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    General Hospital CAST - Maggie Wurth - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Wurth Played by Kodi Kitchen on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Rebecca Sanabria)

    Birthday: May 25
    Birthplace: Wyoming
    Real Name: Kodi Kitchen


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    Scorched Earth, Smoking Ruins.

    Tuesday, July 24 2012

    At the Haunted Star, Patrick tells Lulu he has to go. He promises he will stop, but she tells him he has already put people’s lives in danger. He needs to be detoxed and monitored. Patrick refuses to leave with her to go to General Hospital. He took the pills from there and they will put two and two together. He could lose his job. She wonders if he could live with hurting someone. Would he trust Emma with someone high on amphetamines?

    Crank Up The Heat.

    Friday, May 11 2012

    Maggie is brought into the hospital on a stretcher and she sees Olivia, Steve and Heather. They are told it was an OD. Steve doesn't believe it but the medics show him the pill bottle. Olivia stops Heather from entering the room they wheel Maggie in and tells her to start praying. Heather accuses Olivia of wanting Maggie to die. She rips open the curtain and Heather looks into the room. Steve works furiously on Maggie but she flat lines anyway. They call time of death at 3:26 PM. Heather is ecstatic. Olivia holds onto Steve as he wonders why Maggie would take those pills. Heather pulls out a letter from her purse and approaches a nurse to get Steve's mail. Heather inserts the letter and hands Steve the mail. They read the letter and confesses to the murder. They wheel out the body.

    I'm The One Who Should Be Committed.

    Tuesday, May 01 2012

    At the hospital, Heather and Maggie are discussing Steve when Heather remembers Maggie knew where Steve was. She asks Maggie to write a letter to the Memphis police, but she is not sure it will do much good. Maggie leaves to check on Dr. Keenan and while she is gone another doctor comes up to the nurse’s station with a prescription strong enough to kill a patient. Maggie returns and Heather asks her to take her home, then snatches the pills.

    At Heather's house, Maggie and her walk in. Olivia calls right when they enter and warns Heather not to leave. Maggie goes to leave but Heather wants to make amends. She tells Maggie she knows about what happened in Memphis and why Steve did it. She offers to make Maggie some tea and slips the pills in her drink. Heather reads to her about Maxie’s trial as she fades out. Heather shows her the pills before she passes out. Then she wipes them off and leaves a fake suicide note.

    I Will Rip Your Heart Out.

    Monday, April 30 2012

    Liz calls for help when she finds Ewen unconscious in his office. Maggie comes running and tends to him. When she can't rouse him, she gathers a team to take him away on a gurney to the ER. As tests are run, Maggie finds a paperweight with blood on it in Ewen's office. Liz wonders who would want to hurt him. As they discuss it, Heather shows up assuming the women are talking about her. Heather tells Liz her brother was arrested and hauled off to Memphis. When Ewen regains consciousness, Liz tells Heather to go home. She'll call her later. Liz talks with Ewen, who implicates Connie.

    Don’t Ever Call Me Crazy.

    Wednesday, April 18 2012

    Heather looks through papers at the hospital and is interrupted by Maggie, who tells her they are confidential. They begin to fight over the folder and Maggie asks Heather if she is crazy, which really sets her off. Steve and Dr. Keenan break it up and Maggie explains to Steve that it was much more than a misunderstanding as Dr. Keenan and Heather go off for their session. Steve wonders if he should try to have a relationship with Heather, but then his phone rings. It is Johnny who tells him to have what he needs by the end of the day. Olivia walks up and explains that Johnny won’t be a problem much longer.

    Heather flirts with Dr. Keenan and he asks her if psychoanalysis is just a game to her. They return to the group and Dr. Keenan says he wants more sessions with her. Meanwhile, Heather threatens Maggie.

    Note To Self.

    Wednesday, April 11 2012

    Steve walks off the hospital elevator and sees Maggie. She feels like he's been ignoring her since he told Olivia about Memphis. He says this isn't about Olivia, but his mother. Steve catches Maggie up on Heather's past, leaving Maggie speechless. Steve explains his mother has a history of mental illness. He wonders what his excuse is for his shady deeds. Steve gets a call from Olivia who is with Heather. He leaves to take care of his mother.

    Is It Too Early For Scotch?

    Friday, March 09 2012

    Maggie talks Steve down at the hospital after Steve goes off on a staff member in the wake of Robin's death. Olivia finds them and tells Maggie to take her hands off her man. Steve tries to explain things to Olivia, but she gets upset believing Steve and Maggie are having an affair. Steve tells her it's not true. Maggie begs Steve not to tell Olivia, but Steve thinks she deserves to know the truth. Maggie gets paged away and Steve admits to Olivia that he killed someone.

    I Love You Always.

    Monday, February 20 2012

    A shaken up Kate returns to the party at the Metro Court, while Alexis worries to Diane that she can't get a hold of Molly. Diane thinks Alexis needs to let go of the reins a bit and relax for once. Elsewhere at the party, Olivia demands to know why Maggie and Steve are huddled together once again. Maggie declares they are having an affair, as Dante runs in announcing Sonny has been shot. Kate gets emotional and assumes it was Johnny who shot him. A drunken Matt offers to help, but Steve tells him to stand down. Steve leaves with Mac as Kate yells out for them to save Sonny.

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