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    General Hospital CAST - Shawn Butler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Shawn Butler Played by Sean Blakemore on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sean Blakemore (Judy Eddy/

    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri
    Marital Status: Married to Nadyla Jones
    Real Name: Sean Blakemore


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    GH Recap: Fingerprints.

    Wednesday, May 27 2015

    Scott explains to the court that Shawn has been offered a deal and the state will drop all charges against him if he will offer evidence against Sonny. Shawn reveals he won’t take the deal and he pleads guilty to the crime he’s charged with. He says he acted alone and deserves to be punished. Scott won’t argue, so the judge reprimands Shawn to Pentonville to await sentencing. Before he’s taken away, Sonny promises to do everything he can for Shawn. TJ asks Shawn why he gave up. Shawn says that taking the rap was the right thing to do, as you stay loyal even when the chips are down. Shawn tells TJ that he’ll never stop thinking about him. As Molly consoles TJ, Jordan asks Shawn why he didn’t tell TJ the truth. Shawn tells her that he took TJ’s father from him once, so he won’t do it again. Jordan apologizes and wished things could be different. Shawn is taken away.

    GH Recap: I'm Not Ava.

    Tuesday, May 26 2015

    At the PCPD jail, Jordan tells Shawn that he is TJ’s father and she has the DNA test to prove it. She explains that she thought it would be better if she lied and tried to save her marriage, but it didn’t work out. He asks how he knows she’s not lying to him now. She swears she isn’t and tells him that she does love him, which is why she is telling him the truth now and arranged for the deal for him. Jordan believes he can turn his life around and start fresh with his son. Later a cop escorts Shawn to his arraignment as Jordan yells at him to take the deal.

    GH Recap: You Are His Father.

    Friday, May 22 2015

    Jordan flashes back to being in bed with Shawn. She keeps thinking about her husband Tommy. He feels terrible about them cheating on him too. "If you want it to stop, you have to be the one to walk away," he challenges her. She snaps out of it. Scott meets her at the court house and thanks her for handing him Shawn. Ashford wants a deal for him and claims she can get him to give up Corinthos. Downstairs, Shawn sits in his cell, recalling how Jordan betrayed him. TJ arrives for a visit. He always figured this might happen but never thought his mom would be the one to put Shawn behind bars. He rants about her until Shawn stops to say it's not cool. They argue. TJ doesn't know how he can look her in the eye again. Jordan arrives. Her son won't talk to her and exits. Jordan tells Shawn that she got him a deal with Baldwin if he'll testify that Sonny ordered him to kill Jake. She begs him to take it. He refuses. She begs him to do it for TJ. As they argue, she blurts out, "You are his father!" Back upstairs, Sloane meets with Baldwin. The attorney tells him about the deal they are offering Butler. That sounds good to Sloane. He asks for charges against a Jerome associate.

    GH Recap: Sicko.

    Tuesday, May 19 2015

    At the station, Dante learns that Shawn was arrested by Jordan. Shawn uses his one phone call to call for help.

    Shawn lashes out at Jordan at the station, claiming she never loved him and just used him. Jordan can’t believe he has made this all about himself because he shot an innocent woman while trying to murder another man. They argue when Shawn claims TJ may not understand her disloyalty. Jordan lets Shawn know that it was Duke who ordered Bruce to kill her, and he only paid for TJ’s tuition out of guilt. She storms out of the room, leaving him for Dante to deal with. TJ later arrives and Jordan says they need to talk.

    Ric arrives at the station to speak with Shawn, and in private he lets Shawn know that Sonny won’t rat him out. Shawn already knew that. He tells Ric about Jordan being undercover and that Sonny needs to be warned. Meanwhile TJ begs Jordan to ask Sonny to help Shawn, but Jordan says she can’t. Jordan tells her son that she is an undercover cop and has been since coming to Port Charles. She explains everything to him, and says she never told him the truth in order to protect him. TJ is furious that she lied to him, and he doesn’t understand how the only person she’s been able to nail is Shawn, the man who took care of him. Jordan thought she could shield Shawn, as she loved him. TJ doubts she understands love and says she’s nothing but a liar. He tells her that he wants nothing from her and walks off.

    GH Recap: The Hit.

    Monday, May 18 2015

    At the garage, Hayden tells Jake and Sam that what she has to say affects them both. Jake refuses to listen to her. As they argue, Shawn arrives outside with his gun drawn. He aims into the garage and shoots. Jake immediately reacts and protects Sam, but it’s Hayden who is hit in the head. Jake finds Shawn outside and he attacks him. Jordan suddenly arrives and pulls her gun and tells Shawn to stop. Shawn thinks she is a plant for Julian after all. Back inside, Sam calls the paramedics as Hayden tells her that she’s not the only one who knows about Jake. However, Hayden passes out before she can tell Sam who else knows. The paramedics arrive to tend to her. Meanwhile, more police arrive outside, and Shawn realizes that Jordan is working for the cops after all. Jordan says she’s sorry and orders the officers to arrest Shawn. He asks when she flipped. She tells him that she’s always been undercover. He can’t believe that he ever loved her. She says she loved him too and still does, but he doesn’t think she knows the meaning of the word. Shawn tells Jordan he has nothing left to say to her and orders the cops to take him away.

    GH Recap: Jake Dies Today.

    Friday, May 15 2015

    Julian wanders into Sonny's to meet him and Shawn. He informs them that Jake is Duke's killer. They question him and Sonny gets threatening as Jerome smirks. After making some snide remarks about Carly, Julian explains that he's left Jake as a sitting duck at the garage. He declares that they are even now. Corinthos calls him a 'cockroach' and orders him out. "Jake dies today," Sonny decrees to Shawn.

    GH Recap: Saying Goodbye.

    Thursday, May 14 2015

    Back at the church, Patrick and Emma arrive to support Anna. Emma gives Anna a photo she found of her and Duke doing the tango. Later TJ, Shawn and Jordan show up to give Anna their condolences. Sonny walks in and tells Anna how Duke was an honorable and great man, and that he will miss him. Anna blasts Sonny as Duke would still be alive if it wasn’t for him. Later the priest begins the funeral service. Across the church people take one another’s hands as they listen to his words. After the service Sloan talks on the phone to Jake about the inroads he's made with Julian. Meanwhile Anna remembers earlier times with Duke through flashbacks.

    Sonny, Carly and Shawn return to Sonny’s place. Carly tells Sonny she couldn’t take what happened to Duke happening to him. He tells her that he’s not going anywhere. Later Julian arrives and tells Sonny that he can give him Duke’s killer.

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