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    General Hospital CAST - Costanza "Connie" Falconeri/Kate Howard - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Costanza "Connie" Falconeri/Kate Howard Played by Kelly Sullivan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kelly Sullivan (ABC)

    Birthday: February 3, 1978
    Birthplace: Puyallup, Washington
    Real Name: Kelly Sullivan


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    GH Recap: Are We Monsters?

    Friday, October 24 2014

    Sonny walks into the Quartermaine crypt to visit Jason's grave. A vision of Connie appears. After some small talk, he gets angsty about revenging her death. He rails about Ava. She reminds him of the baby and nags him about Franco. She accuses him of trying to clear the way to Carly. Connie gets him to admit he won't stop until he gets her. This imaginary conversation is interrupted when Michael walks in.

    No More To Give.

    Friday, September 06 2013

    At the Haunted Star, Sonny looks at a photo of him with Connie before checking his gun clip. He talks to her about her dying for nothing and wants to end it. Connie appears to him. He loves her so much and doesn't want her to leave again. She loves him too and is so sorry. He's upset for all that's transpired and believes he should have listened to her. Now Morgan is married to someone who doesn't love him. Connie tries to pull at the gun wondering what he is doing. He remembers losing her twice and wants to find her again. He points the gun at his chest and says, "I want to be with you now." She tells him to put the gun down and marry her. He puts the gun on the bar and the room is a vision of their wedding day. They exchange vows. He wants more but she leaves with a goodbye. He picks up the gun again as Olivia runs in screaming, "No!"


    Monday, August 26 2013

    At Crimson, Sonny finds Connie lying in a pool of blood. She knew he'd come. He wants her to hold on. She reaches out to him. She never stopped loving him. Sonny wants to know who did this. Connie makes an attempt to mark something out on the floor in her blood. Sonny returns to her side and begs her not to go. As he reaches for her hands, he sees the letters AJ written in her blood and remembers AJ threatening Connie. Olivia becomes hysterical when she arrives with Alexis and they're stopped by two officers. Alexis knows Connie's gone and Dante holds Olivia back to keep her from the crime scene. Dante asks where Sonny is and Alexis warns Dante to be careful. Sonny doesn't handle grief well. An officer thinks Sonny went after the shooter. He shows Dante where Connie tried to identify her assailant.

    I Want My Baby.

    Friday, August 23 2013

    AJ interrupts Connie at Crimson as she's about to call Sonny. She asks what he's doing there and he responds, "What do you think?" She sees the gun and points out that he's drunk. He explains it's because of her. She can't print a story like that and believe he'll just slink away. Connie dials Sonny while AJ's distracted. The phone connects but Sonny can't hear her arguing with AJ. AJ hears Sonny and disconnects the phone. He jokes that Sonny won't be able to save her. Connie wants AJ to consider Michael. AJ believes everything he heard from Sonny, Michael and Connie in his earlier vision and is there to prove her wrong. He will get payback. He points the gun at her while she begs him to stop.

    Sonny arrives at Crimson and finds Connie shot in her office.

    Give It Your Best Shot.

    Thursday, August 22 2013

    At Crimson, Connie overhears Derrick leaving a message for Ava. She asks him who Julian is when she hears him use his real name. He admits he was calling Ava about an artist named Julian. Connie's there to ask for Derrick's help with Sonny. He's not too keen but agrees to go to GH and set things straight about his part in printing the story. Alone, Connie snoops on Derrick's computer and wonders why he's interested in Sonny's business. She remembers something Sonny said about Julian Jerome and is about to call Sonny when AJ arrives with a gun.

    Not Too Late.

    Wednesday, August 21 2013

    At ELQ, Tracy's not one to give relationship advice, knowing that she always winds up with men who hurt her. Connie remembers Joe Scully but Tracy admits she wasn't referring to him. Connie thinks she should get Luke out of her life if he's not right for her anymore. Tracy's certain the decision may have already been made for her, Luke's dying. She's upset Luke went off on his own and that Laura went after him. She'll love him no matter how much of a liar, cheat and thief he is. Connie admits she'll love Sonny as much as well. Tracy thinks as Sonny's first love she shouldn't count herself out. She wishes her luck but advises her to steer clear of AJ. She should watch her back.

    Built On A Lie.

    Tuesday, August 20 2013

    Elizabeth stops by ELQ looking for AJ. Tracy's certain he's out drowning his sorrows. Elizabeth notices smashed glass on the floor and Tracy confirms it was his doing. Annoyed at how much Tracy's enjoying this, Elizabeth notes that at least AJ has people that care about him and doubts Tracy can say the same. Alone, Tracy stares at a jar of pickle relish. When Connie arrives she agrees her story belongs in the trash when she sees Tracy throwing away the newspaper in the broken frame. Tracy's surprised she's not celebrating. Connie confesses it cost her relationship with Sonny. Every time she tries to talk to him her cousin gets in the way and now they're waiting together for their grandchild. She can't compete with a baby.


    Monday, August 19 2013

    Outside Sonny's office Connie overhears Olivia tell Sonny they made a mistake allowing Connie back into his life. They hear a sound and find Connie at the door. She admits being there long enough to hear them. Olivia believes it's a private conversation and none of Connie's business. She thinks it is and asks Sonny to tell her if he concurs with Olivia that he shouldn't have given her a chance. Sonny wants to get back to his discussion with Olivia but Connie refuses to leave, upset that Olivia finds her unworthy of him.

    No Disco?

    Friday, August 16 2013

    Connie visits Kevin at GH to talk about messing up with Sonny. He wonders if she's trying to sabotage her relationship. She admits she's given Sonny another chance with Olivia after printing the story against his wishes. Kevin probes Sonny’s reasons for choosing her over Olivia and advises her to trust her relationship and work it out.

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