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    General Hospital CAST - Shawn Butler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Shawn Butler Played by Sean Blakemore on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sean Blakemore (Judy Eddy/

    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri
    Marital Status: Married to Nadyla Jones
    Real Name: Sean Blakemore


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    GH Recap: John Doe.

    Wednesday, October 01 2014

    At his penthouse, Julian's happy to hear Ava's safe but warns the boss isn't happy and he tried to have Michael killed. After, he wakes Alexis up with kisses and they have another roll in the sheets. Later Julian admits wanting her all to herself and believes she should call Ned to have him look elsewhere for companionship. Afterward, she's startled by Sonny while looking for her phone to call Sam and Molly. Sonny asks if she's looking for her dignity and wonders if her crawling back to Julian was worth it. Alexis wants him to stop screwing around and asks what he wants as Julian joins them. Sonny wants answers for the hit on Michael. Sonny taunts Julian as Shawn comes in. Alexis worries Julian's involved but he claims he'd never put another man through what he went through after Lucas got shot. Alexis realizes Sonny has no proof and invites him to blow Julian away if he does. Sonny's tired of them using Julian as a donor match and promises soon he'll find a match for Danny. He fires Alexis before leaving. Julian apologizes to Alexis. Outside, Sonny admits to Shawn he wants to get Jordan alone to see what he can get out of her.

    GH Recap: King Of Evil.

    Tuesday, September 30 2014

    At Michael's, he acts as a shield for Rosalie and demands that Kobe tell him who his boss is. Before Kobe can, Shawn kicks the door open. Kobe grabs Michael. Squinting and threats follow during the standoff. When Rosalie runs across the room, Michael and Kobe start to struggle with his gun. It goes off. Kobe keels over. "Crap, crap, crap," Rosalie gasps. Michael keeps her calm while Shawn deals with the corpse. Corinthos gets Rosalie a beer and thanks her for saving his life. "I thought your brother was the wild one," she says.

    Sonny and Carly arrive at Michael's where they are filled in on what happened. The mobster tells Rosalie that Michael didn't kill anyone and there will be no investigation. He tells her where his office is and sends her off with Shawn. Carly is furious and starts lecturing Sonny, who assures his son he would never let anything happen to him.

    GH Recap: Evil Eye.

    Monday, September 29 2014

    At the hospital, Nina rolls up behind Shawn as he mentions Ava going missing on the phone. She questions him, but he claims he was referring to someone else. After, Nina curses. If anyone's going to make Ava disappear, it's her. Later, Franco arrives. She asks about his party. He apologizes for how he talked to her yesterday and confirms that Carly and Sonny totally screwed him - and each other. He surprises Nina by saying he reacted by proposing. Nina says he's a bigger person than she is for trusting Carly. Franco laughs. He doesn't trust her as far as he can throw her. Franco says he's going to have to know he can trust her again before there's any wedding - he's made sure of it. Elsewhere, Jordan finds Shawn and warns him about the hit on Michael.

    GH Recap: His Worst Nightmare.

    Friday, September 26 2014

    Jordan is at the hospital getting an update on the accident victim. Shawn rears his head and makes it clear he knows Ava hit the guy. He drags her into an exam station and lays out his suspicions. She confesses that she is covering for Ava and refuses to tell him where she is. Shawn declares that he's done with her. Jordan grabs his belt and pulls him close. They kiss. He stops things and they go back to bickering about Ava.

    GH Recap: The Black Hole Of Sonny.

    Thursday, September 25 2014

    Julian shows up at Sonny's and demands to know where his sister is. They bicker about her. Sonny blames him for everything and Julian accuses him of murder. After exchanging threats, Julian leaves. Sonny and Shawn ponder who would know where Ava is. Shawn promises to fix this and decides to go looking for Jordan.

    GH Recap: A Match With Gasoline.

    Wednesday, September 24 2014

    Michael goes to Sonny’s place and tells him about the engagement. Sonny is livid. Michael knows about their kiss and would actually like to see his parents back together. Sonny starts to set Michael straight when Shawn arrives and tells him there’s a problem. Michael takes off and Shawn tells Sonny that Jordan helped Ava escape, and if it had been anyone else he would have pulled the trigger. He couldn’t do that to TJ. Sonny is mad but Shawn promises to find Ava. He can see Michael also delivered bad news and Sonny tells him Carly is engaged to Franco.

    GH Recap: An Honest Woman

    Tuesday, September 23 2014

    Ava begs Shawn not to take her from her penthouse, then doubles over in pain. She passes out and while Shawn and Max debate what to do she suddenly makes a grab at Max’s gun. She’s unsuccessful, so demands to get her spilled medication before they leave. Just then Jordan arrives, shocked by the scene. She pulls a gun on Shawn, who already has his gun on her. Ava tells Jordan that Sonny will kill her after her baby is born. Jordan refuses to let Shawn drag Ava out of there. She gives Ava her keys and instructs her to where her car is. She promises to get Ava’s pills to her later and Ava runs off while Jordan faces off with Shawn. He tells her Ava is a cold blooded killer.

    GH Recap: Bad Head Space.

    Monday, September 22 2014

    Shawn, Max and crew rally to get Ava outside her penthouse. Inside, Ava is about to take her pill but is interrupted by a call from Kiki checking up on her. After the call she’s about to take her pill again when she hears a noise outside. When Max enters, Ava’s gone. He looks around and she clocks him with a vase from behind. She spills all her pills on the way out but is intercepted by Shawn, who paid her guard off. Still, there’s a shootout and Shawn, Max and Ava take cover inside. Shawn and his crew come out on top. Ava begs Shawn not to do this and then doubles over in pain. “My baby!” she cries.

    GH Recap: What's Coming To Her.

    Friday, September 19 2014

    Shawn and Max load their guns in the alley. "Ava is going to get what's coming to her," Shawn says. They get a message that Morgan is with her and have to sit tight. After waiting, they finally get a text saying Morgan is gone and head in.

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