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    General Hospital CAST - Maggie Wurth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Wurth Played by Kodi Kitchen on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Rebecca Sanabria)

    Birthday: May 25
    Birthplace: Wyoming
    Real Name: Kodi Kitchen


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    Friday, February 17 2012

    At the benefit, Matt runs into Liz who is supposed to meet Ewen. Matt drinks and remains disdainful of the psychiatrist. Liz reminds Matt what happened on the party boat when he drank too much. Matt doesn’t think them almost kissing would be such a bad thing. Matt follows Liz out to the lobby as Liz tries to track down a missing Ewen. They talk about Maxie, as she appears and gets into it with them. Back inside the party, Shawn talks to Carly about TJ. She looks at Johnny as she says, with a little support anyone can change their life. At the same time, Maggie and Steve enter. They tell Olivia Maggie's date got held up. Meanwhile, Tracy arrives with Anthony, and Alexis sees Diane and Mac on a date together. Max takes note of Diane as well. Kate calls for the room's attention, but Carly interrupts her speech welcoming everyone. Sonny then makes his own speech about Dante getting shot and how GH saved his life. He wants other parents to receive the same miracle. He announces that the benefit is in Dante's honor. A drunk Johnny offers to donate $3 million dollars and he doesn't even like Dante. Sonny won't take his money and the men argue. Sonny won't let Johnny ruin his night and outs the truth about Johnny's parentage to the whole room. Johnny leaves, as a fuming Anthony threatens Sonny. When Sonny tries to talk to Kate, she recoils from his touch. Olivia and Dante lash out at Sonny for his behavior. Kate walks up to him, but Sonny brushes her off because he can't talk right now. Kate vents to Olivia about how stupid she was to think she could make it work with him.

    I Have Faith In Your Future.

    Wednesday, February 15 2012

    Out by the nurses' station, Olivia finds Steve and reminds him of the benefit tonight. They agree to meet later, as Maggie watches on. She runs into Tim, a lab tech, who agrees to be her date to the benefit. Maggie joins Steve and Olivia and brags about her date. After Olivia leaves, Steve grills Maggie about going out with strangers and warns she knows nothing about Tim. Talk turns to their past. Steve admits he got a call. The authorities are reopening the case into their patient's death. Steve suggests until someone gets closer to the real story they act as though the real story is what they've told. "Be careful on your date tonight," Steve warns then leaves. Nearby, Carly admits to Sam that Jason got dizzy earlier. Sam knows Carly is worried about Jason and assures her that Robin is going to save him.

    Back in the lab, Robin doesn't have any luck. Patrick gets called away and urges her to keep trying. Later, Carly barges in and demands to know how Robin's going to save Jason.

    Played A Little Pool.

    Wednesday, February 08 2012

    Robin asks Maggie about her and Steve's past at the hospital. Robin knows they have a history because she's seen the way they look at each other. As Robin walks over to talk with Mac, Maggie finds a frustrated Steve, who vents about a patient. Maggie urges him not to go off the rails because Robin is already asking about their personal relationship. Steve grows concerned and wonders if they should just give themselves up. Maggie makes a case for why they shouldn't and recommends they focus on the life they saved. Steve counters, "Instead of the one we took?" She offers to always listen to him if he needs to talk. Meanwhile, Robin and Mac discuss her good news. Robin talks about trying new things because she has nothing to lose. Mac smirks and says he knows something about that. Robin asks what he did. Mac chuckles and says, "Played a little pool."

    The Number One Topic Of Conversation.

    Friday, February 03 2012

    Olivia confronts Steve at the hospital about what's going on with him and Maggie. Maggie intervenes, saying she tried to see if there was anything still between them, but he turned her down. Olivia informs Steve she doesn't want to be with him if he's interested in Maggie, so he needs to let her know. Maggie apologizes for causing trouble and hopes she and Olivia can get past this. After she walks away, Olivia says she wants Steve to be hers, but she's not sure he is. She sees Dante and Lulu bringing Delores in. As Delores gets checked out, Olivia expresses her concerns over Delores' intentions towards Dante. Meanwhile, Maggie explains to Steve it's better for Olivia to think there's something going on between them than for her to know the truth.

    Congratulations! It's Menopause.

    Thursday, February 02 2012

    Elsewhere at the hospital, a happy Steve and Olivia walk in after a day spent at an indoor water park. Maggie greets them looking for Steve's assistance with her patient. Olivia gets catty and the women exchange words as Steve silently looks on. Olivia heads to the elevator and Maggie watches as Steve kisses her goodbye. Steve then has a heated conversation with Maggie about their past. She reminds him people are still asking questions about it. They agree there are no regrets, but Steve wants to tell Olivia. Maggie warns him against it.

    Olivia returns to the hospital and witnesses a close moment between Steve and Maggie. She demands to know what is going on between them.

    You're Still A Zacchara.

    Monday, January 23 2012

    After Steve helps Maggie with her patient at the hospital, she convinces him to head to the roof to blow off some steam like they used to in Memphis. They write positive affirmations on paper and fly them off the roof for passersby to read. Steve says it's too bad everything in life can't be this simple. Olivia shows up. Maggie smirks as she tells Olivia not to be too hard on Steve because she's always been a bad influence. After Maggie exits, Steve explains they were just unwinding by healing their souls. Olivia is apparently appeased, as they start making out.

    No Matter What She Decides.

    Wednesday, January 18 2012

    Maxie shows Matt the proofs of their photo shoot at the hospital. Liz is disdainful of it, but Maxie plays up how people are raving about the chemistry they share in the photos. Liz interrupts with the journal Matt's research has been published in. After boasting about how much she knows about Matt's work, Elizabeth challenges her to prove it. Maxie fumbles around and then mentions them moving in together because she has a stalker. Liz doesn't believe her. She walks away, as Matt accuses Maxie of not caring about his work. She insists that's not true and then sees the man with the fedora, but Matt doesn't. In fact, he doesn't even believe he exists. She begs him to move in with her, but Matt suggests she just talk to Mac. Maxie can't talk to Mac about it and stalks off. Steve and Olivia walk off the elevator and run into Maggie, who needs Steve's input on a patient. Olivia snarks, "So, you're the emergency." Maggie tells Steve about a dire case involving a little girl and Olivia sends them off. Liz catches her counting. Olivia says she chooses to believe Maggie isn't using an injured child to get closer to Steve. Steve returns to tell Olivia he'll be there a while working on the patient. Olivia kisses him goodbye, and continues counting on the elevator.

    This Is How Patrick And Lisa Started.

    Thursday, January 12 2012

    After seeing Steve and Maggie kissing at the hospital, Olivia starts counting and slowly walks away. Meanwhile, Steve backs away from Maggie. He tells her he didn't bring her there for that. He's with Olivia. She wonders how serious it can be when he can't even call her his girlfriend. They start talking about their past and Maggie says she couldn't face what they did, but now she understands that under certain circumstances, people do extreme things. Steve says he can always have her transferred. She begs him not to since she's finally given in to how she felt in Memphis. Steve thinks this is how things started with Patrick and Lisa. She points out she's not crazy though. Maggie doesn’t think Olivia can give him the one thing he's looking for – redemption. Steve reminds Maggie he took a life and she couldn't handle it. He thinks she's free, but she corrects him saying she is chained to that night and to him.

    Olivia enters the hospital room Steve and Maggie are in and kisses Steve. After Steve gets paged away, Olivia calls Maggie out for kissing her boyfriend. Olivia orders her to back off.

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