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    General Hospital CAST - Dr. Ewen Keenan

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Ewen Keenan Played by Nathin Butler on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Tory Mussett)
    Dr. Ewen Keenan

    Actor: Nathin Butler

    Who played Dr. Ewen Keenan over the years

    Nathin Butler (December 13, 2011 - September 5, 2012)

    Useful information on Dr. Ewen Keenan

    * First met Elizabeth who thought he was a patient at Shadybrook.
    * Doctor at Shadybrook.
    * He is also an artist.


    Current: Psychiatrist at Shadybrook
    Past: Unknown


    Ewen first came on to the scene when Elizabeth met him at Shadybrook. She thought he was a fellow patient, but he turned out to be a doctor, who was a painter.


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    Wednesday, September 05 2012: Enjoy The Journey.

    Steve works on Ewen at the hospital. He is not sure he deserves to be saved. But he is not going to bear that cross again and will use all his skills to save Ewen’s life for his sister. Ewen tells him surgery is a waste of time. He begs Steve to let him die after what he has done. Steve asks if there is anyone he can call and Ewen asks for Patrick Drake.

    Patrick visits Ewen on his deathbed. Ewen tells him he is sorry but there is something he doesn’t know about Robin. He flatlines before he gets it out.

    Tuesday, September 04 2012: Port Charles One Percenters.

    Jason busts into the church and demands the cure but Ewen doesn’t have it. He wants to talk to Jerry and is taking Liz with him. Liz tries to break free but Jason orders her to stop. Jason knows the connection Ewen has to the Jacks family and Ewen confesses to killing John in cold blood. He’ll kill Jason too if he has to and shoots him in the leg. Ewen loves Liz and wants to be the one to fix things. He refuses to let Jason be the hero. Liz breaks away and Jason shoots Ewen in the stomach. He tells Ewen he deserves to die for what he did. Jason cuts Liz’s hands free and she checks on Ewen – he needs to get to the hospital or he will die.

    At the hospital Kate has some good news for Sonny – Joe Jr. checked out of Metro Court. Sonny may have had something to do with that but he didn’t hurt Joe. She wonders what stopped him. He gets a text to meet Todd at the Quartermaine’s to get the cure and leaves. Later, Steve tells Kate that Olivia has not had another acid flashback like when she thought Ewen was the devil, although that has turned out to be true. Kate knows Ewen is a good man and will not hurt Liz. Just then Liz and Jason come in with Ewen. Kate begs Steve to help Ewen while Liz takes Jason into a room to work on him. Jason and Liz share a close moment while she works on his wound.

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