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    General Hospital CAST - Maggie Wurth

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Wurth Played by Kodi Kitchen on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Rebecca Sanabria)
    Maggie Wurth

    Actor: Kodi Kitchen

    Who played Maggie Wurth over the years

    Kodi Kitchen (November 10, 2011 - May 11, 2012)

    Useful information on Maggie Wurth

    * Has a past with Steve Webber.
    * Pediatrician who came to work at General Hospital.
    * Seems to have a connection to Dr. Lisa Niles.
    * Killed by Heather Webber.


    Current: Pediatrician


    Maggie is a pediatrician Steve met while working in Memphis. She came to work at "General Hospital" in November 2011 and seems to have a connection to the deceased Lisa Niles.


    Steve Webber (Dated in Memphis)


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    Tuesday, July 24 2012: Scorched Earth, Smoking Ruins.

    At the Haunted Star, Patrick tells Lulu he has to go. He promises he will stop, but she tells him he has already put people’s lives in danger. He needs to be detoxed and monitored. Patrick refuses to leave with her to go to General Hospital. He took the pills from there and they will put two and two together. He could lose his job. She wonders if he could live with hurting someone. Would he trust Emma with someone high on amphetamines?

    Friday, May 11 2012: Crank Up The Heat.

    Maggie is brought into the hospital on a stretcher and she sees Olivia, Steve and Heather. They are told it was an OD. Steve doesn't believe it but the medics show him the pill bottle. Olivia stops Heather from entering the room they wheel Maggie in and tells her to start praying. Heather accuses Olivia of wanting Maggie to die. She rips open the curtain and Heather looks into the room. Steve works furiously on Maggie but she flat lines anyway. They call time of death at 3:26 PM. Heather is ecstatic. Olivia holds onto Steve as he wonders why Maggie would take those pills. Heather pulls out a letter from her purse and approaches a nurse to get Steve's mail. Heather inserts the letter and hands Steve the mail. They read the letter and confesses to the murder. They wheel out the body.

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