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    General Hospital CAST - Maggie Wurth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Wurth Played by Kodi Kitchen on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Rebecca Sanabria)

    Birthday: May 25
    Birthplace: Wyoming
    Real Name: Kodi Kitchen


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    Go Home Daddy.

    Thursday, November 10 2011

    Lulu brings Dante to the hospital after becoming worried about his breathing. Dante sees Delores, who says she's there for an autopsy report. Dante wants to know who the corpse is, but she reminds him he is on medical leave. Matt shows up and sees Mac talking with Dante and Lulu. Matt doesn’t think it matters who killed Lisa, but Mac says it's a crime and it probably matters to Dr. Niles. Delores returns with the autopsy results, which say Lisa was killed before she hit the water. Mac privately tells Dante unless someone got onboard they don’t know about, everyone who was on the boat is a suspect. When Steve shows up, he adamantly tells Mac he doesn't know anything about Lisa's death. He heads to the elevator as a woman with a large syringe steps off. Steve says, "Maggie."

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