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    General Hospital CAST - Abby Haver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abby Haver Played by Andrea Bogart on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Andrea Bogart (ABC)

    Birthday: June 1, 1977
    Birthplace: St. Charles, Missouri
    Real Name: Andrea Bogart
    Height: 5'7"


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    GH Recap: You’re Alone Now.

    Thursday, January 09 2014

    AJ and Michael arrive at Kelly’s as Sonny and Robin are talking about him. Sonny can’t believe he’s still in town, and Michael reminds him that AJ was found not guilty. Sonny pushes money into AJ’s hand and tells him it is the first installment of his payback. Sonny apologizes to Robin, hugs her, and tells her he loves her before leaving. Robin hugs AJ and Michael introduces her to Kiki. AJ shares that Robin is the reason he knows Michael is his son. Robin pulls Michael aside and they talk about Jason. She tells him that all those years ago when she told AJ the truth, she was just trying to do the right thing. She leaves and AJ asks for a raincheck. Michael offers him a ride home but AJ takes a cab. Alone, Michael tells Kiki that Carly spent the night with Franco. Kiki sets him straight – Franco hasn’t seen Carly since yesterday.

    We're Going To Be A Daddy.

    Thursday, December 15 2011

    Michael and Sam arrive at the Chicago hospital looking for Abby and are directed to the morgue. Michael walks in and sees a body covered with a sheet. He pulls the sheet back and breaks down as he sees Abby's lifeless body. Sam talks to a nurse and relays to Michael that they did everything they could to save Abby. She thinks sometimes fate places people in the wrong place at the wrong time. Michael points out he put Abby under the crane. Sam assures him it wasn’t his fault, but he thinks Abby is dead because of him. Sam comforts Michael as he cries.

    In The Best Interest Of The Hospital.

    Friday, December 02 2011

    Tracy comes upon Michael at the Metro Court. She needs his help with a deal he brokered at ELQ. In exchange, he asks her to send Abby out of town on "business" to keep her safe. Tracy begrudgingly agrees. Abby later enters the hotel and tells Michael she's being sent on a business trip. She's excited, but wonders if Michael had anything to do with it. He insists he didn't. They make plans for Christmas when she returns and kiss goodbye.

    That Battle Axe Is My Wife.

    Wednesday, November 30 2011

    Abby meets Johnny at Jake's. A couple of Abby's stripper friends are there as well. Abby learns Johnny closed the strip club for now and watches as he defends the ladies from an overeager patron. Abby asks Johnny to do something about the guy who is after the strippers before someone gets hurt. Meanwhile, a man covered by a hoodie sits at the bar. Sam shows up and tells Abby she is looking into the case for Michael. She wants to go undercover but Abby doesn’t think it's necessary. Sam watches the drunk handsy guy leave and follows him.

    Sam runs into the alley and sees Franco's graffiti on a wall, as a man approaches.

    The Lady's Looking For Trouble.

    Friday, November 04 2011

    Milo brings a drunk Max and Diane into Sonny's house, interrupting Dante and Lulu's announcement. Sonny orders Diane out, but she wants to know what's going on. The room clears out leaving Diane to explain to Alexis she is no longer representing Sonny. She suggests Alexis represent him. Alexis balks, as Diane explains she is now focusing on her gossip column instead of law. She summons Max and leaves so Alexis and Sonny can work out the details, but Alexis flees. Later, Ethan arrives, as Olivia gets dizzy again and heads home. Alexis helps Kristina bypass Sonny so she can say goodbye to Ethan alone. In the foyer, Ethan gives Kristina a bracelet and encourages her to take full advantage of her opportunities at Yale, including boys. She says she'll give the guys a chance, but in her heart she'll be waiting for him. Later, Michael tells Abby it was two years ago that he killed Claudia. Sonny happens by and overhears Michael say it will never be over for him and that he still dreams about her. Sonny makes a call, as Kristina says her final goodbyes to everyone. Alone with Michael, Dante urges his brother not to help Sonny cover up the truth.

    Thank You For Not Giving Up On Me.

    Thursday, November 03 2011

    Inside the main room, Kristina asks to speak to Sonny alone. Alexis reluctantly leaves them to it. They talk about Yale and Kristina apologizes for her behavior towards him. Sonny thinks they are a lot alike and it's just who they are. Sonny will miss her, even all the drama she brought. Kristina will remind him he said that. Sonny just wants a better life for her than he had. Kristina finally sees that and thanks him for not giving up on her. They both get emotional as Sonny tells his daughter he will always be there for her. Abby, Michael and Dante enter the room talking about his shooting. Noting the tension between the brothers, Abby changes the subject by bringing up her friend who got beat up. Dante agrees to put someone on the case immediately. Lulu and Olivia walk in and Dante helps them with the food. Michael isn't happy with Abby for jumping in for the save. Abby was just trying to help and urges Michael to let Sonny fend for himself. Sonny makes a toast to Kristina, who worked hard and made her dreams come true. Alexis and Sonny both get choked up as he talks about what a beautiful woman their daughter is. Kate shows up, but walks out, feeling like she's interrupting. Sonny follows her to ask her to stay. Kate thought she was invited to dinner, not a family reunion. Kate doesn't think she belongs in there, but Sonny thinks otherwise. Dante comes to the doorway, as Sonny thanks her for what she did at the warehouse. Kate leaves and Dante questions his father. Sonny thinks Dante should be a cop after the party. Lulu walks up and asks Dante to put his badge down for one night. Dante agrees and asks if she's ready to announce their engagement. Dante calls for the room's attention, but Lulu stops him.

    Better Perspective As A Drunk.

    Wednesday, November 02 2011

    Michael and Abby arrive at Sonny's for Kristina's dinner. Privately, Michael warns his father that Dante questioned him about the warehouse and that he blames Sonny for everything. Abby joins the conversation and Sonny tells them no one has anything to worry about. Olivia, Dante and Lulu show up and as the women tend to the food, Sonny tells his sons he's happy they can be together like this. As Lulu helps Olivia bring in the food, Olivia loses her balance.

    It Was Just A Kiss.

    Thursday, October 27 2011

    Elsewhere at the hospital, Michael talks to the nanny on the phone and learns Carly and Josslyn are with Shawn in Hawaii. He sees Abby with her stripper friends at the hub because one of them was attacked. He thinks she shouldn't hang out with those friends anymore. Abby is offended and asks what's really going on. Michael is upset Carly just took off with Shawn. Abby defends Carly being able to still have a life even though she's a mother. Michael worries about Shawn and talks about how people aren't always who they seem, referencing Kiefer. Abby's friends return with coffee and call her Candy. After they walk away, Abby points out how uncomfortable Michael is that she still has ties to her stripper life. When the women return, Michael makes an effort to introduce himself and they invite him along the next time they go out. Abby thanks him for not making her friends feel less than.

    I Don't Want To Be Saved.

    Monday, October 17 2011

    Abby visits Michael at the warehouse. She expresses her concern about him working for Sonny and getting involved in the shady side of his business. Michael insists he doesn't want that anymore and is happy working at the coffeehouse. Abby gets turned on by him embracing his new role and they make out.

    For The Girl Who Saved Maximista.

    Thursday, October 06 2011

    Michael summons Spinelli to the warehouse to get his hands on the footage. Spinelli tries to explain his problems using the Internet, but Michael insists. As Spinelli sits with his laptop, Abby stops by. Spinelli all of a sudden runs out to do something. Michael tells Abby about the drugs planted at the warehouse, as Ronnie walks in. He wants to know if they have any new revelations about the shooting. Michael remains defensive, but Ronnie doesn’t want him to take the fall for Sonny.

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