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    General Hospital CAST - Costanza "Connie" Falconeri/Kate Howard

    Full detailed profile on Costanza "Connie" Falconeri/Kate Howard Played by Kelly Sullivan on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kelly Sullivan (ABC)
    Costanza "Connie" Falconeri/Kate Howard

    Actor: Kelly Sullivan

    Who played Costanza "Connie" Falconeri/Kate Howard over the years

    Kelly Sullivan (September 12, 2011 - August 27, 2013.)
    Megan Ward (May 4, 2007 - October 20, 2010)

    Useful information on Costanza "Connie" Falconeri/Kate Howard

    * She grew up in Bensonhurst in an Italian American family.
    * Her birth name is Constanza Louise Falconeri.
    * She almost ran off with Sonny while in high school, but didn't want to give up on her dream of a career in fashion.
    * She changed her name to Kate Howard because Katherine Howard was one of Henry VIII's wives and it sounded aristocratic.
    * She went to Princeton.
    * She has created a new, high-power, life for herself and is world known as a celebrity in the fashion world.
    * Accidentally shot by Michael.
    * Almost married Sonny, but was shot on her wedding day.
    * Had a fling with Coleman.
    * Was raped as a teenager by Joe Scully Jr., which triggered her personalities to split.
    * Killed August 27, 2013.


    Current: Editor-in-Chief of high-end fashion magazine Crimson.
    Past: Fashion Editor of Couture Magazine


    As Connie Falconeri, she fell in love with Sonny Corinthos when they were teenagers in Bensonhurst. They planned to run away together, but she stood him up and instead ran off to begin a new life.

    Connie became Kate Howard, fashionista extraordinaire and editor of Couture magazine. She came to Port Charles in 2007 after her lawyer advised her to leave the Hamptons upon her license being suspended due to a traffic violation.

    Kate and Sonny eventually reconnected, despite her accidentally getting shot by his son Michael, and they became engaged. However, it was not meant to be as Kate was shot again on their wedding day by Sonny's enemy Anthony Zacchara. Once she recovered she learned Sonny, who had turned his business over to Jason, was marrying Claudia Zacchara to gain power in order to avenge her shooting. Carly also informed her that she and Sonny had slept together. Needless to say Kate and Sonny ended things.

    In the midst of all this, Kate started her own magazine with Jax called Crimson and hired Maxie and Lulu as her assistants. She slept with Jax and then took up with Coleman, but they weren't exactly from the same worlds and she ended it.

    Kate was off the canvas for several months until she returned just in time for Jason and Sam's wedding. Sonny, who had alienated everyone in town, asked her to be his date so he would have an ally there. She reluctantly agreed, but was shaken considering their wedding was a year to the day she was shot at the altar.

    Sonny and Kate started dating. However, Kate started taking off on business trips and Sonny discovered she wasn't going where she said she was. She confessed she was traveling to Chicago to see a psychiatrist. She also started becoming very touchy about having two sides to her: Kate and Connie. Once at a hotel with Sonny, she snuck out and met a man at a bar that she didn't seem to remember the next day.


    Coleman (dated)
    Sonny Corinthos (formerly engaged)
    Jasper "Jax" Jacks (one-night stand)
    Trevor Lansing (fling)


    Olivia Falconeri (cousin)
    Dante Falconeri (second cousin)


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    Friday, October 24 2014: GH Recap: Are We Monsters?

    Sonny walks into the Quartermaine crypt to visit Jason's grave. A vision of Connie appears. After some small talk, he gets angsty about revenging her death. He rails about Ava. She reminds him of the baby and nags him about Franco. She accuses him of trying to clear the way to Carly. Connie gets him to admit he won't stop until he gets her. This imaginary conversation is interrupted when Michael walks in.

    Friday, September 06 2013: No More To Give.

    At the Haunted Star, Sonny looks at a photo of him with Connie before checking his gun clip. He talks to her about her dying for nothing and wants to end it. Connie appears to him. He loves her so much and doesn't want her to leave again. She loves him too and is so sorry. He's upset for all that's transpired and believes he should have listened to her. Now Morgan is married to someone who doesn't love him. Connie tries to pull at the gun wondering what he is doing. He remembers losing her twice and wants to find her again. He points the gun at his chest and says, "I want to be with you now." She tells him to put the gun down and marry her. He puts the gun on the bar and the room is a vision of their wedding day. They exchange vows. He wants more but she leaves with a goodbye. He picks up the gun again as Olivia runs in screaming, "No!"

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