanan (cousin)
    Jessica Buchanan (cousin)
    Natalie Buchanan (cousin)
    Kevin Buchanan Jr. (maternal cousin - deceased)
    Zane Buchanan (maternal cousin)


    Hope (daughter with Cole - thought to be dead but was secretly switched at birth with Jessica's deceased baby)


    There are no additional images yet


    Wednesday, March 20 2013: Ticking Time Bomb Anyone?

    At the apartment Michael asks Starr why she has to leave. Starr wasn’t told why, she just needs to go right away. Todd arrives, asking, "How could you?" He rants about being dumped by Carly. Michael explains Carly to Todd. Starr lashes out about why people push Todd away. Todd asks if he finally pushed Starr away for good. He apologizes. She can’t listen to it and says she has to go. He sees the suitcase and asks where she’s going. She says LA. Michael insists on going but Todd decides to take her on his jet since he’s leaving for Llanview. Todd tells Michael he’ll never be back. Michael kisses Starr goodbye.

    Carly and Sam toast a drink to the end of their relationships at the Floating Rib. They share what happened to each other with Todd and John. Sam tells Carly that Jason would want better than Todd for her. Carly tells Sam she should move on with John. Carly decides to note the day as a good day. They discuss finding men and leave, happy they ran into each other. Meanwhile, Lucy shows up with flowers and tells Kevin they are going to a wedding and he is the best man. She breaks the news in a whisper that it is for Scott Baldwin. Kevin would rather be bit by vampires. He wants out, she asks him to do it for her. Kevin drags Mac into the argument it but doesn’t get the advice he wants. He decides to do it and leaves with Lucy. Mac leaves a message for Felicia to discuss Frisco.

    Tuesday, March 19 2013: I'm Leaving Port Charles.

    Felix and Liz close the elevator doors on AJ at the hospital. He talks to Michael on his cell but is preoccupied. He asks two nurses where Liz went. They joke he might be a stalker but sell him tickets to the Nurses’ Ball for information on Liz’s location.

    Michael and Starr come home discussing the many uses of Pickle-Lila, excited that Ellie remembered the secret ingredient. Michael’s hopeful AJ got what he wanted and shares the news over the phone. He tells Starr AJ sounded distracted. They go to bed and reflect on things they are thankful for. Starr gets an unexpected phone call. She hangs up and tells Michael she is leaving Port Charles.

    Scott and Lucy argue at the Floating Rib over the merits of waiting for a big wedding. Lucy convinces Scotty that Laura will find out about Luke and Anna and it will be over for him. Lucy decides to help get a marriage license. She pumps up Felix and Liz with enthusiasm for the Nurses’ Ball as they arrive and she and Scotty leave. Liz and Felix stay for drinks and AJ shows up. He gets the cold shoulder but explains his lies and apologizes. He tells Liz how much she means to him and that any plot with Carly to save ELQ is not worth it. AJ pours his heart out and Felix starts crying about how romantic everything AJ said was. Liz stops AJ before he leaves and tells him she will give him another chance if he performs with her at the Nurses’ Ball. He agrees.

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