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    General Hospital CAST - Shawn Butler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Shawn Butler Played by Sean Blakemore on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sean Blakemore (Judy Eddy/

    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri
    Marital Status: Married to Nadyla Jones
    Real Name: Sean Blakemore


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    GH Recap: Cotton Candy Confection.

    Thursday, May 08 2014

    Lucy scrambles to get dressed backstage at the ball. Felicia enters, accessorized with an Aztec heirloom she only wears on special occasions. Felicia asks Lucy if things are over with Scott and Lucy says they are, though she misses him. She’s just glad Kevin didn’t find out. Kevin overhears. Felicia covers and tells him Lucy is planning a surprise number dedicated to him. He’s excited to see it and after he leaves Lucy freaks – she has no routine. Felicia is sure she’ll think of something. Outside, the red carpet coverage is underway. Olivia is questioned before she’s ready about whether Sonny will escort her, so she excuses herself as guests begin to arrive. Sam enters with Silas, and trips and falls. Silas assures her no one is watching but Sam knows better. Alexis and Julian are next and they are officially a couple in the public eye. Next up, TJ and Molly, followed by Shawn and Jordan. Tracy and fiancé Luke are next. Michael and Kiki enter with Ned, who has to hold Michael back from attacking Luke. They have a plan and it’s going down tonight. Olivia grabs Ned to walk with her and the host asks if there is trouble in paradise with Sonny. Sonny enters and Olivia spars with him on camera. Dante and Lulu quickly escort Sonny and Olivia inside. Next, Felix and Lucas both arrive stag and decide to walk the carpet together. Liz arrives with Ric, followed by Anna and Duke, who is in a full Scottish kilt. Epiphany and Nathan walk together, then Felicia, Mac, and Mr. Marbles. Felicia is questioned about the Aztec jewels before Lucy appears with Kevin. Scott and Bobbie are next, and Scott and Lucy lock eyes. Kevin is glad to see Scott is moving on from Laura and wishes him and Bobbie a good night. Kevin can tell Lucy is rattled but hopes she wants Scott to be happy. Inside, Epiphany gets ready while Nathan breaks the news to Felicia and Mac that Maxie isn’t coming. Meanwhile, Cameron texts Spencer and Emma hopes he isn’t taunting him. She only dumped Spencer because he was mean and hopes Cameron is nice. Later, Olivia tells Dante that Sonny is a two-timing low life. Lulu runs after her while Dante asks Sonny if he cheated on his mother. Sonny tells him it meant nothing. Dante can’t believe Sonny broke Olivia’s heart for nothing, then joins Lulu and Olivia at their table as the ball begins. Lucy takes the stage and welcomes everyone to the 20th anniversary of the ball. She introduces the first act, the General Hospital nurses with Epiphany, Liz and Felix front and center. Liesl interrupts with a sexy cabaret routine, compete with nurses in lingerie.

    GH Recap: Yummy Sides.

    Tuesday, May 06 2014

    At the gallery, Ava stops Julian from grabbing the gun and turns it on him instead. Julian tells Ava he had no choice but she screams he did have a choice. Shawn enters, stopping Ava. He wants to see Julian dead but they can’t kill him for Danny’s sake. She stands down and gets ready to leave, and Julian tells Shawn that Ava was the one who shot Olivia. He wishes them a pleasant evening and takes off. Ava admits she did it. “But for the record, I was aiming for Franco,” she says. She reminds Shawn how volatile Sonny is right now but Shawn refuses to keep quiet. Ava threatens to drop the dime on Sonny about AJ’s murder, but if Shawn plays ball she won’t have to.

    GH Recap: Ned, Nedder, Neddest.

    Monday, May 05 2014

    Sonny drops by Kelly's to update Shawn about sending Ava out of town. The mobster explains that he knocked boots with Ava and how angry that made Morgan. Shawn heads off to get Ava.

    GH Recap: Gallows Humor.

    Wednesday, April 30 2014

    Jordan enjoys an egg white omelet made by TJ at Kelly’s. TJ comments on her late hours and takes the time to show her his college acceptance letter. She is overjoyed and proud. TJ is proud if Jordan too, but Shawn warns him to scale it back. Jordan and Shawn bicker a bit about their mob ties and TJ takes off for class. Jordan tells Shawn that she is not dealing drugs and he isn’t going to tell TJ or she will tell on him. Later, TJ asks Shawn to give Jordan a break. Shawn agrees.

    Luke stops by Kelly’s for an espresso and asks if Shawn has had any luck taking out Julian’s backer. He still thinks it’s Ric the Slick. Shawn doesn’t think Ric works for Julian anymore but Luke says it’s all an act.

    GH Recap: But Sonny Did It!

    Tuesday, April 29 2014

    Jordan wanders by the pier and thinks about the deal she made with Julian. Shawn startles her and wonders what she's doing. He assumes she's waiting for a drug drop. They bicker about her criminal history. (Scene interrupted by press conference from 00:17-00:33.) She threatens to tell TJ about how his father really died. Jordan offers to keep his secret if he'll keep hers. He agrees to that but warns her that she is facing danger.

    At Kelly's, TJ shows Molly his acceptance letter to PCU. She's thrilled for him. He can't wait to show his mom. (Scene interrupted by press conference from 00:17-00:33.) Molly makes him a sundae and he wishes his dad was still around. TJ remembers how messed up he used to be. It took him awhile to realize how torn up Shawn was about what happened to his dad. Shawn arrives and congratulates TJ on his school news. TJ wonders what his mom is doing.

    GH Recap: Get Out Of My Head.

    Wednesday, April 16 2014

    At Kelly’s, Duke and Shawn discuss the Jerome’s drug operation. Cocaine, and lots of it, is already available on the streets. Shawn thinks Jordan is involved too. She swears she’s on the up and up, but Shawn has reason to doubt her considering her history running drugs back in Maryland. She even did a few years in jail. Duke worries that if Shawn is wrong he could alienate TJ. Duke suggests they send Anna after Julian’s drug trade before talk turns to Sonny. Duke says he seems to be wrestling with guilt over AJ’s death before he leaves. Shawn calls Jordan but gets no answer.

    GH Recap: Rolling Over.

    Tuesday, April 15 2014

    At Kelly's, Shawn hopes that Jordan has come to her senses about her job. She hasn't and wishes he'd be more supportive. TJ strolls in and wonders what they are bickering about. She downplays and heads to work. Once again, TJ wonders why there is so much tension between Shawn and his mom. Shawn insists it's nothing. After TJ leaves for school, Duke drops in with some 'disturbing news'.

    GH Recap: No Happy Little Life.

    Friday, April 04 2014

    At Kelly’s, Shawn accuses Jordan of purposefully working for his enemy. She tells him not everything is about him and she just needed a job. He accuses her of being back to her old tricks. She demands an explanation and he tells her they both know what she was involved in back in Maryland. He wonders if she thinks the Jeromes will put her back in business. She insists that part of her life is behind her. Meanwhile, Lucas stops Brad on his way in. Brad doesn’t want to hear about Lucas’ happy life with Brad. Lucas tells him there is no happy life. Brad was a sympathetic sounding board when he came to town during Carly’s kidnapping, and he thought they would be more. But it ended when Lucas learned Brad was helping Britt steal Lulu’s baby. Felix realizes that Brad was going to tell him everything on Valentine’s Day until Felix found the sexy selfie from Lucas. Lucas can’t believe Brad kept quiet after all the pain Lulu and Dante went through. Felix thinks Brad still felt guilty about it. Later, Lucas listens to Brad’s voicemail saying he misses him.

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