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    General Hospital CAST - Maggie Wurth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Wurth Played by Kodi Kitchen on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Rebecca Sanabria)

    Birthday: May 25
    Birthplace: Wyoming
    Real Name: Kodi Kitchen


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    Holding Out For The Right Thing.

    Wednesday, January 11 2012

    At the hospital, Johnny demands a referral from Steve, who is concerned about what he wants it for. Johnny assures him he won't hurt or kill anyone – that's Steve's territory. Johnny warns if he doesn’t get the name he needs, the whole world will know about the person he offed in Memphis. After Johnny walks away, Steve meets with Maggie in the break room. He tells her it was a mistake to bring her there and that she has to leave. She reminds him he went out of his way to hire her. He spins it by saying she's too good for this small time hospital. When she isn't sold, he shares his worry that their secret will get out if they keep working together. Steve just wants to put Memphis behind them. What they had in there is over. She says, "Then this won't matter," and kisses him, as Olivia looks through the window.

    We Have A Lot To Talk About.

    Wednesday, January 04 2012

    Steve finds a pensive Maggie lying on a gurney looking at the ceiling. She tells him she sees stars in the ceiling and urges him to use his imagination. She thinks it's a good idea for doctors to be open to alternative possibilities and explains how Ewen got everyone doing it. Steve is perfectly fine with his feet planted on the ground. She wonders when he got so old. He retorts that she knows when that happened. Johnny shows up and demands Steve talk with him. After Maggie leaves for her rounds, Johnny taunts Steve about his past with Maggie and then says he needs his help with a referral. Johnny infers he has information on him that could change people's, namely Olivia's, opinion of him if he doesn't do it. After Johnny gets on the elevator, Maggie finds Steve lying on the gurney looking at the ceiling. He tells her to stay away from Johnny. She thinks it's cute, but he assures her he is just looking out for her. Maggie lies with Steve and points out places in Memphis she "sees" on the ceiling. When she brings up one particular night they shared, he tells her he's only interested in her as a colleague. She knows he just brought her there so she would keep quiet about what happened in Memphis, but it doesn’t mean she doesn't miss what they had and wish things had turned out differently. Steve puts his arm around her, as Olivia walks off the elevator and sees them.

    In Search Of.

    Thursday, December 29 2011

    Maggie asks Liz about Christmas at the hub. Liz tells her Lucky left again and she's done waiting for him. Liz asks about her and Steve. Maggie admits they were close once, but that was a long time ago. Maggie brings up the mystery man who saved Liz and asks if she figured out who that is. Liz wonders if she just imagined her hero. Maggie encourages her to believe in the unexplainable. Liz tells Maggie that Steve is a good guy, but he's happy with Olivia right now. Maggie hears that, but says good guys are hard to find. Across the way at the hospital, Shawn talks with Ewen about Wilson. Shawn tells Ewen he doesn't have the time to care for Wilson, but Ewen thinks the dog could become someone Shawn could trust and depend on. Shawn says caring too much is a complication neither of them can afford. Ewen wonders if he's still talking about the dog. After Ewen steps away, he literally runs into Liz, who has a flashback of the man who saved her. She shakes it off and thanks Ewen for the painting set he gave her. Ewen thinks she needs to embrace that part of her again and asks her to paint something that's important to her.

    Time Is Elusive.

    Wednesday, December 14 2011

    At the hub, Patrick is alarmed when Maggie tells him she found Robin was crying. After Maggie steps away, Robin walks up and Patrick asks if she was crying earlier because she lost a patient. Patrick gets paged away, as Robin tries to get out her thoughts.

    Matt runs into Lucky, who is at the hospital waiting for an update on Aiden's follow up tests. Matt lashes out at him for his treatment of Liz, sending her to the mental ward. He sings Elizabeth's praises, making Lucky wonder if he has feelings for her. Matt says he is just concerned for his friend. Matt tells Lucky to stop using Liz as his punching bag. Lucky warns him that rescuing Elizabeth can be a full time job. Matt leaves and Maggie shows up. She tells Lucky Aiden is fine because he received medical attention so quickly. He talks about the message he received in the stones and wonders if he imagined it all. Maggie thinks there are signs all around them and they just have to look for them.

    Help Me Disappear.

    Tuesday, December 13 2011

    Maxie tracks Matt down at the hospital to question him about what's going on, but he remains mum. Maxie assumes he's seeing someone else. He tells her that's not the case. He explains that he performed the procedure he outlined in his research. He can't tell her anymore, but assures her what he did had nothing to do with Lisa's murder. Maxie tells him he has no idea what she did to protect him. Meanwhile, Maggie helps Patrick pick out a Christmas gift for Emma. He asks for help with Robin's gift, but Maggie won't touch that one. Patrick recalls how he used to vacation over Christmas by himself, but now all he wants is to make his family happy. Patrick suddenly gets an idea for Robin that she will never expect. Maggie lets slip she found Robin crying earlier.

    Dealing With A Lot.

    Monday, December 12 2011

    At the hospital, Maggie asks Steve about the suspect round up on the boat. They talk about Lisa and Steve says she was broken even though you'd never suspect it. Maggie remarks you never really know what people are capable of. Maggie wonders if Steve is worried someone might start looking into his past since the hospital is under such close scrutiny regarding Lisa. Steve gets paged away and Maggie walks into a break room to find Robin crying. Robin tells her she's just dealing with a lot right now. Maggie shares how she treated Emma when Patrick brought her in. Maggie apologizes for calling her a battle axe, but Robin laughs and remarks that Patrick didn't share that part. Maggie is sorry she can't make her feel better, but gives her a lollipop.

    Saving Lives Trumps Happy Hour.

    Thursday, December 08 2011

    Maggie asks Steve about Lisa at the hospital, as he's about to head out to meet Olivia. Maggie wonders if Robin killed her. Steve adamantly declares Robin did not. Maggie wonders who did. As they talk, Memphis is brought up and Maggie assures him his secret is safe with her.

    Olivia walks into Jake's and Johnny offers to buy her a drink. She tells him she's meeting someone, but accepts a beer. Johnny and Coleman tell her Dante was on a date with Delores. Olivia knows her son would never cheat on Lulu. The men counter guys don't always make the best choices when a pretty lady is around. As Olivia takes her beer to a table, Johnny points out her date might be an example of that considering he's late. Olivia reminds him Steve is a doctor and saving lives takes precedence over happy hour. Steve walks in and notices Maggie has followed him. She tells him she's just trying to be social and make new friends. Steve sits with Olivia and assures her he didn't invite Maggie along. He takes note of her Johnny being there as well. She informs him she turned him down when he wanted to keep her company. Meanwhile, Johnny talks with Maggie at the bar and learns she knows Steve from Memphis. He delights in throwing that information in a stressed out Steve's face.

    In The Best Interest Of The Hospital.

    Friday, December 02 2011

    Lucky and Aiden visit with Liz in her hospital room. Maggie checks in and says it was a miracle how Aiden got to the hospital when he was sick, as Luke eavesdrops. Liz questions this, but Lucky plays if off and Maggie leaves. Maggie sees Luke in the hallway and wonders why he doesn't want to see his grandson. Maggie returns to Liz after Lucky has left. She lets slip that Luke was the one who drove Aiden to the hospital.

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