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    General Hospital CAST - Maggie Wurth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Wurth Played by Kodi Kitchen on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Rebecca Sanabria)

    Birthday: May 25
    Birthplace: Wyoming
    Real Name: Kodi Kitchen


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    That Battle Axe Is My Wife.

    Wednesday, November 30 2011

    Elsewhere at General Hospital, Lucky talks with Maggie about his mystical time in Ireland. He says he can still feel Siobhan around. Maggie says love is a powerful thing that can't be broken. Lucky informs Maggie that she is part of all this because the name of the church he was instructed to go to was St. Margaret's and she saved his son. He says, "St. Maggie." She tells him working as a pediatrician has taught her never to give up. After Maggie walks away, Ethan shows up to welcome his brother home. Ethan asks about Lucky's message from beyond, but Lucky is still trying to figure it out. For now, he's just going to focus on being a good cop and a good dad. Ethan thinks he needs more than that. Lucky agrees, but doesn’t know what else he wants.

    Patrick brings Emma to the hospital because she has a stomachache. He meets Maggie, who checks Emma out. Maggie tells Patrick Emma is fine. She was probably just looking for attention. Maggie races Emma around in a wheelchair until Patrick reminds her they are in a hospital. Maggie knows and remarks that the chief of staff is a battle axe. Her mouth drops when he says that battle axe is his wife.

    There's So Much I Won't Get To See.

    Tuesday, November 29 2011

    Olivia brings Steve food at the hospital, as Maggie shows up with his favorite takeout. Maggie gets called away leaving Steve feeling uncomfortable around a jealous Olivia. Epiphany walks up to the hub and tells them she's working on files for the cops regarding Lisa's case. Lulu runs in asking Steve for help with Dante.

    Lucky finds Maggie at the hub to thank her for helping Aiden. She informs him Luke was her partner in crime. She asks why he originally called about Aiden. Lucky says he got a sign in Ireland. Steve and Olivia return and Lucky reacts to hearing Steve say Maggie's name. Privately, Steve tells Olivia even if there was unfinished business between him and Maggie, he would never leave her with what she's facing.

    Music To My Ears.

    Tuesday, November 22 2011

    Lucky rushes into the hospital and sees Tracy, who tells him Aiden had a blood transfusion. Maggie joins them, as Luke wakes up in his lobby chair. Maggie leads Lucky to see Aiden and Tracy notices Luke has snuck off. Alone, Steve warns Maggie she can't use her usual tricks there, like having Luke fake a heart attack, and reminds her Memphis is over.

    Back at the hospital, Anthony lurks as Steve and Maggie have a heated conversation about Memphis. He then sees Tracy and issues veiled threats about her family finding out her secrets. He tells her he looks forward to spending a lot of time with her this holiday season under the mistletoe.

    Killed With A Wrench.

    Friday, November 18 2011

    At the hospital, Steve presses Maggie for information on Aiden. She tells him she's waiting on his blood test results, but he could do something to speed that up. He reminds her that's against the rules. She recalls a time when that didn't matter to him. Robin pulls Steve aside to share her feeling that hiring Maggie wasn't the best idea. Meanwhile, Tracy catches Luke trying to get on the elevator and urges him to see this through, just for once. Maggie approaches Luke to ask if he is a gambling man. Later, Luke fakes chest pains in front of Steve, giving Maggie time to slink off. Lulu shows up as Tracy calls Luke out on creating a diversion. Maggie returns with results from the test she ran on Aiden. She diagnoses him with a blood disorder that could become serious. He'll need a transfusion and will then be put on meds. Luke offers to donate blood, but Lulu wants Maggie to just use her blood. Luke accuses Lulu of assuming his blood alcohol level is through the roof. Patrick returns to the hospital and tells Robin he bribed someone at the clinic Lisa was at and learned that Anthony was the one to wake her up. He adds that he went to see Anthony and hopes he didn't make things worse. Meanwhile, Steve and Maggie separately study the newspaper article about Lisa's death.

    Starting From Scratch.

    Thursday, November 17 2011

    At the hospital, Steve, Monica and Maggie try to figure out what is wrong with Aiden. Monica says they have to call the police because of the bruising. Steve insists Liz would never hit her kids, but Monica knows she's been distracted and lets other people take care of her boys. Maggie looks at his chart and suggests it's not a case of abuse. Robin joins them, as Maggie says she wants to examine Aiden. Robin reminds her she's not on staff yet, but Maggie doesn't think it matters since Aiden's life is at stake. The foursome debates Maggie treating the boy and Maggie wins out. Robin assists Maggie in her examination. Afterwards, Maggie finds Steve and tells him they are waiting on test results, but she fears his diagnosis is critical.

    Walking Away And Letting Go.

    Monday, November 14 2011

    Mac finds Robin and Patrick at the hospital. He tells them Lisa's head trauma was a deliberate blow. Delores joins them to tell Mac it's been confirmed that Lisa was hit with a heavy tool. Robin tells her uncle she and Patrick are leaving for a few days, but Mac wants them to take this investigation more seriously. He asks for their contact info and the doctors get back to work. Mac asks his niece if there's something she hasn't told him because she looks nervous. She assures him everything is fine. She sees Maggie talking with a young patient and walks over to find out who she is. Steve shows up and fills Robin in on Maggie being the new pediatrician.

    Today Is Not About You.

    Friday, November 11 2011

    Steve is shocked to see Maggie at the hospital, but she reminds him he hired her. He wonders why she didn't call and drags her into the conference room. She references their past in Memphis, but Steve points out she's there to work. He notes the syringe and she tells him it's a good distraction for her young patients when they see the real thing isn't so big. He knows she was lurking around the hospital in the clown mask on Halloween. She explains she was trying to get the lay of the land and learned he and the hospital need someone like her. Steve reiterates he brought her there for the hospital, not him. They rehash some old times and she reminds him he took risks and can't sweep what happened under the rug. Olivia shows up and Steve introduces the women. After Maggie has left, Olivia tells Steve she wants them to go to her old neighborhood for a night on the town. Steve reminds her they are suspects in an investigation so they agree to put it on hold. Maggie returns to overhear Steve say he wants to watch over Maggie to make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble. Olivia wonders how close they were.

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